3 ways to prevent teenage pregnancy

3 ways to prevent teenage pregnancy
3 ways to prevent teenage pregnancy

The number of teenage pregnancies has declined in recent years, mainly because parents and schools are more committed than ever to giving teens as many tools as possible to make good choices. Comprehensive education and good communication have been shown to be largely effective ways of preventing teenage pregnancies.


Method 1 of 3: Prevent pregnancy if you're a teenager

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 1

Step 1. Learn about pregnancy

Start learning about the early days of pregnancy. Many studies have shown that the more educated you are about sex and pregnancy, the better able you will be to make the right decisions about sex. You can find a whole host of authentic information online if you use sources such as the Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia.

To be more brief, pregnancy occurs thanks to semen, a substance which the man produces in his body and which exits by the penis. This substance enters a woman's vagina (through intercourse or other means), where it fuses with an egg in the vagina to form a baby. Women only produce eggs in certain periods of their cycles and even then several factors are needed before sperm fertilize them. This is the reason why you will not always get pregnant after sex

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 2

Step 2. Uncover the myths of pregnancy

There is a lot of misinformation and myths about how you can get pregnant. If you know the truth of the facts, you will be much better able to protect yourself. Remember that when in doubt it is best not to take any chances. Wait until you have adequate protection, rather than risking getting pregnant because of any information you may read on social media. With that, let's take a closer look at some of these myths.

  • Myth: “You can't get pregnant if you have sex during your menstrual cycle. The body usually releases an egg before menstruation, but in reality ovulation sometimes occurs at any time during the menstrual period. So do not rely on these means of prevention, as it can lead to pregnancy.
  • Myth: “You cannot get pregnant if you have interrupted coitus. The method of interrupted coitus is a practice of interrupting vaginal intercourse by withdrawing the penis before ejaculation or before the time of orgasm and the release of semen. The problem is that the penis releases fluid before the actual ejaculation, and that's enough to make a girl pregnant! Withdrawal is a very unreliable method and for many people the chance of getting pregnant with this form of "contraception" is about 30%.
  • Myth: “You can't get pregnant when you have certain positions or if you have sex in certain places. It doesn't matter if you have sex in a pool or hot tub or if the woman is on top of her partner during sex. If the penis enters the vagina, pregnancy can occur.
  • Myth: “You won't get pregnant if you do this afterwards. Unless this void is filled with drugs (morning-after pill) or medical devices (IUDs), which therefore leads us to say that this is a 100% myth. Jumping jacks exercises, douching, washing, urinating, eating certain foods, in short, none of these will help you avoid pregnancy.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 3

Step 3. Be abstinent

You don't want to look like the moralistic Puritans in the church, but abstinence is really your best option to avoid getting pregnant. Even the most effective forms of birth control sometimes fail. If you really want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, find other ways to release sexual desire that don't involve penetration.

  • It is important to remember that pregnancy is not the only risk of intercourse. You also need to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • You also need to remember that in a relationship it's good to take things gently. Although sex is fun and beneficial for our well-being, it involves a lot of complications. You may even believe that you will have less problems once you start your sex life, but in reality you will have more. For this reason, it is best to maintain abstinence until you find a balance in your life and you are able to cope with these complications.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 4

Step 4. Find other ways to release your sexual desires

Full penetrative sex isn't the only way to relieve your sexual desire. If you can't take birth control pills, or want to make sure you're not pregnant or impregnating a woman (if you're a man), try other ways to satisfy your sexual desires, other than touching.

  • Try mutual masturbation. It comes down to stimulating yourself in front of your partner or stimulating the other. As long as there is no penetration and the man's semen is kept outside the vagina, no pregnancy can occur. This practice is also relatively safe in terms of protection against STIs.
  • You can try anal and blowjob. Be careful, these practices must be done with a condom, as they can transmit diseases and infections.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 5

Step 5. Talk to a trusted adult

Find someone who's reassuring you and ask for advice on how to practice safe sex, sexual health, relationships, and pregnancy. This person can also help you find the right resources, so that you can protect yourself against unwanted pregnancies. Schedule a time to discuss this and any concerns you have. The conversation can be intimidating at first, but you'll see how important and nice it is to have someone to confide in.

For example, you can express yourself by saying: aunt, I feel uncomfortable talking to mom or dad, but I really want to have sex with my girlfriend and I'm afraid she will get pregnant. Could you help me choose the right condom?

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 6

Step 6. You can get contraceptives from doctors and pharmacies without telling your parents

Unless you feel comfortable talking about it with your family, make an appointment with an organization that specializes in teen counseling. You can educate them and get all the information you can affordably without letting your parents know.

