How to work as a salesperson without any experience

How to work as a salesperson without any experience
How to work as a salesperson without any experience

To work in trades related to trade and sales, it is important to be able to arouse the interest of potential customers and then turn them into real customers. Salespeople are needed in almost every business and industry, and the best of them often have the opportunity to earn good wages. For many jobs in this field, you need to have sales experience, but obviously you can't have experience until you land your first job. Fortunately, there are many ways to get started in this flagship sector of our company.


Part 1 of 3: Learn About Selling Trades

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Step 1. Learn as much as you can about sales

As a salesperson, your task will be to impress your future boss with your knowledge and enthusiasm. Whether you want to become a telemarketer, pharmaceutical salesman, or sales engineer, you need to have some basic sales and trading skills. Read books on the business of selling as well as online selling strategies. You should also learn psychology applied to sales, strategies for attracting a potential customer and making a sale.

If you know someone who works in sales, invite them over to lunch so they can share their knowledge with you

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Step 2. Compare the books before you buy them

Look for books in the business and marketing section of your local library or bookstore, or browse lists of the best books published by online sales magazines. Choose books and videos that are supported by facts and data. Find up-to-date and approved information, like new editions of books, revised books, or highly recommended videos.

Keep track of what you read! This will allow you to mention the names of the authors you admire during your job interviews so that your potential employers know that you have prepared well

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Step 3. Target your options

Even if you have just entered the workforce, you can specialize now. Choose a product that you are passionate about and that you know. For example, if you have accounting experience, it would be better to apply for a job as a financial advisor than a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Choose a type of product that interests you and search for jobs available in that industry.

  • Don't be afraid to embrace a very specialized industry. If you are interested in selling cars, you can specialize in selling used cars, green cars, or luxury cars.
  • Whether you are selling a product or a service, you should know enough about your offering so that you can explain its benefits in a few sentences.
  • If you are selling a product, look for resources specific to that area. Subscribe to magazines aimed at industry representatives or read archives available in your public library.
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Step 4. Take a course

Do some research to find out if there are any establishments in your community that offer sales skills training. Many universities offer training in sales and marketing. If you are able to resume studies, you can even enroll in a two-year program to obtain a DEUG, a BTS or even a DUT.

  • Sales representatives enter the job market with a solid academic background. Applicants with a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration have an advantage, especially if they have a degree in commerce. However, candidates who do not have a college degree can also be hired if they are able to make sales.
  • Certain areas of the commerce sector require the issuance of a certificate. Learn more about the requirements of the job you want before you apply.

Part 2 of 3: Finding work

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Step 1. Make a list of the companies you would like to work for

Find businesses in your area where you would like to work. You can search online directories for business people or telephone directories. You need to send them your resume, even if they aren't hiring anyone. Job offers can be launched at any time. If these companies have your application file at their disposal, they could give you a chance.

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Step 2. Find entry-level employment

Search job sites for entry-level jobs in the field of your choice. Choose the positions that offer you the opportunity to train, as these companies will help you deepen your knowledge. Remember that not all vacant positions are advertised. You should submit your resume to companies that don't seem to be hiring new people, but also those that are hiring.

  • Call your local temp agencies to find out if there are any temporary positions.
  • Consider starting your career in the retail industry. It is sometimes easier to find entry-level jobs in retail than in other fields.
  • Consider becoming an independent salesperson. Cosmetics companies and travel agencies hire people who may not have sales experience and can also provide professional training for employees and provide marketing support.
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Step 3. Investigate the profile of the candidate sought

When you pass by companies you would like to work for, look for their employee profiles. You can search for these companies on a networking website and find out about the work experience and training of their employees. Find out how many years of experience their entry-level hired employees have. A company that hires sales reps with little or no experience might hire you.

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Step 4. Write your resume

Consider your employment history that is unrelated to the field of sales, but is suited to the positions that interest you. For example, if you are applying for a salesperson job where you have to experiment with power tools in a large-scale store, you can highlight your experience with construction work and public speaking.

