How to become a gym teacher: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to become a gym teacher: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to become a gym teacher: 11 steps (with pictures)

A physical education teacher teaches games and sports activities aimed at stimulating students and developing their physical skills. Public and private schools are looking for this kind of educator to teach middle and high school students. The physical education teacher encourages students to follow and practice healthy habits and physical activities. Like all teachers, he must be able to speak loudly in public and have leadership skills. These qualities will not only be useful for him to teach the various activities, but also to have control over the students.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare

Be a Gym Teacher Step 1

Step 1. Obtain your license

Good grades in physical activity science are required, but not essential.

  • Although no specific license is required to become a physical education teacher, many countries require that you take certain courses. Find out about the legal provisions in force in your region.
  • Unlike secondary school teachers, primary school teachers usually require a bachelor's degree in the chosen field of education.
Be a Gym Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Have experience as a teacher

Many postgraduate education programs require a minimum number of classroom experience hours.

  • The number of hours of experience required varies depending on the intended educational program. Do some research to find out more.
  • Many universities offer programs that put students in local classrooms to help them gain experience. Check with your university to see if any such programs are offered.
Be a Gym Teacher Step 3

Step 3. Have experience in physical activities or sports

If you want to take part in the physical education of students, be familiar with gymnastics and sports yourself.

The best way to gain experience in sports and physical education is to volunteer as a coach with a local school or local team

Be a Gym Teacher Step 4

Step 4. Take educational courses

If your university offers teaching courses, it is advisable to take at least a few courses.

These trainings do not let you know if the teaching is for you. They only prepare you for the type of course you will have to take during your postgraduate education

Part 2 of 3: Obtain the teaching license

Be a Gym Teacher Step 5

Step 1. Participate in educational accreditation programs or master's programs

Once you have your license, the next step towards obtaining a teaching license is participation in the postgraduate program.

  • Although participation in the postgraduate education program is not essential for obtaining a teaching license, it is recommended as it makes it easier to meet the degree requirements.
  • Educational accreditation programs generally last one year while those for the master's last at least two years. Although not essential, the master's degree in a relevant field sets you apart. Many institutions offer higher salaries to holders of a master's degree.
  • A number of accreditation educational programs and master's degree programs are available in the United States. In any case, you should do some research to find the program that meets your needs.
  • During your research, you should take into account certain parameters such as accreditation, coursework, completion requirements, duration, cost, admission requirements, existence of financial assistance, number of students received, the number of institutes, the size of the establishment and the location of the campus.
  • Be aware that teacher credentials are specific to each country. So choose a teaching program available in the region where you wish to teach. If, for example, you graduate in California, but want to teach in Alabama, you will need to go through these steps again to graduate in Alabama.
Be a Gym Teacher Step 6

Step 2. Acquire your class hours

You will need to obtain a certain number of classroom teaching hours.

The number of hours required to obtain the license varies from country to country. Do some research to find out more

Be a Gym Teacher Step 7

Step 3. Take your skills exams

In addition to completing an educational program and gaining classroom experience, you will also need to pass the state exams required for a teacher's license.

  • Each state offers its own exams and passing procedures may vary. Refer to the provisions in force in your country for more information.
  • The accreditation exam assesses your basic and subject knowledge as well as knowledge relating to your degree.
  • To find out more about your state exam, search by typing the name of your country followed by “teaching exam”.
Be a Gym Teacher Step 8

Step 4. Use your teaching license

The conditions for obtaining the license are specific to each country. Visit the website of the Ministry of Education to find out more.

  • Note that if you have a license to teach in your country, the teacher's certificate is not necessary even if it allows you to benefit from certain professional advantages such as prestige and a substantial salary.
  • Certain certificates can replace the teaching diploma. If you have your bachelor's degree, but have not continued your studies to obtain another university degree or if you have changed careers, you can aim for another bachelor's degree by doing classwork under the supervision of a graduate teacher. While teaching, you will need to take classes. You will need to teach and learn for a year or two before getting your license. Again, the requirements for obtaining vary from country to country, so you need to find the conditions specific to your region.

Part 3 of 3: Finding a job

Be a Gym Teacher Step 9

Step 1. Prepare your application package

Although the required documentation varies from school to school, you will still need certain documents, including the following.

  • An up-to-date CV. Your CV must present your most recent education, diplomas and professional activities. It must not contain any errors. Remove outdated or irrelevant information.
  • A cover letter. Your cover letter must be personalized. It must show your interest as well as your qualifications for the position in question. For more details on writing a cover letter, see this article.
  • A teaching certificate. Your teaching certificate must indicate your objectives, the reasons which motivate you to teach, your pedagogical teaching philosophy and your methodology. A teaching attestation presents your interests and goals, examples of how you plan to achieve those goals, the problems you have encountered in class and their solutions, what teaching subjects interest you and statements of support from the share of students if possible.
  • References. Many job postings require a list of references from applicants. This list shows the names and contact details of professionals who know you are doing well and who can recommend you positively. Ask the professionals if you can include them on your list before you do so.
Be a Gym Teacher Step 10

Step 2. Look for job openings

Once you have obtained your teacher's license, you are ready to look for a job. Here are some places you can look.

  • Consult the tables of the school districts in your area. On school district websites, you will find job postings, information about the recruitment process, and a calendar of upcoming career fairs.
  • See you at job fairs. Job fairs are an opportunity for candidates to interact with companies offering work. When going to these events, introduce yourself as if you are going to an interview: dress professionally and take a copy of your CV to distribute to as many people as you can. Collect as many business cards as possible and make as many contacts as possible. Job fairs are listed on school board websites and job sites.
  • Use dedicated engines to find jobs. These engines are specifically designed for people looking for teaching jobs. They will help you find relevant jobs.

Step 3. Follow the ad's recommendations

Once you've found a job that interests you, carefully read the instructions and requirements. Be sure to respect them.

  • Be sure to meet all the ad requirements and submit all required documents by the deadline.
  • Keep a copy of the vacancies you have applied for and the responses received so you don't re-apply or forget which company you need to go to for an interview or additional information.


  • In France, you need the CAPEPS (Certificate of aptitude for teaching in physical and sports education). It can be obtained with a STAPS license (Bac +3).
  • Education is not the only option open to people wishing to work in physical education. In addition to teaching in primary and secondary schools, teachers also have the opportunity to become professional coaches or trainers. They can also be open to sports management, research and performance analysis.

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