How to become an education assistant (with pictures)

How to become an education assistant (with pictures)
How to become an education assistant (with pictures)

The function of an educational assistant is to assist the teacher. It is quite common to find educational assistants in primary schools, where they are responsible for taking care of children in difficulty or handicapped, to promote their integration and their learning.


Part 1 of 4: have an interest in special education

Become a Paraprofessional Step 1

Step 1. Have experience with children

Some educational assistants have experience with children, for example childcare. You must have a baccalaureate or hold a level IV diploma to apply.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 2

Step 2. Know the basics

Take computer lessons, know how to use a computer and word processor, or know how to take notes. The work of an educational assistant consists in particular in taking notes and helping the child in his learning, but also in using different communication technologies.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 3

Step 3. Use your personal experiences

Educational assistants may have personal experience with children with mental or physical disabilities. This reinforces the understanding of the importance of these positions.

Part 2 of 4: Choosing an education method

Become a Paraprofessional Step 4

Step 1. The bachelor's degree is required or a level IV diploma to be an educational assistant

This is the minimum qualification to have to work with children in schools.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 5

Step 2. Submit your candidacy

The academic inspectorate recruits you, on the basis of a public law contract. You can apply to private schools and colleges, which have an independent budget for this type of contract. These jobs are most often offered to scholarship students. The contracts are concluded for a maximum period of 3 years, renewable within the limit of a maximum commitment of 6 years.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 6

Step 3. Create a file at the university or institute of social work

Find vocational training courses to become a pedagogical advisor, school teacher and sign up.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 7

Step 4. Choose longer training over 3 years

The social and medico-social sector offers different types of training to practice special education for children in difficulty or with disabilities. You can choose to become a school teacher and specialist for pupils in difficulty.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 8

Step 5. The State diploma

Whatever the degree of your experience with children in difficulty, environmental or disabled, it is the state diploma that recognizes and validates your ability to support this audience.

For more information, contact the academic inspectorate in your region to find out their need for an educational assistant or other professional profiles

Part 3 of 4: Finding an Assistant Position

Become a Paraprofessional Step 9

Step 1. Contact the education inspectorate in your region to find out if there are any vacancies

Become a Paraprofessional Step 10

Step 2. Start making contacts in April, for the next school year

It is during this period that the academic inspectorate recruits for the next school year and takes stock of the positions to be filled. Some schools may have positions in the fall.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 11

Step 3. The posts of educational assistants do not exceed one half-time

Cumulation is not possible.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 12

Step 4. Be flexible

While waiting for the position of your dreams, in special education or other sector. You cannot choose the class, the school, the age of the children you will have to work with.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 13

Step 5. Discuss the possibility of changing schools, depending on the possibilities

Ask if a specialized class is due to open soon, where and if you can apply for the job.

Part 4 of 4: Focusing on Special Education

Become a Paraprofessional Step 14

Step 1. Look for training to specialize further

There are many more or less short training courses or conferences that deal with the subject of the care of disabled children, such as autism, deafness, learning disabilities, mobility disorders or even development.. Some training courses can be paid for by your employer.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 15

Step 2. The salary

The gross salary, for a full time, is around € 1,200 per month. It can be combined with a higher education grant. In general, educational assistant positions are filled by students, people registered with Pôle Emploi for at least two years. The legislation has recently been amended so that these positions are given priority to the long-term unemployed. The post of educational assistant is not an end in itself, rather a springboard towards a deepening of the knowledge of the child and his care.

Become a Paraprofessional Step 16

Step 3. Take advantage of this status to increase your knowledge

Train school teachers, educational advisor or specialize in disability to take care of children in difficult situations on a daily basis and in their schooling.

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