How to take on wearing a bra at a young age

How to take on wearing a bra at a young age
How to take on wearing a bra at a young age

Your girlfriends are all breastless, but you're way ahead of your own puberty. You don't need to be embarrassed or self-conscious about wearing a bra when you're still very young. Each person develops at a different rate and the others will catch up with you eventually. It's a natural part of your growth, but you don't need to feel isolated. Talk it over with your mom or another woman in your family, find support from your friends, and get to know what's going on in your body.


Part 1 of 4: wear the right bra

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 1

Step 1. Measure your chest

You will have more fun wearing a bra if you wear the right size for you. Take a yardstick and proceed as follows.

  • Wrap the tape measure around your chest and against your ribs. Don't over tighten, it should be held comfortably without slipping.
  • Record the measurements obtained in centimeters. Add the number 5 to the result obtained. This will be your chest measurement (therefore, 75, 80, 85 and so on).

Step 2. Measure the volume of your breasts

Surround your breasts with the tape measure where they are largest. Again, you shouldn't over-tighten. The ruler should hold tight without slipping.

Write down this result in centimeters and round off the number obtained to the nearest decimal place. This will be the number used to know the depth of your cup (A, B, C, etc.) in the next step

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 2

Step 3. Calculate your cup size

It is important to find the right cup size so that you are not wearing something too small that causes your breasts to protrude to the sides. You should also not wear a model that is too large, as the bra will not be comfortable to wear.

  • An A cup generally corresponds to a chest circumference of 75 cm.
  • You can also wear an A cup if your chest measurement is less than 80 cm.
  • You wear a hat with a chest measurement between 80 and 85 cm.
  • You wear a C cup if your chest measurement is between 85 and 90 cm.
  • You wear a D cup if your chest size is between 90 and 95 cm.
  • The E cup is intended for very large breasts and it is extremely rare that you have to wear one when you are a teenager.
  • Your first bra will quickly end up being too small. You should take your breast measurements again every six months to make sure you are wearing the correct bra size.
Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 3

Step 4. Try on with an adult woman

Do your bra shopping with a woman you trust, like your mom or an aunt. They can give you honest feedback on how a bra looks on you, and they can buy you a few, too.

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 4

Step 5. Try out different bra styles

A bra can feel different, depending on whether you try one on or wear it all day. You can try on different styles, like a sports bra, a sports bra, or a classic underwired style to see which one you will be most comfortable in. Try to buy at least two different models and try them out at home. Which one do you think is the most comfortable to wear?

  • Try on a sports bra, especially if your breasts are quite small. These styles usually do not have cups and are usually more comfortable than regular bras.
  • Try an underwired bra if you have larger breasts. This type of underwear offers more support.
  • Try a sleeveless tank top with a built-in bra. Get used to wearing a bra by putting on a top that already has a built-in bra. This will give the impression that you are only wearing one top. Put another t-shirt on top of this top.
  • You probably don't need to worry about a padded or breasty bra. This will usually give you bigger breasts and may attract unwanted attention to you. However, a padded bra can give your breasts more shapely contours.
Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 5

Step 6. Wear a bra that is invisible under your clothes

You don't need to draw unnecessary attention to yourself with a model that can be seen through your outfits. Ditch the black bra when wearing a light colored shirt. Instead, opt for a flesh-colored model.

  • Wear a bra in a fairly sturdy material. Otherwise, we could see your nipples.
  • Slip on a top over your bra to see how it looks. There might be a little embroidery on your model that is visible under your top and may attract attention.

Part 2 of 4: Avoid Teasing and Embarrassment

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 10

Step 1. Ignore the teasing

They can be painful to hear, especially if done in front of everyone. Ignore it as best you can. We can sometimes tease you because we are curious or because we do not necessarily understand what is going on. We can even do it because we like you.

  • You can even try to brag about your beautiful breasts to show that you are very mature and that the others are still just kids.
  • Talk to a teacher or a trusted adult if the teasing lasts beyond a day or two. You shouldn't feel like you are being targeted by others just because your body is developing.
  • Keep calm when you talk to others. You might not be taken very seriously if you get defensive and get angry. You will express yourself much better and more seriously if you know how to stay calm.
Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 11

Step 2. Prevent others from pulling on your bra

Children tend to pull on the straps of a bra when they see one, which is arguably the worst, but also the most common. Boys are especially very intrigued by a bra and are looking for a way to get your attention. But it's quite annoying, even painful, if you pull on the straps of your bra.

