How to ask someone to leave you alone

How to ask someone to leave you alone
How to ask someone to leave you alone

If you want to learn to ask someone to leave you alone, it is because this situation brings a lot of pain and frustration to you. While it is never easy or pleasant to ask someone to leave you alone, be it a classmate, someone who harasses you or has a crush on you, the sooner you cut the ties, the better. 'is. Most important: stay calm and be direct. If the conversation is having a hard time, you may need the help of your friends, teachers, or relatives.


Part 1 of 3: kindly ask someone to leave you alone

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 1

Step 1. Do it in the right place at the right time

If the person in question has only good intentions, it is better to find a pleasant and quiet place. Whether the person in question has a crush on you or is a boring classmate, if they don't make you uncomfortable, you might as well try talking to them in a place where you can be quiet, without risking someone. walks in and asks what's going on. Pick a time when the person is not distracted, busy, or stressed, so that the discussion runs smoothly.

  • While it's best to find a right place and a right time to avoid hurting the person, don't wait forever for the perfect moment. You need to make yourself understood quickly, so that you and the other person can move on.
  • If you would prefer to have a friend with you at this time, it is possible. Don't make yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable if you don't want to be alone with the person.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 2

Step 2. Explain why you want to be left alone

Once in front of the person, be clear and honest with them so that there are no possible doubts. If the person has a crush on you, but it's not mutual, say so. If it's your neighbor or a student in your class who still wants to see you and you don't care, be honest. Express your thought loud and clear so that it is clear that you no longer wish to see this person.

  • For example, if it's a girl you love, say, “Sorry, I don't share your feelings. I am flattered, but I would rather be alone. "
  • If it's a boring person who wants to see you all the time say, “Sorry, but I don't particularly want to hang out with you. I preferred to tell you. "
  • If he has already annoyed you, made life difficult or you have already given him several chances, specify it in order to make your message clearer.
  • If you're nervous and don't know what to say, practice ahead of time.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 3

Step 3. Stay Calm

In these kinds of circumstances, it's normal to be a little - if not very - stressed. But if you want to get the message across effectively, it's best to stay calm and be prepared to respond quickly. If you feel the emotion rising, take a deep breath and take the time to calm down. If you are calm, the other person will understand that you need to be taken seriously.

  • Show you know what you are doing. If you feel the need to take a deep breath or even to step back for a few moments to get the message across better, don't hesitate.
  • If the person in front gets angry and tries to hurt or annoy you, don't let that get you. Don't demean yourself to his level by responding to his spikes.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 4

Step 4. Don't make up false excuses

You may think that the pill will be easier to swallow if you give an explanation like "Now is not a good time" or "I am not ready to couple now, but I like you very much": but by saying that, you would give false hope to the person. By being frank the person will take the message and leave you alone. Plus, you'll hurt him less that way.

  • Of course, at the moment, it's tempting to make up an excuse rather than being sincere. But if you do that, the message won't get through and the person will come back to you.
  • If someone is rude to you, say, "I don't want to hang out with you anymore, you always end up making fun of me." I don't like it and I would like you to leave me alone. "
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 5

Step 5. Be honest, but not hurtful

If the person is not disagreeable, do not hurt them more than necessary. It's not easy to find the balance between your message and the desire not to hurt, but be clear about your feelings without being offensive. You are better than that! In addition, you want to end whatever relationship it is, not fuel it by causing the person to bother you even longer.

  • If a girl likes you and it's not reciprocated, you can tell her that she's not your type without explaining to her that you prefer taller girls or that you find her boring.
  • If it's a family member younger than you, even if you can't get rid of it for good, you can say something like "Me and my friends, we would like to be a little bit quiet.". You are in our paws, there. "
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 6

Step 6. Let the person speak

If you respect her and she feels the need to say something, then listen to her. As long as she's emotionally stable and just likes you a lot, she might want to talk to you a bit too. Be nice and let her talk by paying attention to what she says. It shouldn't last more than a few minutes, but if you respect the person, then take the time.