  • You can search online to find the nearest clinic.
  • If you can't find a center near you, go to a local public health facility for advice on available services.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 7

Step 7. Stay away from drugs and alcohol

There are many reasons why you should avoid these substances, but one of the main reasons is that these substances can lead you to make very bad decisions. When you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, your brain does not function normally. This means that in a general situation where you would normally make the smart choice and would like to use a condom, under the influence of alcohol and drugs your brain will not even consider this option.

  • You should also consider anything that might happen to you if you are unconscious. When you lose control and abuse these substances, you not only stumble, but you are inanimate and have no control over what other people might do to you.
  • For example, more than 20% of teenage pregnancies result from sex under the influence of alcohol.

Method 2 of 3: Prevent your child from having an early pregnancy

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 8

Step 1. Find out about and educate your child about sex

According to statistics, education is the best weapon in preventing teenage pregnancy. Studies show that the more informed adolescents are about childbearing and how to avoid it, the more difficult it will be for them to make mistakes about it. It is true that in your time you may be misinformed, but you must take this new generation into account to guide your child properly.

  • The better informed the parent is, the more comfortable they will feel to discuss this subject with their children, especially if they come from a conservative background.
  • You can find information about sex in books, information leaflets available in doctor's offices and even on the Internet.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 9

Step 2. When children don't get adequate sex education, they try to figure out how things work

Often times, these assumptions are hilarious, baseless, and others fall to their knees, like "you can get pregnant when you kiss a boy!" Sometimes misinformation can lead your teenage daughter to get pregnant or your boy to get a girl pregnant. When it comes to sex education, you need to clear up any doubts and misconceptions your children may have, so that they can make better choices.

  • The first part of this article deals with some examples of myths about pregnancy. Be sure to consult it.
  • The best way to find out what misconceptions your child has about sex is to talk to them about it. Ask him openly, "What do you know about sex? How can you get pregnant? What role does man play in a relationship? How do you think pregnancy can be avoided? "
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 10

Step 3. Provide contraceptives for your child

Even if you have open communication and a good relationship with your child, they are likely to feel uncomfortable bringing up the subject of contraceptives. Make sure your child can access contraceptives without having to talk to you directly.

  • One possibility would be to refer him to a gynecologist or any other health professional, in order to choose the most appropriate method at a lower cost.
  • The other option would be to let her know that you will always keep a box of condoms stored in the bathroom drawer. He can then use it without your permission.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 11

Step 4. Communicate

No one is asking you to be 100% liberal and encourage sex like it doesn't matter. But it's important that they know how much you worry and talk about the risks that sex comes with. If you express your fears with great responsibility, in a healthy and blameless manner, it is very likely that you will persuade your child to delay their sex life. You can ask him questions such as:

  • health risks
  • emotional risks
  • the risks for his future
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 12

Step 5. Be clear

These substances are almost inevitable at this stage of their growth. While being responsible, one night of letting go is enough to ruin your daughter's future with pregnancy. Approach the subject frankly by letting him know that if he wishes to engage in these practices, he should preferably do so with full responsibility. Also make him understand that a loss of judgment can lead him to bad decisions or even deprive him of the power of discernment.

The girl should be informed of what could happen to her if she loses control. The boy must be informed of the importance of obtaining the consent of the girl before any sexual intercourse, since alcohol abuse could make him forget

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 13

Step 6. Talk to him about his future

If your child has goals and prospects for the future, chances are they are less attached to sex or more responsible. Help him to pursue his dreams in order to occupy him and so that he achieves his goals. Encourage him and show him that he can more and more achieve his goals.

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 14

Step 7. Keep your child busy

With a lot of daily activities, your child will spend less time and energy on something that would get him enough trouble. Don't expect him to not engage in a relationship or abstain from sex, but it will reduce the chances that he will engage in sex just to pass the time.

  • You can enroll your children in additional classes or clubs that will help them to indulge more in their interests and hobbies. If your child's hobbies can be enjoyed at home, try to provide them with all the equipment possible so that they can fully engage in this activity.
  • If, on the other hand, you don't have the resources to enroll your child in an additional class, try local community centers. These are public and private organizations in partnership with your municipality and offer a complementary living environment for families and schools, training courses, sports training and activities of all kinds, all free of charge.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 15

Step 8. Carefully monitor your child's behavior

After all, you can't control your child's choices, and you can't always decide for them. But if necessary, you can lead him to the right path and thus limit the bad choices he can make. Pay attention to everything he does. If your daughter is dating someone older or your boy is dating a lady, do your best to make the right choices. You should also talk to your child when you notice that their dating is getting too serious. If you notice that your child is only thinking about going to parties, you should take this opportunity to take control of the situation and put some more order in his life. Although these situations are not always easy to control, it is best to take adequate action and not an attitude that could cost you dearly.