  • Tell them to stop touching your clothes. Explain to them that you don't like it and that you don't tolerate it. Talk to a teacher or a trusted adult if they continue to do so.
  • Tell anyone who wants to touch your breasts to stop and immediately talk to a teacher or a trusted adult.
  • You can experience some form of sexual harassment, which is behavior that makes you uncomfortable, if you feel threatened or if you are unable to stop this attitude. Read the wikiHow article How to Deal With Bullying and Bullying in School to learn more.
Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 12

Step 3. Find a way to isolate yourself if you need to change

You should obviously not be embarrassed because you are wearing a bra, but you will probably be more comfortable if you can change out of sight. You can change in the bathroom if you spend the night at a friend's house.

You can go to a toilet cubicle or try to do it as discreetly as possible if you have to change for a physical education class. Pick the place closest to your best friend. She will be more inclined to support you and not to laugh at you. Turn your back on your other comrades in the locker room

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 13

Step 4. Tuck your sports jersey into your pants in the gym

You could lift your t-shirt and reveal the existence of your bra if you have to move on parallel bars. You should therefore tuck in your swimsuit to avoid an embarrassing or revealing situation.

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 14

Step 5. Wear a sports bra for PE class

Your breasts will need more support during exercise, otherwise they may twitch very uncomfortably while you run or jump. Wear a tight sports bra for your sports activities and you will feel more comfortable.

Part 3 of 4: Manage your friends

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 15

Step 1. Confide in your best friend

It is for good reason. Your best friend is only looking to help you feel good about yourself. Talk to her if something is bothering you. She can come to your rescue if someone makes fun of you.

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 17

Step 2. Be a source of information for your friends

While you may feel self-conscious about being the only one wearing a bra, you can also arouse other people's curiosity about what is going to happen in their bodies. You can help your friends by telling them how to choose a bra, talking about the different styles available, and talking to them about how you feel as you enter puberty.

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 18

Step 3. Support other girls

Support any girl who also wears a bra while she is still very young. Stand up for her if anyone laughs at her. Help her find the words to talk about it with her mother or another woman in her family. It can also be the start of a new friendship.

Part 4 of 4: Learn about developing your body

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 6

Step 1. Talk to a trusted adult

Find an adult like your mother, an aunt, or an older sister to tell her what is bothering you. Your body is probably changing in other ways as well and you might need to talk about it. It may be helpful to talk about it with a woman who is used to wearing bras, and not bring it up with your dad. Start by saying that you need to talk and be enthusiastic about the discussion. Say it's okay, but you want to ask some questions about your body and growing up.

You can start by asking how old the person you are confiding in was when they first wore a bra

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 7

Step 2. Request that this discussion be kept confidential

Some parents or other adults may be happy to see that your puberty has started and that you are becoming a woman. But it can possibly be embarrassing for you. Ask the trusted adult not to tell others about it.

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 9

Step 3. Ask your siblings to be understanding

If you have a painful little brother or a little sister who is a plague, they might not realize that they have to stick to certain limits. Ask a trusted adult to make sure your siblings don't laugh at you if you're embarrassed about having to wear a bra. A trusted adult can step in for you, if you're having trouble discussing this with your parents.

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 19

Step 4. Read a book about building your body

Find a book about puberty in girls in the library and learn more about what's going on in your body. You will find that it is quite natural to see breasts grow, even if it happens in you a little earlier than in your classmates.

  • You can also ask your mom to buy you a book like this, if you don't dare borrow one from the library.
  • There are several great websites for puberty for girls that can answer any questions you may have about your body.
Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 20

Step 5. Learn about body image in the media

Body image is how a person sees and feels in relation to their body and to themselves. The images you see in ads, movies, magazines, and on TV can be distorted and lead you to have a misconception of what a normal body is. But in reality, every girl and every woman is different, and there is no such thing as a perfect body.

Some websites, like Slate, speak very well of the link between body image and the media as well as some sites that focus on children's health

Cope With Wearing a Bra at a Young Age Step 21

Step 6. See a doctor

You may find it helpful to talk about your body with a GP. You can ask him questions in complete confidentiality and we will give you frank answers without judging or complexing you.

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