3 ways to annoy your family and friends

3 ways to annoy your family and friends
3 ways to annoy your family and friends

Boring family and friends can be a lot of fun, at least for you. Unpleasant behavior, such as borrowing something without asking permission or not cleaning up afterwards, can irritate them. Also, you can try to start a discussion knowing that it will annoy them. If you want to make sure your plan is working, try playing pranks on them or making fun of them. However, don't overdo or hurt someone both physically and emotionally and remember it's just for fun!


Method 1 of 3: Be rude

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 1

Step 1. Make a mess

Leave clothes, dishes and other items lying around. The best way to annoy your family or friends is to make a mess without cleaning up. After all, who would want to clean up the mess left by someone else? So leave everything in a mess if your goal is to anger someone.

  • Do not take your plate to the table after the meal.
  • Do not pick up your clothes when you are changing. Instead, let them hang out in the bedroom.
Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 2

Step 2. Eat whatever is in the refrigerator

Finding out that someone else has eaten a meal that you saved is very annoying. Open the refrigerator and grab the foods and drinks that belong to your friend or family member.

If your loved ones have labeled their food with their name, this tip may piss them off even more


if you really want to irritate someone, consume their food or drink in front of them!

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 3

Step 3. Do not close the door when entering or leaving

Leaving the door open for someone when entering or leaving is very rude and irresponsible. If your goal is to annoy a friend or family member, don't bother to shut the door on your way in or out.

  • If the person calls you to close the door, pretend you haven't heard them.
  • Open the door as wide as possible to annoy him even more.
  • If your loved ones are away, avoid leaving the door open. Leave it open when they're in the same room as you to annoy them without endangering them.
Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 4

Step 4. Borrow other people's belongings without asking their permission

Wearing the shirt or using your friend or family member's phone charger without asking is an effective way to piss him off. If you see something that belongs to her that's lying around or even better, somewhere she's supposed to be (for example, if her charger is plugged into an outlet in her bedroom), take it and use it without looking. to ask permission.

If you really want to annoy the person, try using the object in front of them

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 5

Step 5. Play music by increasing the volume

It doesn't matter if you are at home or driving their car, playing your music at super high volume is a great way to annoy your family or friends. If they ask you to turn down the volume, pretend you can't hear them or, better yet, turn it up!

  • To annoy them even more, play a song they hate.
  • If you've put on your headphones, turn up the volume so you can't hear them when they try to talk to you.
  • Sing very loudly and very badly to annoy them more.
Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 6

Step 6. Invite people without their permission

If you are staying with a family member or friend, invite people over without warning or asking permission. No one likes sudden visits, so if you want to annoy someone, invite people over to their home without telling them.

You can also not tell your guest that you consulted your friend or relative first. This will allow you to annoy several people at the same time

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 7

Step 7. Know your limits

All people have a limit where they can't stand your rudeness anymore, even if you just want to annoy them. Recognize situations in which you actually irritate a friend or family member when you irritate them so that you can control the situation and keep them from losing their temper.

  • If necessary, tell her that you are sorry and that you were just trying to annoy her because you love her.
  • If he's really angry, try to fix it. If you've made a mess, clean it up!

Method 2 of 3: Quarrel with friends and family

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 8

Step 1. Raise political differences to discuss them with them

The best way to start a boring argument is obviously to talk about politics, especially if you know full well that not everyone has the same opinions. Mention a controversial recently released political headline or a new political measure that has stirred the press.

If you know that not everyone has the same political beliefs, start a debate around the room


If your uncle has conservative political views and your friend has a liberal outlook, invite the latter and oppose them by raising a subject that divides them. You will see that they will both get annoyed!

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 9

Step 2. Don't share their opinion, just to be firm

If a person expresses an opinion on a topic, no matter how minor or insignificant, tell him or her that it is wrong to enter into a discussion. She will quickly get angry with you, especially if you don't share her opinion on other points. Try to be as firm as possible.

Suppose a person says they prefer chocolate vanilla ice cream. Tell her that she is wrong and that she has an unrefined palate

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 10

Step 3. Point out the mistakes of the past

Also say how you would have acted differently. We all make mistakes or do something wrong at some point, but no one likes to be constantly singled out for it. If you want to piss off a loved one, talk about things they did without being proud of or that failed. Then explain to him why he failed and how he could have done better.

Suppose a colleague of yours tried to start a new business that went bankrupt. Talk about it and tell her how you knew it was a bad idea from the start. This will piss him off

Method 3 of 3: Tease your friends and family

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 11

Step 1. Play them a prank

Jokes and pranks can be funny or harmless, but they can also be very annoying. Different situations can be annoying for everyone, so choose pranks that can upset people.

  • For example, suppose your mom hates loud noises. Attach a horn to his desk chair and ask him to sit on it. The sound of the horn will frighten and irritate him.
  • Find out about your little brother's favorite fruit and tell him that you know how to make his hand smell like that fruit. As he tries to sniff his hand, push (not too hard!) His hand so that he punches himself in the face!
Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 12

Step 2. Give embarrassing nicknames

If you have a relative or friend who has a nickname they hate, constantly call them that to provoke it. If he doesn't have one, try to make one up right away by making fun of his name or calling him in a word that mocks a mistake he made.

  • For example, if you have a friend named Helena, call her “Hyena” instead.
  • If your cousin accidentally burned bread at a family night out, call him "Mr. Boulanger" to annoy him.
Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 13

Step 3. Make fun of them

No one likes to be laughed at, so if you tease a relative or friend, you might irritate them. Talk about his outfit by changing your voice or making comments to tease him. Even the most patient people have a limit, so keep going until he gets mad and very pissed off.

For example, say this: “I love the shoes you wear. I remember when they were all the rage 20 years ago! "


use a mocking voice to repeat what your loved one has to say. Use exaggerated hand and head movements to make fun of him.

Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 14

Step 4. Tell him to stop being so sensitive after teasing him

It's boring enough to tease someone, but if you really want to emphasize that point, try blaming them for being overly sensitive after they get upset. This will make him angry and push him to the limit.

  • You can say something like this, “Damn, I'm sorry. It was just a joke, I had no idea that would piss you off. "
  • Accuse your friend of being a difficult person, not like you. Blaming him on him will only annoy him even more.
Annoy Your Family and Friends Step 15

Step 5. Respect the person's boundaries when teasing them

It might be funny to annoy a family member or friend, but avoid going too far to the point of hurting them. Watch the way he reacts to your teasing. If he looks upset, take a step back and let him know it's just for fun, not mean.

  • Apologize if he felt hurt.
  • Avoid sensitive topics when teasing someone. For example, if he gets over a breakup, avoid talking about it.

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