How to pretend to be a werewolf: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to pretend to be a werewolf: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to pretend to be a werewolf: 12 steps (with pictures)

Are you determined to convince those close to you that you are a creature of the night? You just need to follow a few steps that will allow you to pretend to be a werewolf without seeming crazy.


Part 1 of 2: Start convincing your loved ones

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 1

Step 1. Disappear for a while on a full moon night

Werewolves are known for their distinctive transformation if they sleep outside and have the light of a full moon directly shine on their faces.

  • Give the impression of being worried on a full moon night. Remember, you are meant to experience your transformation tonight. Don't let it think that something really bad is going to happen and don't lie. Just slip away so that no one can find you anymore. If you are younger, you will need to tell your parents so they don't panic and call for help.
  • Never stay in the presence of other people on full moon nights. If someone calls you when the moon is full, don't answer. Do this only when you are called on another night of the month. This behavior will suggest that something is wrong with you and that you have changed.
Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 2

Step 2. Protect the people you love

Be careful not to manhandle or hurt anyone. Wolves are very protective and help their pack whenever they can.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 3

Step 3. Walk like a wolf

It will depend on the type of wolves you want to play as. Do you want to become the leader of the pack? Stand up straight and walk with pride. Observe wolf packs and how each member of the pack (depending on their rank) behaves. However, they all evolve like wolves. They can't help it, because that's their nature. And since you are a werewolf, you must be used to doing the same. Imagine walking while wearing high heels. It might not be very comfortable, but you won't hurt your feet and you will eventually get used to it by continuing to walk like this.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 4

Step 4. Practice giving three different looks

Werewolves can appear threatening and even frightening if they are angry. Practice throwing different looks to perfectly embody this fantastic creature.

  • Plan a look for your enemies. He must be deep and aggressive. Look straight into their eyes and charge them up. Smile at them with your mouth open. When wolves do this, it is a sign that they are challenging their enemies.
  • Practice looking at your prey. Charge your prey while observing their slightest movements (even if they are content to move their limbs slightly). Make it clear to them that you've seen them (don't try to smile with your mouth open, as this won't be a level playing field). This does not mean that you will fight or attack them, but that it is the typical behavior of a wolf in the presence of its prey.
  • The last look is for interesting people and your friends. He must be friendly and playful. Wolves are very playful with their friends.
Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 5

Step 5. Target a person who loves animals

It could also be a person with a very strong connection to animals. If you don't know anyone like that, target your best friend. Rod around and follow the places he frequents, but be careful not to scare him off. Pretend to be a wolf and protect him. Keep an eye on him and make eye contact. At first, he may be scared, especially if he doesn't recognize you. But show him that you are his friend and he will feel safe with you.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 6

Step 6. Spread mud and dead leaves on your clothes

Do it the day after a full moon night. This will give the impression that you have stayed in the forest. If someone notices it, look scared and apologize.

Part 2 of 2: Taking it to the next level

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 7

Step 1. Move around as if you were hunting

When in a busy space, give the impression of being on your guard, lower your head slightly, and watch the movement of everyone present. Load them as if they were prey.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 8

Step 2. Sleep in the same position as a wolf

For example, curl up in a dark corner of your bedroom or lie down with your arms and legs extended in front and behind you, as if you were walking using all of your limbs (except this time you are lying on the side).

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 9

Step 3. Stay with dogs more than humans

Don't stray too abruptly from your friends, but if you were a real werewolf you would feel more comfortable in the company of dogs. If you stay with them for a long time, you will start to smell more like an animal, which is perfect for the role you want to play.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 10

Step 4. Comment on the smells

Do not do it too obvious, however, and comment on the scents only if you know how to act well.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 11

Step 5. Deny being a werewolf

If someone accuses you of being a werewolf, deny it immediately. Look upset and slightly worried. Give them the look you reserve for your enemies, tell them never to bring it up again, and leave the room. Avoid arguing about it.

Make People Think You are a Werewolf Step 12

Step 6. Grow your hair out (if you are a boy)

Werewolves are known to be very hairy. If you want to give this effect (and you are a boy), you can shave more regularly and see if your hair grows thicker.


  • Werewolves in human form do not exist. If you want to be convincing, try imitating a lycanthrope, which is a creature behind this myth and is easier to imitate.
  • If someone is threatening you, hold your position and watch them tilt your head down slightly to give your face a determined and aggressive impression.
  • After a full moon, look very tired, as if you haven't slept all night.
  • When you are angry, growl lightly without it being too obvious. It must be more frightening and deeper. Don't do this if you don't know how to imitate that sound at all.
  • Place reminders on your bedroom walls so you don't forget when the next full moon is (or set an alarm on your phone). If anyone notices, change the subject and ask them to never talk about it again.
  • When you cry or are sad, try to emulate a wolf's whine.
  • Be brave and act like you're not afraid of anything.
  • Do not get into this imitation if you are not ready to embrace it. Practice growling. But don't put on a werewolf or wolf costume.
  • Don't cross the line or your loved ones may think you've lost your mind.
  • Wear red or yellow contact lenses, if possible. If you're sleeping with a friend, disappear in the middle of the night, but make your absence noticed.

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