Do not interrupt or give your opinion in an untimely way. Wait for the person to finish, respond as kindly as possible, and end the conversation

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 7

Step 7. Make sure she understands what you are asking for

Before closing the conversation, be sure to ask if you've been clear. The effect of your words should be lasting, without any possible misunderstanding. You can even ask the person to repeat after you that they are going to leave you alone, so that they understand how serious the situation is.

Before you leave, make sure the person understands that they need to leave you alone

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 8

Step 8. Thank the person for agreeing to speak to you

If it went relatively well, you might as well end on a good note. Thank the person for listening to you and understanding that you prefer that they leave you alone. It's a conversation that isn't obvious to either and it's easier to coat it in good manners given the situation. Obviously, you don't have to be enthusiastic, but try to be as sympathetic as possible.

You might not be very keen to say thank you, but it's the basis of politeness and that way you won't end up on bad terms with the other person

Part 2 of 3: Firmly ask someone to leave you alone

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 9

Step 1. Take backup if you feel the need

If the person has really bothered you and you don't want to be alone with them, you can ask friends, a big brother or a big sister or even a parent or a teacher to come with you. If you fear for your safety, do not be alone with the person, so that you can feel confident and secure.

  • If the person has harassed you, having friends around can be good for your confidence. While you can try to fix it on your own, if it doesn't work, your friends can make a difference.
  • Your friends or siblings may be there to support you, but it's up to you to speak up, as much as possible, to show that you are capable of taking action for yourself.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 10

Step 2. Say you want to be left alone from the start

If the situation calls for firmness, don't beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Just say "Leave me alone" or "Please leave me alone from now on". It won't be pleasant, but the faster you get the message across, the better. If you really need to be firm with this person, then you don't have to waste time chatting.

  • Look the person in the eye and show that you are not afraid. If your eyes are fixed on the ground, you will look intimidated.
  • Speak slowly, articulating well. Your words should be heard clearly.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 11

Step 3. Be direct

Be careful not to use vague terms. Don't say “go away,” “not now,” or “I'm busy,” your willingness to be left alone for good needs to be clear. While it's never pleasant to say, it's better than being vague and having the person feel like you'll want to see one of these four again. If you're having trouble being blunt, your friends can help get the point across.

The case should be closed quickly. With a few crisp and clear sentences, you can make yourself understood. If the person in question is harassing you or is not worth wasting your time, no need to explain why you want them to leave you alone: ​​it's obvious

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 12

Step 4. Don't listen to the excuses

The person may have some reasons why they don't want to leave you alone; she thought she was only helping you or that deep down you really appreciate her. If you really want to be left alone, make it clear that you don't agree with these reasons and don't want to debate them. You have made your decision and you want to move on.

If the person is a thug who keeps insulting you, go away. No need to listen to this

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 13

Step 5. Assure the other person that if they don't cooperate, consequences will follow

If you don't feel like she's getting it right, move on to threats. Say you will tell your parents, parents, teachers, principal, or even the police if she continues to be stubborn. She needs to understand that she can't continue to bore you any longer and that you are deadly serious.

The more specific you are, the better. If you can appoint professors or members of the administration you will impress the person more effectively. If you are thinking of telling your parents, say you can call them at work now. Show that you have planned the conversation and that it is not empty talk and the person will get scared

Part 3 of 3: What to do if you won't be left alone

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 14

Step 1. Talk to your parents

If the person doesn't let go, talk to your parents. Let them know that you feel threatened or that this person is really, really bothering you a lot. You might be a little embarrassed if the person in question falls for you completely, but your parents can help you sort out. You will feel more secure and they may even take more extensive measures to limit your contact with the person.

  • Your parents will know what to do: you can leave it to them. It will make them happy that you came to them and they will feel responsible for you.
  • Don't wait for the perfect opportunity to tell them about it. It is enough that they are not too busy or about to leave for work. If it really can't wait, tell them directly.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 15

Step 2. Ask your friends for help

This is the kind of situation they can help you with! They can not only be there when you're worried about someone who won't let go, but they can also help get your point across and even discourage the person from following you here and there.

