How to be a champion (with pictures)

How to be a champion (with pictures)
How to be a champion (with pictures)

Champions do more than win. To behave like a champion in your life, whether you are an athlete, a researcher or an air traffic controller, you will need to develop attitude and work hard in addition to having natural abilities. Here you will learn how to find which area suits you best, how to lay the groundwork for success by following specific training and finally how to be a good winner who behaves like a champion.


Part 1 of 4: Finding Your Favorite Field

Be a Champion Step 1

Step 1. Identify your natural talents

Champions know how to identify their innate gifts and seek to develop them to the point of being experts. Competitive spirit, natural athleticism and other talents are the prerequisites for growing a champion, which must then be targeted intelligently and hard worked. You can't find yourself in the NBA Championship or being hired as CEO of an electronics company without identifying your talents and working to develop them.

Be a Champion Step 2

Step 2. Identify your limits

An athlete who does not possess an innate exceptional speed can compensate for this defect by increasing his agility, his strength, his relaxation or his strategy. But it is important to remain lucid. If you are a smart soccer player, you are not going to improve yourself as a striker if you don't know how to aim, but rather as a defender.

Be a Champion Step 3

Step 3. Explore different areas

Explore many areas in and out of competition to see where you might be most successful. Diversify your talents and find your area of ​​expertise.

  • You might have idolized James LeBron since you were a kid and you just can't get your mind off becoming a basketball champion just like him. But if you can't score a basket or gain support on your feet when scoring, it will be difficult. Maybe you have Dick Butkus' game building skills or are able to recite the quadratic formula in your head, maybe you are destined to be successful in another area.
  • Do a lot of different sports, even if you think you won't be good at it. If you like soccer, try playing volleyball to develop your eye, hand coordination and see if you are good at it as well. If you like tennis, try a team sport like soccer to see if it would appeal to you to play a part in a championship team.
Be a Champion Step 4

Step 4. Choose to hone each of your skills

Whenever you discover a new sport, have the desire to get good at it in order to master it completely. When learning to cook, drive a manual transmission vehicle, or speak German, think of this activity as a competition in which you want to become a champion.

Be a Champion Step 5

Step 5. Identify your Holy Grail

If you have developed a skill set in addition to your natural abilities, what is your ultimate goal? What will make you a champion? What will make you satisfied? Set a goal and start working towards it.

  • Part of being a champion is achieving a succession of successes, but above all it is a state of mind. To be a champion you have to know, but really know that you are the best at what you do. Winning the Best Book of the Year award can be a big achievement, but does it really mean you're the best author?
  • Being a champion student could mean that you get all of your degrees with at least a B, which might have seemed impossible to you at some point. Maybe being a champion worker means you come to work early and leave late and feel like you're great at what you do. Find your area of ​​excellence and define the terms of your success.

Part 2 of 4: training to win

Be a Champion Step 6

Step 1. Study the game

A chess champion studies opening strategies and finds new ways to improve reaction speed and agility instead of playing Madden on his Xbox. A champion chemist forgets to dine when working on a problem that excites him too much. A champion lives and breathes for the field that fascinates him and in which he can express his talent.

Study the competition and study your competitors. Professional athletes do not count the hours spent studying videos of opponents they meet the following week, dissecting the other team's strategies, techniques used by them and the abilities of other athletes. Businessmen of all levels are keen to study the sales strategies and quality of competing products with a view to improving their own products

Be a Champion Step 7

Step 2. Find good teachers and learn as much as possible from them

Behind every Michael Jordan is a Phil Jackson. Behind every Messi there is a Maradona. Champions need excellent coaches, teachers and coaches in order to be successful at the highest level. If you want to become a champion, you will need help along the way.

  • Athletes should consult good physical trainers and coaches, as well as nutritionists or fitness teachers in order to stay fit and healthy.
  • Look for coaches that you can develop a personal relationship with to make your training as enjoyable as possible. If you want to participate in these training sessions, you will be a more receptive student.
  • Learn to accept negative reviews and motivate yourself to improve. If a trainer tells you that you train like a grandmother, you have a choice between getting upset and complaining or kicking yourself in the butt to improve. Even if you've worked hard, is it such a bad thing to try to go faster? If you are a champion, you won't say no.
Be a Champion Step 8

Step 3. Develop a strict daily training schedule

If you want to become a champion, that is to say to be the very best at what you do, it is important to dedicate time every day to training for this or that competition. You need to actively work on developing your skills, studying the game, and making yourself the best that you can be. Train like a champion and you will become a champion.

