How to become a Chippendale: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to become a Chippendale: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to become a Chippendale: 8 steps (with pictures)

If you have a nice physique and a nice smile, you can make a living (very good indeed) by being a Chippendale (or stripper)! You must of course like living at night and traveling, but, beware, becoming Chippendale is not easy. You need talent, training and beautiful white teeth.


Become a Male Stripper Step 1

Step 1. Have confidence in yourself

To be Chippendale, you first need to be very confident and comfortable around people who are drunk and who are not going to talk to you like a business owner, even if in fact., you are! Women of a certain age will look at you lustily, and their husbands are not going to like you very much. If this is not a problem for your conscience and if you can remain smiling and kind in all circumstances, this career is certainly for you.

Become a Male Stripper Step 2

Step 2. Practice

People who go to see chippendales are primarily drawn to their "physical intelligence". You must therefore have a beautiful body and be in great shape. Work your body according to your personality. If you are thin, do slow exercises to sculpt your body and quick exercises to dry out the muscles. If you are generously proportioned, do exercises that will put your muscles in the spotlight instead. In any case, it is important to have beautiful shoulders, a flat stomach and an attractive chest while slimmer your waist. You need to avoid consuming sugars, fats, and salt, but you need to take in enough calories to build your muscles smoothly. To be Chippendale, you have to have a nice body.

Become a Male Stripper Step 3

Step 3. Obtain a stage outfit

The centerpiece of your stage costume is (you might have guessed it) your underwear. You also have to be concerned (though) about the clothes you are going to wear over (not long) your underwear, because you are an actor and you have to give a special image. A good idea would be to hire a professional and creative designer.

Become a Male Stripper Step 4

Step 4. Select the music for your show

Your performance is not going to last very long and you can vary the musical styles by starting your show with, for example, a slow and languid piece to continue with a medium tempo and end with something catchy. Chippendales usually choose songs with a bassline and marked drums. Burn a CD with a few songs you will use for your show and make several copies. Sometimes you can sell your CD at the end of your show.

Become a Male Stripper Step 5

Step 5. Practice dancing

You should practice dancing to the songs you have chosen and doing a choreography that you will then repeat regularly during your performances. Work every day until you achieve perfection (or almost). Your movements should be flexible, sexy, languid and natural. Remember, you have to make your audience fantasize and make them dream. Concentrate and never forget to always keep your face in front of the audience and wear a big smile. Some chippendales dance with a barre, this is called pole dancing. If you want to do this, you will need to install a vertical bar in a room of your house.

Become a Male Stripper Step 6

Step 6. Create an unforgettable stage name.

The name you are going to come up with should represent your personality and it should also suggest to the audience the type of show you are going to put on. Don't hesitate to choose a name that is promising, attractive and provocative.

Become a Male Stripper Step 7

Step 7. Take pictures of yourself

Take great photos of you and your face, in color and black and white. They will be used to sign autographs, but also to introduce you to employment agencies. Be careful, because some agencies may ask you for money in advance (these are generally frauds). A good professional agency does not do this because they will take a commission when they find you contracts.

Become a Male Stripper Step 8

Step 8. Contact artistic agencies

To become rich and famous, an agency will be of great help to you. However, you should only contact recognized, serious and reputable agencies. There are indeed agencies that exist only to take money from you. Make sure the agencies you contact are legal, recognized, and very professional. You want to become a professional Chippendale, you certainly don't want to be sent to a hotel room to do something that is not at all related to what you want to do, a show (for that you don't you don't need to be a stripper, there is another name for this job). In most cases, you will have to fill out papers for each show, register as an intermittent entertainment worker, contribute to social security and the retirement fund… We are talking about a real profession in the entertainment world.


  • If you live with a partner, make sure that your partner is completely up to the job that interests you.
  • For your shows, you need to get different underwear in different colors and sizes.
  • When you go to do a performance, make sure you only do one pass or leave at least 2 hours before the 2nd pass. This way you will better surprise the audience.
  • When you work for an artistic agent who finds you contracts, you must not give your personal (professional) phone number when you go to do performances, you must provide that of your agent.
  • Get 2 travel bags. In the first one you will place all the items (including underwear) for your show and in the other you will place your personal belongings with which you will be walking down the street or going to your hotel while on tour. Be careful, because it could be embarrassing to get the wrong bag.
  • When you go to perform at a location where other Chippendales are going to perform, make sure you always keep your business and personal belongings in a secure location.


  • Create an email, a website and have a phone number that is only reserved for your professional activity in order to separate your private life from your chippendale life. Never give out your personal phone number during your performances.
  • When someone crosses the line and disrespects you, feel free to put that person in their place, kindly but firmly.
  • When you go to cities or countries you don't know, be sure to find out about the applicable laws, as there may be strict laws regarding male nudity and some touching.
  • When you leave the place where you put on your show, make sure that you are in no danger, because sometimes you will have a lot of cash on you.

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