3 Ways To Make Money (For Tweens)

3 Ways To Make Money (For Tweens)
3 Ways To Make Money (For Tweens)

If you are a preteen, you probably won't be able to have a regular job as a teenager. However, you need the money too. In particular, you can take advantage of your newly acquired independence to earn a little money to have fun. There are several options available to you: they will allow you to earn money and help the people around you.


Method 1 of 3: Make money doing housework

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 1

Step 1. Set a goal

If you want to earn or save money, you need to figure out how you are going to use that amount. Having a goal in mind will allow you to use your money wisely.

  • Write down your goals. Why do you want to earn money? For example, you may want to buy yourself a new console or new clothes.
  • When you ask your parents if you can make the money, knowing how you are going to use it will make it easier for you to convince them. So you can explain to them that you want to buy yourself something special, but also that working will allow you to have a sense of responsibility and develop a good work ethic.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 2

Step 2. Ask your parents for pocket money

Ask your parents if they would pay you to do certain chores around the house every week.

  • Before asking your parents to pay you to do the housework, make them an offer. Make a weekly schedule. Write down the tasks you want to do and the dollar value you give to each of them. You will then be able to negotiate your pocket money on the basis of this proposal.
  • Your parents must agree to pay you for these tasks. If your parents want you to help with chores around the house as a matter of principle, try making a list of extra chores you can do. Offer to tidy up the basement or do some gardening.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 3

Step 3. Negotiate the rate for seasonal tasks

Some outdoor projects may take you longer (time your parents won't necessarily have). Offering to complete these tasks will also save you some money.

  • Offer to mow the grass, pick up dead leaves, shovel snow, or remove weeds (if you feel able to do so). If you've ever offered to help your neighbors, explain to your parents that you are looking to gain new clients and that you will treat your home as you would any of your clients. If you want to start a small gardening business, explain that having your parents as clients is a great way to convince your neighbors. This is the first step before approaching your future customers.
  • For recurring seasonal tasks, like mowing the lawn or clearing your driveway, offer your parents a flat rate.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 4

Step 4. Keep your siblings

If you have siblings who are younger than you, keeping them is also a great way to earn money.

  • Offer to babysit your siblings instead of hiring a babysitter. Explain to them that you know your younger siblings very well and that you can participate in the life of your home.
  • Offer them a slightly lower rate than a babysitter to start. But if your parents are worried about babysitting your siblings, lowering your rate may help. Some parents may also consider that they don't have to pay you to babysit your younger siblings.
  • You can also make the same offer to your neighbors once you get a little more experience. Babysitting can be a very lucrative business for tweens.
  • If you are starting to babysit other families, consider this activity a business. Choose a name for your business and create a profile on social networks so that your future customers have quick access to your information.
  • There are websites where you can register to make it easier to find odd babysitting jobs. Try for example youpijob.com, create your profile and start responding to user ads

Method 2 of 3: Work in your neighborhood or for your acquaintances

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 5

Step 1. Go to your local businesses

Offer to work part-time. Some jobs have an age limit (most often 16), but you can still hold certain positions in your neighborhood grocery store or city supermarket.

  • Offer the manager of your supermarket to store their customers' groceries. Don't price him too high and think carefully about the salary you should be asking for. You can start by asking to receive from 2 to 6 euros per hour. Your salary will depend on the manager's willingness to hire a preteen.
  • You can also earn money as a lifeguard or parking attendant. Go to your neighborhood pool or parking lot and ask the managers if they need help and what you need to do to get engaged.
  • Rescuers must have completed specific training and received a certificate. Make sure you get the right training, including the Red Cross. Check with the local pool or beach to see if they have any open positions before seeking your certificate. Ask lifeguards already on duty for advice on getting hired.
  • You can also contact the person in charge of the public park to find out if he offers seasonal positions. Sometimes your job will be watching children's events or managing sports events. In winter, you can watch the ice rink.
  • If your parents have their own business, you can ask them to work there part time. This will be easier than looking for a job on your own, especially if you are very young or have little experience.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 6

Step 2. Guard the house of your friends or neighbors

If you know any friends or neighbors who are going on vacation, offer to watch their homes.

  • Offer to water their plants, watch the house (including house safety and operation of plumbing in winter or lighting on timer).
  • Offer to your brothers or sisters to do their laundry or tidy their room.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 7

Step 3. Keep pets from your friends or neighbors

Offer to look after their animals so they don't need to pay for the services of a kennel.

  • Depending on the animal, you can offer them a rate of 3 euros per day. Make sure you know the animal and its owner well and only do so if you know how to prevent an accident or what to do in an emergency.
  • Make sure you have the skills to take care of an animal before offering your services. Remember to feed them, take them out and take them for a walk several times a day. Make sure your parents agree before agreeing to keep your friends 'or neighbors' pets.
  • You can also offer to wash their animals, if you cannot keep them.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 8

Step 4. Walk the dogs you know

If several of your neighbors have dogs, you can set up your business as a walker.