  • For athletes, it is important to give the same importance to the study of strategy, the construction of fundamentals and the practice of the game to have fun and learn to be better in competition. Below you will find more specific instructions for these different sports:

    • basketball
    • football
    • rugby
    • tennis
    • swimming
    • Golf
  • In other areas, it is important to devote time and active effort to improving your skills. It can be drastically different depending on the field, but it's important for developing your brain and your interpersonal skills. You can develop the other abilities essential to a champion, which apply to all areas and which are described below:

    • networking
    • self-promotion
    • self-esteem
    • speak in public
    • build relationships
Be a Champion Step 9

Step 4. Train your body and mind

Champions must cultivate positive thinking, self-confidence and a certain intelligence relating to their field. Your priority should not be just to be a physically talented individual, but to be a strong element who makes effective strategies, no matter what your skill set.

  • If you are an athlete, read the biographies and strategy books out there about your sport. Sun Tzu's Art of War is a military guide prized by hyper-competitive athletes. Even when you're not working on improving your physical abilities, you can work on your competitive spirit.
  • If you are a champion of the mind, train your body as well. Exercise can help increase your memory, energy, and overall health, turning you into a better version of yourself. If you spend all day working indoors, getting outside and moving is especially important to keep your mind in good shape.
Be a Champion Step 10

Step 5. Find sources of motivation for yourself

You might hit a wall at one point or another. All champions owe it to themselves to find good reasons to get up every day, recover from the day before, go to a weight room or go back to the office. It's hard to excel day in and day out. That's why the real champions, the very best, find ways to stay motivated and constantly take steps forward. It is an essential part of training.

  • Many champions like to use motivating music to get in shape before important games or to train. Rhythmic rock / metal / hip-hop / electronic music is quite popular among athletes. Plug in your headphones to the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army and try to do your training without energy and enthusiasm. It's impossible !
  • Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, used to keep newspaper articles and negative comments made by other players about him locked in his locker. Whenever he went to exercise or play games, he would lock up all the negative things to put himself in a positive frame of mind and shine in the limelight. If the opposing players had said nothing negative, he sometimes made them up. He was a great champion.
Be a Champion Step 11

Step 6. Discipline yourself and know how to reward yourself

Champions see self-improvement as a priority and although they work with coaches, trainers and other teachers, they are driven by success and not by the opinions of others. It is important to set up a sanction / reward system in order to obtain champion status.

  • Pact and Fitlife are recent program innovations that motivate you to work out. By entering your workout regimen into the system, these software will punish you by taking money out of your account if you do not exercise according to the plan originally planned.
  • Champions have a greater need to breathe than most people. Find a way to put yourself down after you have worked hard to relax your mind. Many athletes enjoy playing video games, listening to music, or reading after a long day of training.

Part 3 of 4: have sportsmanship

Be a Champion Step 12

Step 1. You must want to win

Every time you arrive at your place of activity, whether it is in an office or on a playground, you have to go there telling yourself that you are going to give your best and prove to yourself that you are a champion.. Visualize yourself winning and doing whatever it takes to be the best. If you believe it, it will happen.

  • Eliminate mental distractions when you compete. When you are on the pitch, now is not the time to worry about your partner waiting for you at home, or to tell yourself that you are not going to be able to book the concert tickets for this weekend, or to ask yourself where you are going to party after the game. Focus on what you need to do to win.
  • To help you gain self-confidence, you need to train effectively. When you're ready to compete, now isn't the time to wonder if you could have worked your abs better or if you should have watched more videos from the other team. Train hard and you will know you are the best.
Be a Champion Step 13

Step 2. Donate everything you have in the field

When you are competing you have to behave like a champion, which means you absolutely have to give your all on the pitch. All your energy, all your heart, all your soul, all your fire must explode during the game. You don't have to wonder after the fact if you should have thrown the ball faster along the baseline or if you could have been a little more energetic during your presentation. A champion shouldn't be wondering about that sort of thing.

All athletes and champions of the mind have to face exhaustion at some point. The losers stop everything, go out of business and cash. Champions persevere and find additional resources where they seem to be lacking. Work hard during training so that you have more endurance and stamina to last throughout the competition

Be a Champion Step 14

Step 3. Win with grace and lose with elegance

When the whistle sounds and the game is over, an athlete can behave with the grace and humility of a champion or with the childish behavior of a loser, regardless of the outcome of the match.

  • If you win, behave as usual. It's okay to celebrate, but you should behave as before. It shouldn't be a big surprise if you expected to win. Compliment the opposing party and give them credit when they deserve it.
  • If you lose, you will probably feel frustrated and bored. If you face a bad winner, it could be even worse. However, don't be sullen, apologetic, or angry. Shake it up, pull yourself together and think about the next game. Learn from your defeats and use them to motivate yourself to improve.
Be a Champion Step 15

Step 4. Give credit to others when they deserve it

We've all seen a self-centered athlete brag and brag after a game won forgetting the fact that his teammates also contributed to the victory. Champions who win share the merit and honor their opponents, coaches and teammates. Even if you feel particularly proud of what you have accomplished, find something to honor in other competitors. Staying humble and putting things into perspective is absolutely essential to become a great champion.

