4 ways to become a stripper

4 ways to become a stripper
4 ways to become a stripper

It is very easy to become a stripper, most clubs are always on the lookout for new dancers. If you've thought about the benefits and ramifications this work can bring you and you've decided that's what you're looking for, get started!


Part 1 of 4: Finding the Right Strip Club

Become a Stripper Step 1

Step 1. Go to clubs where you would like to work

It might be good to take a week or two to wander around town and find the places you would like to apply. Go there like any other client and bring a male friend with you if possible, you need to get a feel for the atmosphere and the clientele that frequent the club before you want to work there as an employee. If you find that a club is a little less on the rules between employees and customers, find another club. You don't want to find yourself working at a club where you could be assaulted and where the clientele will not respect you. There are three different kinds of strip clubs.

  • The chic strip club. You have to dress well to enter this kind of club and you will have to wear a long dress mixing evening dress and lingerie. The prices for drinks are generally very high and customers will be expected to tip employees, usually between 10 and 20% of your income for the evening. This kind of club is usually full of businessmen and locals who prefer to frequent more fancy establishments, so expect to be asked to adapt to the clientele (and to spend a lot of money.) with dresses, rhinestone jewelry and everything in between. For your information, this kind of club is generally larger and employs a lot of staff at night.
  • The local bar. This kind of club is generally more relaxed and attracts more locals or tourists, depending on where it is located. You have more freedom in relation to your costumes in this kind of club. This is usually a good place to start your stripper career if you haven't practiced dancing well yet. Some of these clubs are in industrial areas while others can be found around the corner and offer topless or full nude dancing.
  • The shabby bar. These clubs are generally located in very rural areas and attract a more than average clientele. They have a very light hand in the hiring process and are filled with very ungodly men.
Become a Stripper Step 2

Step 2. Ask questions

Once you've found a club where you could see yourself working out, ask a girl what she thinks about working at that club. Do they charge her to work? Should she donate part of her income for the evening to the establishment? And if so, how much is she giving them? If you have to give them more than 50% of what you earn per night, it's not worth it. These rules can be different from club to club and even from night to night.

  • If you have enough time and you're interested, try asking several girls for their opinion on their working conditions. The more different opinions you have, the more likely you are to find out the truth about this club.
  • And don't forget to ask them where they buy their clothes!
Become a Stripper Step 3

Step 3. Find the manager of the establishment

If the employee you're talking to gives you a positive image of the club, ask her to show you where the manager is. Once you find him, you can get in touch and tell him that you would be interested in applying for an audition.

Ask him or her for all the necessary details: when the auditions are going on, how long they last (i.e. the number of songs), what you need to wear and if he or she is in charge during the hearing. Once everything has been organized, stay a little bit longer and charm him with your personality, ask him more questions about the club rules to reassure you. If you really want to know more, ask her the same questions you asked the employee earlier to verify what she told you

Part 2 of 4: The elements you need to get started

Become a Stripper Step 4

Step 1. Prepare your wardrobe

You can find clothes for strippers in catalogs, sex shops and on many websites. Just make sure your costume is easy to take off when wearing high heels. Also pay attention to the rules of the club where you want to work, some of them require you to wear underwear. All in all, here is a list of what you should be thinking about buying.

  • High heels (you should generally be at least 3 inches in heel).
  • Thongs.
  • Lingerie or stage costumes.
Become a Stripper Step 5

Step 2. Think about it carefully

Sit alone with a cup of coffee and ask yourself if this is what you want to do with your life. Many women find themselves rejected from many groups or social circles because they work as a stripper or because they have once in their life been a stripper. Are you ready to deal with the psychological consequences that such work entails?

  • On top of that, you have no guarantee of your income. If you're doing well, you can expect to make around $ 400 if you work days and up to $ 800 at night (depending on which club you work in). But if you don't know how to go about it and "sell" your services, you are going to come home with no money and in debt. You don't have any promises of making money because you walk into a strip club and look cute.
  • Keep in mind that the competition is fierce. It's clear that the job is based on appearance, but there are also some girls who look like supermodels and don't make money as a stripper. Most girls who get into stripping don't realize that it's a sales job where they have to donate their time, attention, and dancing for money. You can't just show up and wait to earn a living wage.
Become a Stripper Step 6

Step 3. You should feel comfortable outside of your personal bubble

When you are at work, strangers will stare at you, touch you, and you might feel bad. You're going to have to get used to being naked in front of strangers and being touched in ways that you don't like to be touched. Even though it sounds rather intimidating, it gets easier over time.