Know the people to whom you will be offering your services. Offer a price of 2 to 4 euros depending on the distance and the frequency with which you will walk the dogs

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 9

Step 5. Offer your garden and walkway maintenance services

Mowing the lawn, collecting leaves, and removing snow are all great ways to make some extra cash.

  • Since you are a minor, you need your parents' permission to do this kind of work. They can also supervise you for the use of potentially dangerous equipment.
  • Be professional, create your flyers and give your small business a name. You can distribute your flyers in your neighborhood by presenting your services and specifying how you can be contacted. Ask your neighbors directly if they need help or leave your ad in their mailbox.
  • It is best if you have your own equipment, but many of your customers will let you use their tools.
  • Offer a fair price adapted to the size of the garden and the paths. Also take into account the time you will need to mow the lawn or remove snow from the driveways.
  • To mow the lawn, plan a day and a fixed schedule. To shovel snow, be available quickly after it has snowed.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 10

Step 6. Wash your neighbors' cars

Offer your services to neighbors with other neighborhood children. Form a group and decide on the day you will wash the cars. Then advertise by posting flyers to your neighbors. You can also distribute them to local businesses. Only wash cars by people you know well. And have an adult supervise you.

  • Make sure you have the necessary materials like sponges and soap for car maintenance. Offer a price between 5 and 10 euros, depending on the condition of the car.
  • Avoid leaving mud or dust on the body, and do not mark the paint with sandpaper. Rinse off mud, dust and soap carefully.
  • You can also offer a price according to the size of the vehicle, such as 5 euros for a small car, 7 for a medium and 10 for a larger.
  • Ask your customers to send you their specific instructions or needs based on the specifics of their car.
  • Rinse cars well. Do not allow soap or detergent to dry on the paint.

Method 3 of 3: Make money by offering goods or services

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 11

Step 1. Sell the clothes and shoes that don't fit anymore

As a preteen or child, you grow quickly. So you certainly have clothes that don't fit in your wardrobe anymore. Choose parts in good condition that are no longer your size and that you could therefore resell.

  • You can bring your clothes to a second hand or vintage store. The managers will look at your pieces and offer you a price per item of clothing that they will agree to buy from you. Selling your old clothes is a great way to make money and you can buy new ones, among other things.
  • Remember to wash and iron any clothes you want to resell. You should also polish your shoes and only offer models that you have rarely worn. You will have a better chance of selling your clothes if they are presentable and of high quality.
  • Don't spend all of your salary or all of your savings. If you're selling old stuff or your creations, don't spend all the money you've earned. Having a goal should allow you to commit to making money for a specific goal. Rather than spending all the money you just earned, save at least 10% of that amount. Don't spend all of it until you've reached your goal.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 12

Step 2. Sell your clothes and other stuff at a garage sale

You can very easily collect your old toys or clothes for resale, right in front of your house.

  • Offer to help the children in your neighborhood. The more you are, the more interesting your garage sale will be, because your customers will have a wider choice. Your friends certainly want to resell some of their stuff and will agree to help you.
  • Stick posters in your neighborhood to present your garage sale a few days before it takes place in your garden. You can also do this in the spring, as this is usually the time when we do a big cleaning.
  • Before selling items that you think are your own, make sure you have permission from your parents. Do not sell your clothes, toys or any other item without asking them to do so, especially if your parents gave them to you.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 13

Step 3. Make objects or art with the intention of selling them

You can craft items that your acquaintances will want to buy. You can for example make your own jewelry or clothes and even your own furniture (and get a good price for it).

  • If you know how to make something useful or desirable, you can start your own business and sell your creations. Before you invest in this route, you need to determine the money you need to purchase your equipment.
  • Determine the purchase price of the items or tools you are going to need, then the manufacturing cost of each item you will make. This will help you know what you need to invest before you can make any money. You will also need to sell your items for more than your manufacturing cost.
  • Make jewelry. If you have a sense of style and know how to make your own jewelry, you will be able to sell it online, to your friends, and even in small local shops. There are sites where you will find all the equipment to do this at a good price (for bulk purchases). You can then make and resell your creations and earn money.
  • You might already be a talented artist. Make creations that you can sell. If you don't know where to start, ask your loved ones for orders. For example, they may pay you to reproduce something specific in painting or drawing. Create a profile on the networks to highlight your talent and make yourself known.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 14

Step 4. Teach

If you are attentive in class and organized, you can teach other children in your school or community for money.