Method 3 of 3: Understanding the Different Birth Control Options

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 16

Step 1. Learn more about how birth control pills work

It is important to understand how birth control methods work. You may be misinformed about how contraceptives work in miscarriages or the terrible consequences they can have on your body, but all of these things are just rumors. There are an endless number of different types of contraceptives, whether they are condoms or implants, and all of these are effective in preventing the union between sperm and egg or preventing the egg from fertilizing. Do a thorough search for each type of contraception and choose the one that's right for you.

Knowing how a contraceptive method works will not only help you use it more comfortably, but also use it correctly and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. Some contraceptives have to be used in a very specific way to be effective. If, for example, you are the type who quickly overlooks things, there are certain methods that are sure to be unsuitable for you

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 17

Step 2. Learn more about the types of contraceptives available

Contraception is not just about pills. There are many forms of drugs and devices that all play the same role: preventing unwanted pregnancy. Choose the one that works best for you and as an added precaution you can use more than one method at a time. This recommendation is especially fundamental for young people and those who are not in a serious long-term relationship. You can use different methods.

  • Condoms. These should be your first choice, as they not only offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases, but also against pregnancy. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you should always have some in your pockets. Even if you choose another form of birth control, always use a condom.
  • The pill.There are many types of “pills”, but all of them have the role of preventing pregnancy in women. They do not cause an abortion, as you would have been told. Instead, they make the uterus inhospitable to prevent the egg from being fertile. Usually the woman needs to take a small pill every day. It is an effective method of birth control that is easy to use and offers many benefits, such as preventing acne and making menstrual cycles more comfortable.
  • IUDs and implants. There are several implants and IUDs (intrauterine devices) on the market for all women. Some need to be applied to the arm, while others need to be introduced into the uterus. All of these devices are considered to be one of the most effective forms of birth control. While wearing them can cause a woman some discomfort, they are great choices for teens because once applied you don't care. Most of these devices are valid for at least three years, while others can be used for up to 12 years. In other words, it means that you won't have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy anymore, at least until you are ready to be a mom.
  • Other methods. There are also a multitude of other methods such as the vaginal ring, the contraceptive sponge, and the patch. Just talk to your doctor about the best options for your lifestyle.
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 18

Step 3. Be responsible

Whichever method you choose, it must be used correctly to be effective. Most of these contraceptives are very effective and work 99% of the time, but this level of performance is only achieved if you use the contraceptive as it is supposed to be used. If you are a teenager, learn how to use your chosen method correctly. If you are a parent or an adult, learn about the correct use of birth control and talk to your child.

There are sites in French specializing in information on contraceptive methods and you can consult the website of the Association française pour la Contraception

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 19

Step 4. Talk to your child about birth control methods, even if the subject makes you uncomfortable or unsure of how to deal with it

One piece of advice that applies to all aspects of life is that any problem can only be solved by talking. Talking about family planning methods with parents, with a trusted adult, with a son, daughter, or other teenager can seem embarrassing. Sex is still a taboo subject in many families and cultures, but by developing an open dialogue without hypocrisy, everyone learns more and feels more comfortable. Just as you treat the famous story of the monster under the bed, you will find that talking about sex in a tangible and proper way is less frightening than it sounds.

  • It will take only one attempt before you are able to clearly discuss contraceptive methods. Do not give up !
  • Parents who wish to bring up this topic with their children can start the conversation with phrases like, “You are about to have more and more desires, like never before. Well, it's natural, you are growing up. But, you should know that one of the main characteristics of an adult is to be responsible for his own actions. Since you are becoming a man, I would like to talk to you about these responsibilities”.
  • And for teens who want to discuss contraceptives with their parents, they can say, “Mom, I think I'm getting old and I want to be sure that I don't ruin my future before it begins. Although I don't need it at the moment, I want to learn about contraceptive methods in order to act in the best way. Can you guide me in this regard and help me figure out what I need to know before it escalates? "
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 20

Step 5. What if you get pregnant?

It is important to have an idea of ​​the options available if you do become pregnant so that you can make an informed choice about how to handle the situation. Since society tends to be divided on the issue of abortion, you need to get more information from multiple and diverse sources. Your future depends on it!

Another great source of information is the International Planned Parenthood Federation website which allows you to analyze all the options available and decide what is best for you. If you decide to keep the baby, this site will also help you find services and resources


  • If you know someone who had a child as a teenager, let them tell you what their life was like and all the experience they got during that time.
  • Approach the subject of sexuality gently. Adolescents are difficult to deal with.

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