Customers will quite often try to fiddle with you without asking your opinion in strip clubs where contact is allowed. There are also clubs where it is strictly forbidden to touch the dancers. Touching girls is however prohibited in most clubs, but that is not enough to prevent this from happening. If you have some backing, defend yourself and enforce the rules of the club where you work when necessary

Become a Stripper Step 7

Step 4. Take care of your body

Although the whole world seems to revolve around looks and sex appeal, striptease is one of the areas where they reign supreme and the competition rages on. If you don't have the right body, you'll probably be making less money, that's all. But you don't have to be perfect! No girl is. You would do well to start taking care of your appearance, you will feel more confident on the stage, and your self-confidence is the best tool you can carry with you in your stripper bag. Eat a balanced diet and exercise, if you haven't already developed these habits.

There are strippers of all shapes and sizes, there are no standards when it comes to dance. As mentioned above, if you can't sell yourself (no matter what your physical appearance), you won't be able to make a career in striptease. Getting in good shape is just one (but important) step you will need to be professional and successful in the strip business

Part 3 of 4: preparing for an audition

Become a Stripper Step 8

Step 1. Practice your choreography before going to your audition

Make sure you wear your heels properly when you practice, it will feel like you are doing two different choreographies if you practice barefoot and put your heels on later. The hardest part to achieve in your high heel choreography will be dancing and stripping at the same time. You can use a mirror or a camera to see what you look like and what points you need to improve (or change completely).

If you landed an audition, try relaxing and dancing on an amateur night at another strip club. Dancing alone at home or in front of your boyfriend is not going to give you the same sensations as in front of strangers in a club. You will be able to get rid of your anxieties by going dancing one night in a club

Become a Stripper Step 9

Step 2. Choose the right songs

As a rule of thumb, you should look for three different songs, one fast paced song, one medium paced song, and one slower song. Find a song that falls into each of these categories (that you like and know well) and create a choreography. You can deviate from each one a bit, but you will feel more confident if you have a basis for the choreography.

Try not to repeat the same movements, you will tire your audience if you repeat the same movements over and over again. Each rhythm of music should give you different sensations and thus each music should be accompanied by different movements

Become a Stripper Step 10

Step 3. If you are a beginner, stay away from the bar

If you don't have a practice, there's a good chance that what you try to do won't look sexy at all. You will learn over time, relax, you don't need it for your hearing.

The best way to learn to dance with the barre is to watch videos online. Then repeat the simpler movements. You can also take dance lessons at the barre. You will of course find articles on this topic on wikiHow

Part 4 of 4: the trial period

Become a Stripper Step 11

Step 1. Pick a stage name for yourself

You don't want to get famous in the strip scene by using your real name, so find yourself a nickname that looks good on you. And make sure you have a spare or two! It is very likely that the nickname you are going to choose is already taken. Forget the nicknames already used too often like Angel, Diamond or Rose. There are two ways to go about choosing a nickname for yourself.

  • Choose a rather mundane name. Find a name that matches your personality, like Grace, Summer, or Hope.
  • Choose a rather exotic name. As a stripper, you are first and foremost an exotic dancer, so why not go for something more exotic, like Gia, Amira or Ayesha?
Become a Stripper Step 12

Step 2. Bring the necessary accessories

For some auditions, you will just need to bring your costume in a bag, go to the club and say you want to dance. Hoping they'll at least ask you for your ID to make sure you're 18 or over. Other club managers won't let you approach the stage until you've gauged you in your street clothes or your stage costume, so either way dress for success!