  • This will not necessarily be authorized by your school. Find out about any restrictions first.
  • Take notes in class. Then type them into the computer and print copies. If you are eligible to teach for a fee, you can use these notes to help your clients review. You can even set up a graduated rate, meaning that your customers will have to pay according to the time and resources you devote to them.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 15

Step 5. Sell lemonades in your garden

It is a very popular practice in the summer, which will mainly save you money. Gather your friends and make lemonade together that you can then sell to your neighbors.

  • Present your stand by arranging your lemonade bottles next to cookies, brownies and cupcakes also available for sale.
  • Make sure you don't have too much competition. Make sure your stand is visible and located on a busy street. For example, opt for a crossroads or a street corner.
  • Your booth should be unique and attractive. Be creative and build a vintage stand. Decorate it with ribbons and a banner with the name of your business.
  • List the price that your ingredients will cost you and offer a price accordingly in order to make a profit. Your price should not be too high, however. You won't make money if no one wants to buy your lemonade.
  • Submit a menu or special offer. You have to run your booth like you run a business. For example, a slate will allow passers-by to notice your stand and quickly know what you are offering.
  • Make signs and have your friends walk around the neighborhood and advertise your booth. Also ask them to help you make more lemonade or small snacks to avoid running out.
  • You can also sell your creations and jewelry on your stand.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 16

Step 6. Offer to edit the photos you know

If you are familiar with photography and design, you can offer your photo editing services.

  • Take and edit photos of the business you want to sell to post an ad online. You can also invite your friends to digitize their old photos or to immortalize their parties or events organized by your school.
  • Some sites like fiverr.com allow you to post your designs online and sell them to their users. Knowing how to edit photos, code or animate a community on social networks is in great demand. Just be sure to talk to your parents about it first.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 17

Step 7. Invest a portion of your income in your business

Think of your odd jobs as a business, so you'll have to spend some money to renew or upgrade your equipment.

  • Invest to pay for singing or music lessons to learn how to play an instrument. If you know how to sing, play the guitar or even host an event, you can offer your services for your friends' parties. The more you hone your talent, the better off you will be. You can also increase your rates.
  • You can also offer to give lessons to your friends. If you know how to play guitar very well, you can offer them an affordable rate to give them guitar lessons.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 18

Step 8. Make tutorials on YouTube or Facebook

Shoot videos where you explain how to do something you're good at. If you have a talent or a passion, you can film yourself in order to be more visible. For example, if you are already selling your jewelry, you can make videos in which you teach your audience how to do the same.

  • Be aware that you will not directly earn money by making videos. If a lot of people subscribe to your channel, you may be able to include ads at the start of your video. This will sometimes allow you to earn money. Your videos must therefore allow you to be more visible and to show your talent or your products. And not be a way for you to earn money.
  • Your videos can cover multiple topics, such as hair and makeup, furniture assembly, or jewelry making. So your videos can showcase your products or your work.
  • For example, you can make a fun, interesting, and commercial video about your dog walking business. Or explain how to do certain tasks more easily. You can be good at putting together Ikea furniture: in this case, make very simple tutorials for children and adults who would have difficulty in this area.
  • Make sure the video is well edited and as professional as possible. Do not broach a subject that you do not master well, because your goal is to give truthful information to your audience and to have an expert status in this field.
  • If you live in an apartment, you can sell lemonade or snacks in front of your building at a lower price than the shops downstairs.


  • Many people want to buy a specific item at a lower price. This is called the law of supply and demand. Don't raise your prices too much if demand is low. But don't turn it down too much either, as it won't be worth making it anymore.
  • Make sure you make a profit when you sell a product. For example, if your material costs you 5 dollars and it allows you to manufacture 25 products, you must sell them for a minimum of 20 cents to cover only your manufacturing cost. You must therefore offer a higher price in order for your business to be profitable.
  • Offer to do the laundry for your mother or father for a little pocket money. Separate dark and light rooms before washing and ironing clothes.
  • Rent your clothes or your games to your friends. You can do the same with any object they find desirable. Make sure, however, that you trust them to get them back to you.
  • If you have a golf club near you, offer to become a caddy.
  • Always ask permission from your parents or those responsible for you before visiting a stranger.
  • Find an area that you are good at. Teach courses in this area or sell related products. For example, you can give flute lessons or sell handmade garlands.


  • Ask your parents' permission before accepting a job from someone you don't know.
  • If the animals or children you keep are injured under your responsibility, your parents may be held responsible for the costs incurred. And you risk being deprived of an exit for a long time. You can offer to assist a caretaker to gain a little more experience or take babysitting classes to be more comfortable in an emergency.
  • Make sure the food you are selling has not expired.
  • Don't lend money or your stuff to people you don't trust.
  • Don't waste your money on trivial or silly things you don't need.

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