  • Your real friends are there for you for better or for worse and they will quickly understand what trap you are in. They will make sure to be with you more often and to never leave you alone if you feel threatened.
  • If your friends are always with you, you will be of less interest to the person, whether they have a crush on you or want to heckle you.
  • Your friends can give you good advice. If the person who is bothering you is a boss, they will tell you that it is necessary to find more serious help and that they themselves will not be enough.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 16

Step 3. Avoid telling stories about this person

If you feed the gossip or keep talking about how she won't leave you alone, she'll know. It might annoy her or make her even stickier, and she might even tell herself that after all you like her and want to see her. If not, why will you keep talking about her? If you want your willingness to be left alone to be visible, don't bring the subject up too often.

You can confide in your close friends and ask them for advice, but don't expose the situation to just anyone or the person in question will eventually find out

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 17

Step 4. Talk to a teacher or someone in administration

If the person is really pushy and follows you wherever you go, it's time to get someone in charge. Tell them the situation is out of control and see what steps are taken to protect yourself from the person. The involvement of an adult proves that your threats are not in vain and you will be taken more seriously.

  • Don't be nervous, especially if the one in front is a tough kid. Report the situation to authority figures in your school as quickly as possible so that action can be taken.
  • If the person is a little guy, he'll threaten you and say if you report you're in trouble. These are empty threats. For your safety, it is much more efficient not to remain silent.
Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 18

Step 5. Change your habits as much as possible to avoid the person

If you've tried everything and even talked to your parents and teachers, then maybe you can change your ways to avoid the person a bit. While you shouldn't change your lifestyle for this person, if you have run out of ideas then you can try to avoid places where that person is likely to be. For example, hanging out in another park, going to a different cinema or discovering a new restaurant with your friends. As the person loses interest in you, you can get back to your old routine.

Don't change all of your habits. But if going to school the other way allows you to avoid the person who is bothering you, it might be worth it

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 19

Step 6. Ignore the person and hope they understand

While ignoring someone isn't the most mature way to be left alone, if you've tried chatting, told other people about it, and even wanted to avoid it, it's worth it. worth a try. If the person comes up to you, says something mean, or smiles at you, pretend they don't exist. If she is successful in joining a group chat, walk away. If you find yourself in the same cafe, leave without a fuss. Even if it is not pleasant, it can be effective.

If the person notices that their presence and their words don't affect or annoy you, and you don't pay attention to what they are saying to you, they will lose interest. And if you leave every time she arrives, it will end up annoying her, which is exactly the point

Tell Someone to Leave You Alone Step 20

Step 7. Stay Safe

If the person who won't let go is threatening, the most important thing for you is to stay safe. Beyond just annoying the person may be unstable, so make sure you are safe at all times. Of course, do not stay locked in your home for fear of meeting her, but take the necessary measures for your safety. Even if it means contacting the authorities.

It's not worth putting yourself in danger out of pride. If you really feel in danger, speak up as soon as possible


  • Don't use a middleman. If you don't feel brave, that doesn't stop you from acting bravely.
  • Don't annoy or harass those around you.
  • Speak politely and be kind when expressing yourself or you will sound like a jerk.
  • Be understanding if the person who is bothering you has been through difficult times. Take it easy and direct her to someone who can help her better.
  • Try to get along. Maybe this person can be your friend after all, or you can help them care if they feel lonely.
  • Say honestly, "I think the greatest good of you, but I don't want to have you around."


  • If you are being bullied, don't face it alone. Surround yourself with friends.
    • The message suddenly becomes clearer when the boss finds himself facing a group!
    • If you're scared, talk to an adult. Go see someone you trust and tell them what's going on. Adults can help. If someone hurts you or scares you, it's not cafter.
  • Never resort to violence or threats, as you may harass others yourself.
  • If someone scares you in any way, asks for money, or threatens you, talk to a trusted adult.

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