3 ways to act like a yandere without looking weird

3 ways to act like a yandere without looking weird
3 ways to act like a yandere without looking weird

“Yandere” is a word in Japanese that describes a person, usually a woman, who has an unhealthy obsession with love. It is often used as an archetype in Japanese fictions where a character corresponds at the same time to the gentle, romantic, loving and affectionate type and to the obsessed, dramatic and violent type. Even though a yandere person usually displays their affection through obsessive acts and becomes violent or sleazy if they are jealous or rejected, by imitating this guy in a sarcastic way you can replace the sleazy side with a humorous one. Behave like a yandere by displaying your moods through facial expressions and mastering the laugh that is all its own. Then you just need to dress in her own fashion and you will become a fun yandere.


Method 1 of 3: Mimic the yandere in a sarcastic way

Even though a real yandere person is scary, you can have fun pretending to be one with people who will understand the joke.

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 1

Step 1. Pick a target who will take it with humor

The target of your weird love must be someone who strikes you as impressive. He must be the kind of person to whom you can devote yourself completely. Common targets include coaches of sports teams, people who have just moved (eg in "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni") and budding chefs (eg in "Code Geass").

  • Your target must give the impression of being the main character in the adventure of a lifetime. In a way, he is the hero of his own story and also of yours.
  • The talents and skills of your target should be something you respect and admire. This way your worship can be more authentic and intense.
  • Pick someone who is willing to take your excessive advances. You should never make him feel uncomfortable. Pick someone who has a good sense of humor and who you already know well.
Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 2

Step 2. Become his most devoted admirer

Go see all his matches, his training sessions and his recitals. Be his staunchest supporter. Give him a bottle of water when he leaves the field or when he leaves the stage. Show her how dedicated you are.

Chat with friends or classmates about your target's playing techniques or piano performances

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 3

Step 3. Protect your target from improper advances

You have devoted yourself body and soul to your target, which is why it is obviously fairer for him to do the same. If other girls are trying to curry favor with him, put on your best killer death gaze to shoot them on the spot. Scold your target to make other girls believe they like them when it is obvious that they do not.

Yandere girls often behave jealously when the object of their love is tainted by the affection of a stranger. However, this is not something acceptable in the real world. You should only "protect" your target in a light and playful way

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 4

Step 4. Show him deference

Let him choose where you want to meet, which movies you watch together, and which stores you go to in your spare time. Do what he asks you to do. Show him respect for his desires and goals.

Your target will then think that your accommodating and pleasant character is in harmony with his. This will draw him even deeper into the complex web of your love from which he can never escape again

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 5

Step 5. Show reasonable cute aggressiveness

This cute aggressiveness mostly occurs in situations where you see something so cute that you feel like hurting it, for example, "you're so cute I could choke you with hugs." It's a natural behavior when you see someone you feel more playful with.

  • Give her a big hug, a friendly pat on the arm or on the shoulder. Close your eyes really hard while doing it and make cute little noises. Make him understand that he is so cute that you just can't help yourself.
  • Throw light, safe items such as gloves, scarves, or paper at him. Howl with joy as you do it by saying something like "you're so cute, I can't stand it".

Method 2 of 3: Dress like a yandere

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 6

Step 1. Convey a sense of innocence

Girls should dress with a long skirt or dress. Boys should choose a clean look by wearing canvas pants, plain shirts or a school uniform. Keep it simple. The yandere style is something that you feel in your heart and that will show on the outside.

Keep the haircut simple. Avoid flashy cuts. The yandere is rather modest aside from her erratic and volatile love directed at the target of her affection

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 7

Step 2. Add cute accessories

Girls can wear knots in their hair, for example around a ponytail. Boys may consider wearing glasses. There are some without corrective lenses if you don't have vision problems.

A simple watch, necklace or bracelet can also add a unique edge to your costume. Avoid overdoing it with flashy accessories. The value of your love must conquer your target or else …

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 8

Step 3. Wear calming colors

Green, blue, and purple have a calming effect that you can turn to your advantage. Even though the flames of the yandere may consume your heart from within, the colors in your wardrobe say, "Choose me, I'm fine in my head!""

Earth tones like browns and greens can also give a sense of stability and have a calming effect

Method 3 of 3: send yandere signals

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 9

Step 1. Give hints of your bestial side

Yandere characters usually have a special look that indicates they are ready to take it all in. Often times, it is a bizarre expression, represented in the drawing by a shadow cast on the face. When people are interfering with you and your target, look at them through your lashes to mimic that look.

  • When someone separates you from the target of your unconditional love, you can also try opening your eyes wide for an expression that is often referred to as "shocked and threatening."
  • A twitch in the eye or mouth can also indicate that you are about to explode. When you feel your bestial side surfacing, you have to use a tic to communicate it to the rest of the world.
  • Avoid doing this in the presence of people who do not understand these kinds of jokes, because you will scare them.
Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 10

Step 2. Show your moods with facial expressions

Your face should express what you are feeling. Clearly show your emotions to the target of your love by smiling at them, looking at them wistfully or hurt in your love. On the contrary, when your relationship takes a turn for the worse or someone gets between you and your victim (sorry, your love), you have to show your disagreement.

Even though expressiveness is a common characteristic of yanderes, it is probably due to the fact that Japanese animation and manga, which often use very expressive faces, are the main media type that portrays yanderes

Act Yandere Without Being Weird Step 11

Step 3. Control Your Laughter

Use your phone or recording device to record your laughter. Listen to him. It must be cute with a little note that gives shivers down your spine. Adjust it little by little using your recordings to get a better idea. Repeat until your yandere laugh becomes second nature.

It can be difficult to change a natural reflex like laughing. You are going to have to practice this for a while before you find something to be proud of


  • Pay attention to what other people think. You need to behave like a yandere only with people who can handle it. If others seem uncomfortable, stop and explain to them that you are joking, apologize if you have crossed the line.
  • Make sure you only do this with people who know you're joking and acting and who take it with humor. You wouldn't want to scare something or make it think you are someone else.
  • Don't brag about being a yandere. The real yanderes never recognize it!


  • You should only put yourself in the shoes of a yandere character for fun or to emulate your favorite characters.
  • Real mental illnesses are no joke and should be taken seriously. If you sense a real obsession or a dangerous love attachment with someone else, see a doctor.

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