We all like to think of ourselves as the engines of our own success, but try broadening your vision to see the whole picture. Your success as a champion depends on your teachers, your parents, and even the people who work at concession stands or who drive the bus you used to travel. Remember this, Grand Manitou

Be a Champion Step 16

Step 5. Take responsibility for your successes and your failures

Before you compete, tell yourself that it is your responsibility to win. Accept the pressure of success and tell yourself that as a champion, it will be your fault if you do not succeed. Position yourself to win. If you don't succeed, take responsibility for the defeat and put yourself at the forefront, like a champion.

  • It is only you who can decide if you have been successful. Perhaps it is enough for you to have improved your personal best on the golf course, regardless of what Tiger Woods has to say about that performance.
  • Never dirty any of your teammates, colleagues or competitors. Never speak out against someone for doing a blameworthy activity, even if it does upset you. It is not very classy, ​​it is even a low blow. Share the blame if something goes wrong and act like a champion.

Part 4 of 4: Behave Like a Champion

Be a Champion Step 17

Step 1. Celebrate wins, big and small

Every occasion is a chance to celebrate your success. Highly competitive champions are competitive over time. Michael Jordan was known for his ruthless play in the schoolyard. Rafael Nadal, when injured, played high-stakes poker games in order to maintain the competitive spirit while recovering from his injury. It is important to compete regularly in order to maintain a keen competitive spirit. As a champion you need to take the time to see any checkers game like a rugby match. See each day as a new chance for success.

Take the time to celebrate your victories. By making an effort to appear stoic, some champions may go too far in the opposite direction and accept the accolades with grim solemnity. Relax every now and then! You are the boss

Be a Champion Step 18

Step 2. Surround yourself with competitive winners

Champions want to line up against other champions. Do not waste your time with people who are not motivated to put their efforts and invest in the service of their own success. Spend time with the older ones.

  • Aspire to be part of a “powerful couple”, who support each other in mutual success. Powerful couples are made up of two motivated and ambitious people. Think for example of Jay-Z and Beyonce or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Powerful couples are made up of two champions.
  • Try to befriend champions who operate in fields different from yours. It might be difficult to befriend the best masseuse in your town if you are the second best. Cormac McCarthy, a well-known author, says he never wants to associate with other authors and prefers the company of scientists.
Be a Champion Step 19

Step 3. Be optimistic

Your mind and attitude have an incredible impact on your performance. All Champions adopt positive, unstoppable attitudes that contribute to their success and to staying on top. Think positively about anything and look the best in the people around you. Look for the best qualities in each person, focus on the positive.

In golf, unconscious movements are called "yips" and it has been proven to be a psychophysical phenomenon that affects the receptive functions necessary for the practice of this sport. The effect of the mind on the capacities of the body is profound, therefore it is important for a champion to cultivate positivity

Be a Champion Step 20

Step 4. Find your champion role models

It is important for champions to watch the winners and emulate them accordingly. How did Mohammad Ali train for important battles? What does Tom Brady do when his season is over? What does William Faulkner like to do for fun? Study the behavior of older people and anything else you can learn about them so that you can try to behave accordingly.

  • Find role models in your own field and role models in other fields to learn some unexpected treasures of wisdom. Kanye West constantly compares himself to the creative geniuses of history in his interviews: Einstein, Henry Ford or even Mozart are names he frequently mentions as being his sources of inspiration.
  • An old Buddhist said: When you see the Buddha on the road, kill him. Champions want to conquer their heroes. If you truly admire your coach who set a 25-year-old record, make a goal of surpassing it. Work until you get there.
Be a Champion Step 21

Step 5. Find your next Holy Grail

As you move up through the ranks and continue to collect titles, try to diversify your range of competitions. What else are you good at? What will be your next challenge? A champion is constantly looking for competition.

Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Russell Simmons are hip-hop impresarios who built multi-million dollar empires and started out just wanting to be the best rapper. Now their influences on styles, culture and music are enormous. They have become champions of champions


Listen to the song "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Kahled or other upbeat music to get you pumped up


  • Winning is not an end in itself, unless you plan to quit once you reach the champion stage. Constantly work on improving yourself, otherwise you will find yourself caught up and overwhelmed by the competition.
  • Don't be arrogant and don't get consumed with becoming a champion.
  • It is training that makes perfection. Keep practicing until you have reached the level you set for yourself. Then keep working to maintain that level.

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