If the manager wants to give you an “audition” other than on the stage, take your legs around your neck! This kind of club is looking for girls for "extras" or the manager is a pervert who tries to take advantage of the girls who work for him. In most clubs, you will audition on a separate stage from the main stage. If you've asked the right questions early on, you'll know how hearing works at that particular club

Become a Stripper Step 13

Step 3. Get started

You've put on your sexy lingerie, your hairstyle and makeup are perfect, and your manicure is close to perfection. Now all that's left for you to do is feel the music, smile, and move your body. If they like your performance, great! Ask them when you can start. If they aren't wrapped, don't take it personally. After all, they don't even know your real name.

If you really feel like working at this particular club, ask them what you need to improve on and when you can audition again. It could be that this club organizes evenings of auditions or evenings amateurs. If they're not at all interested, try somewhere else


  • Look around you. The more chic the club, the more money you can earn and the less you will have to put up with an unpleasant clientele. For example, if you manage to land a job at a fancy club with real bouncers at the entrance, where only topless is allowed, where there is a dress code for patrons, and where you might even get paid by the club, it would be much better than working completely naked in a seedy bar. Also note that customers who arrive in the bar already drunk are generally more dangerous and less respectful than those who drink in the bar and have a good time there.
  • Strip clubs have different rules, for example “topless on the second song, take the bottom off on the third”. Unless you are working in a lousy bar, you won't be given these kinds of rules. Work by the rules that make you comfortable.
  • If you pick up a lot of tips in small denominations, most clubs will allow you to go to the cash register and exchange it for higher value tickets.
  • When you are new to stripping most customers will notice it and men will appreciate it very much. They see it as something innocent and sexy. Use it to earn more.
  • Earn the respect of your co-workers and customers. Don't dress like a pornstar (stay sexy or if you want to push it further, look exotic) and don't take your clothes off too quickly. If your customers see that you take off your clothes for 5 euros, you will find yourself quite naked very quickly realizing that you have only earned a handful of euros. It also helps you respect yourself.
  • To avoid irritation to the pubic area after shaving, pat it dry and apply some unscented deodorant.
  • There are shy customers who are going to have a hard time breaking out of their shells, try to break the ice and make the connection by buying two shots for him and you. It's a great way to get repeat customers.
  • Know what your customers want. Recognize clients who come because they are excited and clients who come for fun (those who come with women, set your limits).
  • Make sure you are properly shaved or shaved and keep it the same way every day you go to work.
  • Do not put on glitter or perfumes that smell too strong. They will land on your customers and it will be more difficult for them to remain discreet about their activities in their free time. You might have fewer requests for dances because of this. So remember, no glitter and put on a little bit of perfume or a simple scent lotion.
  • Put effort into your nails and preparation. Make sure your fingernails and toenails match and are trimmed properly.
  • Chances are, you won't get paid by the club you work in, so it's the customer who pays for you to take your clothes off. Keep in mind that it is not you who are trying to earn their tips, but they are the ones who pay to take your clothes off. Turn them on and take it slow. If you are wearing a dress, take it off first and take more off as they give you money.
  • Be aggressive! Don't ask your customers if you want you to dance for them, tell them they want to go have fun in the VIP lounge! And if they tell you maybe later or not now, don't give up. Just tell them Make yourself comfortable, I'll come back to see you later, smile at them and walk away.Go see them once in a while during the evening.
  • The most important part in this step is not how you move (of course, that helps), but your ability to sell yourself. You are here to keep them entertained. Treat your customers like they're the cutest, smartest, and most interesting men you've ever met. But if they don't give you money, say after two songs, look for other customers. You are there to make money and your time is precious.
  • When trying to convince a client to a dance, smile at them and put a hand on their hand or shoulder. Draw his attention to your chest and speak in a sultry voice. You could even sit on her lap (you decide at this point if you want to play her innocent or give her a 'glimpse'), but some clubs have strict rules about lap dancing in the hall. main and you may be prohibited from sitting on customers' knees.
  • When you count the money you made the first night or the other nights, don't brag about it or show it to others. Keep your money on you at all times and don't bring more money to work than you would need if you weren't doing enough.
  • Try to find something, anything, sexy in each of your clients and focus on it. This way, you won't have to fake your urge to dance for him from A to Z.
  • Wear a garter to keep your money in it. You can wear it anywhere on your thigh, and clients will be able to slip cash anywhere permitted by the rules of the club where you work. Once you exit the stage, fold your money in half below the garter and use a rubber band to keep it there. And keep smaller denomination banknotes on the outside.
  • If the customers are having fun, they will give you more money. They'll give you small bills, but won't want to pay for a private dance. At this point, try to have fun and get as much of their money back as possible by being on stage (you'll need to save some clothes so they can slip tickets in).
  • At first, slowly move around the stage until you feel the beat of the music.
  • You could pass off your shoes, underwear, or any other accessory as a work-related expense and have them deducted from your taxes. Keep the receipts! But if you want to moonlight (if you can't find an employment contract for x reasons), you can't. If you want to know what you can and cannot deduct, contact a professional accountant.