  • Study your professional background to see if you have had any experience in sales. Have you ever sold used furniture or cars? Many jobs call for technical sales skills, even if they are not listed in the job title. Describe this experience in your resume.
  • Make sure your resume looks professional. Search the Internet for resume copies for entry-level jobs.
  • Ask someone to help you. It's easy to overlook important details when reviewing your CV. Check the schedule at your local library or community center for free help. If you know a salesperson, have them go over your resume with you.
  • Personalize your resume for each job you apply for. For example, if the title of your CV reads: Application for a Sales Position, you must customize it to specify the type of work you are looking for. You could write this: application for an entry-level commercial attaché position in the auto parts industry.
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Step 5. Write a brief cover letter

You must write a different cover letter for each application. Personalize your letter to reflect the qualities sought by the employer. For example, if a job posting is looking for an honest, organized, and outgoing salesperson, you can give concrete examples, whether or not related to the field of sales, that illustrate these qualities that you have.

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Step 6. Meditate on your personal philosophy

You need to explain it to your potential employers. With all of your sales knowledge, what you know about customers and why you want to become a salesperson, formulate a vision for your sales approach. Proofread the books and articles that you have read in the field of sales. Summarize the steps to take to make a sale as they apply to the position you are applying for.

Here's what your sales philosophy might look like: When I make a sale, I help the customer make their best decisions or I try to get the customer to come to me and I do my best to make sure. to make him happy

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Step 7. Make a list of your personal qualities

At the time of the job interview, your future employer will look for qualities of a very talented salesperson. He doesn't have to be outgoing and elegant. On the contrary, the ideal candidate must be professional, punctual, prepared and persevering.

  • Think of anecdotes that illustrate these qualities. If you've already applied for a job multiple times, it shows how persistent you are.
  • Companies are looking for results-oriented employees. Think about the goals you have achieved and how you have achieved them. You will no doubt talk about it during your interview.
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Step 8. Submit your application in person

To show how much you covet a job, don't just email the company. Be sure to check its website first to make sure it doesn't block unsolicited visits from potential candidates. Dress professionally and be friendly and respectful to everyone you meet. Ask the receptionist where you can drop off your CV and don't forget to ask for the name of the hiring manager.

  • Email your application package to the hiring manager after submitting it in person to make sure they actually received it.
  • If you haven't heard from company officials, call them a week later.
  • Some companies do not accept in-person applications. Find out in advance to make sure there are no formal warnings about unsolicited applications. They might reject your application, but if that happens, accept it kindly.
  • If you cannot apply in person, email your application to the hiring manager.

Part 3 of 3: Passing the job interview

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Step 1. Prepare yourself

Read reports on the state of the financial affairs of the company to which you are applying, as well as any mentions published in trade journals. Visit that company's website to learn some information you could use during the interview. To be a good salesperson, you need to do some research to prepare yourself. Presenting yourself well at your interview proves that the candidate has the skills necessary to prepare for a sales position.

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Step 2. Dress appropriately

Wear professional attire. If you've noticed that candidates applying for entry-level positions in your area of ​​interest dress more casually, try dressing soberly for the interview. Wear neutral colors, clean, well-waxed shoes, and nice clothes that aren't too tight or loose.

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Step 3. Showcase your qualities as a salesperson

Think of the job interview as your first meeting with a potential client - you need to be ready, polite, and persuasive. Be on time or arrive a few minutes early. To demonstrate your skills, make eye contact and smile. Show up for the interview, with relevant information about the company and answers to the famous question of why you think you are the ideal candidate.

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Step 4. Talk about your best sellers

Even if you've never had a sales job, it's very likely that you've convinced or even persuaded someone (or a group of people) in your favor once. In your anecdote, you should explain how you sold your idea to an audience and mention the nature of the benefit that both parties gained from it.

To do this, describe some of the greatest accomplishments of your life, whatever they may be. Perhaps you were the striker of your college football team or the president of the parents' association. Maybe you won first prize in a piano competition or maybe an article you wrote appeared in a well-known periodical

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Step 5. Follow up after the interview

If you don't hear from the employer by the deadline, call them. When it comes to finding a job in sales, persistence pays off.


  • Many employers prefer to hire applicants with a university degree for positions that involve meeting clients.
  • If you are considering getting a degree, consider a major. The best training courses to find a job in this sector are marketing, communication, economics, advertising and psychology.

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