How to stay awake all night without your parents knowing

How to stay awake all night without your parents knowing
How to stay awake all night without your parents knowing

You plan to stay awake, but if your parents find out, they could punish you indefinitely. Would you like to know how to go about it? You just need to follow a few tips and you will get there without your parents knowing it!


Part 1 of 4: getting ready for the night

Step 1. Pick the day when you don't have much to do the next day

It's best to choose a weekend day or a day when you don't have classes. Start getting ready around 4 p.m. Clean your room, because you'll be spending most of your time there.

Stay up All Night Without Your Parents Knowing Step 1

Step 2. Gather everything you will need

Take what you need to keep you awake until your parents go to bed. This could be your cell phone, tablet, iPod touch, Game Boy, DS, laptop, notebook or diary, a few books, a pen, an MP3 player, drinks, snacks or a PSP.

Step 3. Hide snacks in your room

Ideally, have a few snacks (both salty and sweet, which are best) and a bottle of any drink. Plan for sugary drinks, such as soda or juice. They don't need to be fresh. In addition, water is strongly recommended.

If you are going to be using the computer, turn it on before going to bed, as it makes noise when you start up. Just make sure the speaker volume is low (or turn it off)

Step 4. Think about some entertainment activities

Load whatever needs to be. Make a list of the activities you want to do because it will be easier for you to stay awake by having a list to follow.

Step 5. Try to take a nap before dark

Ideally, it shouldn't be longer than an hour and a half if you slept well the night before.

Part 2 of 4: settling in at bedtime

Step 1. Stick to your usual bedtime routine

Avoid raising suspicion at bedtime. Just follow your usual routine, like brushing your teeth and wishing everyone in the house good night.

Stay up All Night Without Your Parents Knowing Step 2

Step 2. Be prepared if your parents come to make sure you sleep

If they come to see you before they fall asleep, be careful when they approach. Stop what you are doing and pretend to sleep. Normally, when we pretend to be asleep, we should not move. However, you can turn around a bit.

  • Don't snore unless you are used to it.
  • It helps to put your blanket over your face to avoid having to keep your face straight and relaxed.
  • Remember to sleep with the radio on to make it easier for you. If you suddenly make a noise without knowing it, they'll think it's the radio.

Part 3 of 4: have fun the night away

Stay up All Night Without Your Parents Knowing Step 3

Step 1. Wait about an hour before starting

This is to make sure your parents are sleeping. If you want, you can go to their room and see if they are actually sleeping. If not and they ask you what you are doing, tell them you heard something strange. If not, just keep doing whatever you want in your room, but if they lock their door, try to listen through. If all is calm, they are probably sleeping. Otherwise, stay in your room for 15 to 30 minutes and check again to see if everything is calm.

Stay up All Night Without Your Parents Knowing Step 4

Step 2. Decrease the intensity of the light

Place towels against the slit in the door to block out the light.

Step 3. Get ready to have fun

As soon as your parents fall asleep, stay awake. It will certainly be late (between 10 p.m. and midnight). Get out your PSP, your Wii, your PlayStation, your Switch, your Vita, your DS, your computer, your 3DS and all the games you have planned to play.

Use headphones or earphones for electronic devices. Just put them in your PC or your computer to make peace reign

Step 4. Take advantage of the passage at midnight

A new day is dawning (from midnight to 2 a.m.)! If you're hungry, have a snack or drink something. Keep playing the same game until you get bored.

Step 5. Do something else

Between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., try doing something different, like drawing, reading a book, or watching a movie (quietly!). Log on to Facebook or create an account. Make sure none of your parents' friends are on this social network, otherwise they might tell them. Make sure everything you do is at low volume.

If you want to send SMS, put your cell phone in silent or vibrate mode. That way, it's less likely to wake up your parents

Step 6. Eat something

Between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., have another snack. Keep doing what kept you awake until about 5 in the morning. Then move on to your morning routine. Take a shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, comb your hair and tidy your room to start the day off right.

Step 7. Wait until you usually wake up

If your family normally wakes up between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., stay in your room while you wait. Play a puzzle or read a book until your usual time to get up and walk around the house - that will mark the end of your nighttime adventure!

Part 4 of 4: get some sleep

Stay up All Night Without Your Parents Knowing Step 5

Step 1. Prepare to do the tasks that await you that day

If you have something to do the next day, like going to class or church, go to bed about 4 hours before you wake up. This will give you at least a few hours of sleep. Go to bed early the next day, because your body will ask you to.


  • If you have to walk on hard ground, wear slippers or socks to keep the noise down.
  • Close all the doors between your parents' room and yours.
  • When you pretend to sleep, don't really fall asleep! By closing your eyes and lying down with the lights off, you can easily doze off.
  • If you drink a lot of water, Mother Nature will keep you awake. Visiting the bathroom can wake up other family members.
  • Try to take a cold shower right before you go to bed. Only do this if you don't mind. If you feel like you're going to fall asleep, go take a cold shower for a few seconds.
  • If you listen to music on your MP3 player with the headphones, take them off so you can hear what's going on or turn down the volume.
  • If you have a pet, such as a dog, make sure it doesn't bark because of your noises.
  • Have a snack that doesn't make too much noise.
  • Try to hide food and drinks in your bedroom before telling your parents that you are going to bed.
  • If you are sleepy, try doing yoga, warming up and stretching, or playing sports. This will tighten your muscles, which will prevent you from falling asleep.


  • Avoid going to a social network if your parents use it. They might notice that you were active when you were supposed to be sleeping.
  • Be extra careful if you have light sleeper siblings, as they won't hesitate to spill the beans.
  • If you have a pet, such as a dog or cat that stays in your room, don't wake them up when they're sleeping or try to do so. A dog or cat may hiss, bark, or growl if their sleep has been interrupted. If he is sleeping in your bed, gently remove your blankets so as not to disturb him or get him off the bed. If he wakes up, leave him alone to go back to sleep or if he comes to sit next to you, pet him and give him a hug while you play or read.
  • Do not lie down during these activities, otherwise your body will think it is time to sleep.
  • Do not close your bedroom door forcefully when you go out, it will get you in trouble and risk waking your parents.
  • Do not try to stay up on a school night, you risk falling asleep in the middle of class or forgetting what you have learned. Only do this on Friday or Saturday evening or during school holidays.
  • If you like being able to sleep well, don't stay up all night. Indeed, it will create a sleep deficit and it will take you several nights to recover it, which will affect your capacities during the days to come.
  • Don't stay awake two nights in a row. If you think this is a good idea, do some research online on the topic of sleep deprivation and torture - it will quickly change your mind.

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