  • Never accept offers from customers to come and do a private dance with them. It can be very dangerous and can have terrible consequences.
  • This may be a rule of the club where you work, but you should always ask for the private dance money before you dance.
  • Don't get drunk at work. Obviously, it will help you relax, but if something goes wrong in the VIP lounge or on the stage, you will not be able to defend and protect yourself. Make sure you only drink an amount of alcohol you can handle or even better, don't drink at all. You are at work, not at a party. If a customer wants to buy you a drink, ask for a non-alcoholic drink. Any other drink could get you into trouble.
  • Don't be afraid to leave the VIP lounge if a client goes overboard or spends their time trying to fiddle with you.
  • Always take a little 90 degree alcohol on the bar before using it, you don't know what your coworkers have done before.
  • Always keep hand sanitizer and baby wipes on hand. Once you exit the stage or the washroom, especially after private dances, use as much as you want. It also makes your skin taste really bad, if a client tries something stupid, like licking you, before you can push it away, they will think twice before doing it again. And use baby wipes instead of toilet paper instead, it might leave lint on your body.
  • When you return to your car, keep your keys in one hand, sticking out the longer key. You can also wear your shoes by hand if they have high heels.
  • Learn to respect yourself, especially if there is no one to watch you at the club where you work. It's best not to work in these kinds of places, but if your only choice is to work there, drive an hour, find a part-time job where you make less money, or not work at all, it's better that you put up with it. Tell rude customers to show a little more respect or walk away. If they don't tip anyone, tell them that if they can watch, they can pay too. If a customer touches you, push them away and if they go further, you can do the same.
  • Never put baby lotion on your body or put on lotion before going to work. The lotion will make your skin slippery and you risk slipping on the stage, as well as causing your successor colleagues to slip. You could really hurt yourself. So no baby lotion and moisturize your skin the night before or good hours before you start working.
  • Never do “extras” (small exceptions to club rules for clients). You can do without it to make money and you can't tell if the client you're breaking the rules for isn't an undercover cop, the manager is watching you, etc. If you can't make decent money by working, go work at another club.
  • Don't give out your phone number or real name to clients and coworkers. It can put you in danger. Be your character and "if" you really have to get yourself a special phone number for your striptease contacts.
  • For some silly reasons beyond comprehension, some interior designers think that putting black lights in a strip club is a great idea. This brings out a lot of small flaws, like traces of tan, patches on the skin or lint (hence baby wipes). Make sure you are neat, although you should be clean all the time anyway).
  • Some clubs could also make you dance in other clubs of the same chain. Find out about these other clubs first. It is possible that the club you applied to does not allow hazing practices on new girls, in others the management does not care. The other club could also be more seedy or the bouncers are not doing their job there.
  • If you are taking a cab home, take the name of the company, driver and cab number and send them to someone you trust or give them to your manager. Show that you take note of this information, but do not upset the driver, tell him that you are not doing this because you do not trust him, but because you have heard too many stories and you don't want to have any problems. Usually the driver will understand why you are doing this.
  • Do not offer a private dance to customers in the front row if there is a dancer on stage, unless you are that dancer! You might annoy your coworker who is trying to pick up tips. If you see that there are enough people sitting in the front row, don't be afraid to go talk to a customer your coworker isn't dancing in front of.
  • Be sure to follow club rules when dancing or you could be fired. This means that there are rules that govern what contact you may have with customers and what clothing you can take off. Stick to these rules.

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