How to get your handbag ready every day (for teenage girls)

How to get your handbag ready every day (for teenage girls)
How to get your handbag ready every day (for teenage girls)

There are things you need to have in your purse all the time. So you'll always be ready for almost any occasion.


Wallet of course Step 1

Step 1. Remember to have your wallet with you

This doesn't have to be the same as your purse, but make sure it contains cash, cards (gift cards, library and lunch cards), and your driver's license.

If you carry them around, keys Step 2

Step 2. Don't forget to take your keys too

Pack of gum Step 3

Step 3. Take mint lozenges or chewing gum

After a long moment of silence or after eating, know that you will have bad breath. For this, you must have a pack of chewing gum to refresh your breath. Plus, it helps you stay focused in class (as long as you don't get caught).

Hand sanitizer Step 4

Step 4. Take a hand sanitizer

You must have this accessory with you, especially in times of freshness.

A mini bottle of lotion Step 5

Step 5. Bring a small box of lotion

In case your hands get dry or you want to smell good, you can use it. You can get boxes of lotion from a drugstore. You will find a host of small accessories there !.

Your cell phone and ipod Step 6

Step 6. Take your iPod and your cell phone

You might need it anytime. Just be sure to put them on silent when you're in class. Plus, your iPod is the best way not to get bored.

Makeup Step 7

Step 7. Use basic makeup tools for touch-ups

However, be sure to put them all in a makeup bag, so you can find them all in one place when you need to touch up.

Pencil or pen Step 8

Step 8. Take a pen and a pencil

It’s always a good idea to have back-up writing materials and a notepad.

A mini bottle of tylenol Step 9

Step 9. Also take a small box of paracetamol or pain reliever

You can get them at a pharmacy or drugstore. You shouldn't let a cramp or a headache ruin your day.

Padstamps Step 10

Step 10. Bring your sanitary napkins or tampons

Even if this is not the time of the month that you have your period, it is best if you have it on you just in case. You might need it when your period surprises you or a friend of yours might need it.

Hairbrush Step 11

Step 11. Take a hairbrush

You can use it when it's very windy or you've just loosened your hair and it's in a knot.

Calculator Step 12

Step 12. Take a calculator

This is another emergency item that actually comes in handy at the right times.

A snack Step 13

Step 13. Pack a snack

It's a good idea to have a small bag of crisps or candy bars with you. At midday, a delicious snack would be desirable.

ContactGlasses case Step 14

Step 14. Take the case for your glasses or contact lenses

You should bring these in case your contact lenses get in the way or if you need to wear your glasses to see.


  • It's always best to have headbands or headbands just in case!
  • A small mirror would be helpful.
  • Remember to always carry a tissue! You might need it anytime.
  • Have a bottle of water with you to hydrate yourself.
  • Keep your disinfectants in a pocket so they don't spill.
  • Choose a handbag that matches your look and makes you feel confident!
  • Don't put anything breakable in your purse.
  • Take a notepad (and pen) to take notes throughout the day.
  • Don't let boys rummage through your purse, especially during your period.
  • Have your tampons or sanitary napkins handy in an emergency.

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