3 ways to cure homesickness

3 ways to cure homesickness
3 ways to cure homesickness

Homesickness is inevitable when you have to move away from home, especially if it's your first time. However, the emotional distress associated with homesickness should be taken seriously. If you feel homesick, learn to recognize the meaning and reason for what you are feeling. Accept that it is difficult to adjust to a new environment and that it takes time to make new friends. As your new life develops, decide on the steps you will take to heal from homesickness.


Method 1 of 3: Deal with homesickness

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 1

Step 1. Enjoy your freedom

It might sound like terrible advice, but the best way to cure homesickness is to enjoy your life. Moving to a new location gives you the chance to choose how you want to spend your free time. Focus on yourself, it's important to do this every now and then and a new place is a perfect opportunity to do it. Here are some tips for enjoying your solitude.

  • Get some exercise. Make your heart beat faster every day the way you want. Jogging is a great way to see your neighborhood from a different perspective. You will learn more about your new surroundings and you will feel more comfortable.
  • Keep something with you to keep you busy. If you keep a journal, keep it with you. You can also keep a book or magazine. Reading and writing are great ways to occupy your mind and express your thoughts.
  • Do things you always wanted to do. Parachute or visit a museum. Think about the last time you thought, "I would really like to try." Whatever it is, this is the opportunity to do it.
Get Rid of Homesickness Step 2

Step 2. Emphasize a positive mindset

Don't confuse being alone in a new place with feeling lonely. There is no rule that spending time alone should make you feel lonely. Remember this and repeat it out loud if necessary. Here are some other useful things to repeat to yourself.

  • The time I spend alone is only temporary.
  • I might want to be somewhere else today, but I'd rather be here.
  • Everyone feels lonely from time to time.
  • I am strong and creative enough to manage my time on my own.
  • There are people in this world who care about me, even though I am far from them.
  • I'm spending time with myself right now and it's something I probably should do every now and then.
Get Rid of Homesickness Step 3

Step 3. Find alternatives to the comfort of your hometown

If you miss the familiarity of your favorite cafe, or worry that you can't find a mechanic you can trust, think about what things you miss about these places. Go out and find comparable versions to these places in the city you now live in. By researching new places, such as a new favorite cafe, you will make it more obvious what kind of places you like to go.

  • For example, you might find that you really need natural light to focus, and the cafes you've been to since you moved were too dark. If you find a sunny, well-lit place with a similar vibe to the place you're missing out on, you could make it your new favorite. In addition, finding this new location may lead you to meet a lot of servers (which are a great source of information) and you will learn more about the neighborhoods of your new city!
  • Be aware that to find places where you will feel comfortable in a new city, you need to have a lot of knowledge about those places. Explore and expose yourself to the things your new town has to offer, including countless opportunities for sports, restaurants, bars, and public transportation. You will find yourself comparing them to the ones you are used to. This will increase your sense of comfort in your new city and you will find equivalents to the places you liked to go to in your previous city.
Get Rid of Homesickness Step 4

Step 4. Set days to contact the house

Pick a day of the week, once a week, to call home. While you might find that this is not enough, it will give you time and space to start developing new social connections in your new surroundings.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 5

Step 5. Keep things around for comfort

Even subconsciously, objects that remind you of places and people that you miss will make you feel more comfortable. Even if you may feel nostalgic looking at the items that remind you of home, these familiar items will help you feel more comfortable with where you are now. Post photos of your friends and family taken in your bedroom at home in places you pass by often.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 6

Step 6. Write a good old letter

Write to an old friend you haven't heard from for a long time. It could mean a lot to the person receiving the letter, and you will be surprised how much fun it takes to write a letter by hand. If a friend of yours wants to do it, both of you commit to writing letters to each other. A letter once a month will help you stay in touch, establish a way to communicate your thoughts on paper, and give you something that you look forward to looking forward to.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 7

Step 7. Find something to look forward to

Looking forward to something will help you maintain a positive frame of mind. If you miss the house a lot and have the option of returning for a visit, plan that visit in advance. This will allow you to calm down during this time, you will have something that you are looking forward to and you will remember the house.

Method 2 of 3: Build new social connections

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 8

Step 1. Realize that people are harder to replace than places

You are going to find a new hairdresser sooner or later. It will be harder to find new friends. Give yourself permission to feel the lack of the people who made your life better before you moved. Realize that there will be no perfect equivalents to these people wherever you go. Don't let this thought diminish your quality of life in your new home.

Know that your new city not only offers you new friendships, but also new networks and new communities in which you can immerse yourself. If you miss a particular person or two, call them in the evening to share your stories of your day and their day. You will find that you have a lot to say to each other when you have new and positive experiences, which will lead to more enjoyable conversations

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 9

Step 2. Connect with people where you are

Even if you don't want to, there are groups of people everywhere who will want to meet you. Whether it's based on a common history or common interests, find people who come together around a criterion that you share with them. Here are some examples.

  • If you have studied at a large university and have moved to a large city, there are probably student meet-ups. If you can't find anything by doing a quick search, contact the university and ask if they don't organize student meetings somewhere in town.
  • If you have moved to a new country, find fellow citizens who have also moved there.
  • Go out on a whim. There are some great websites that are designed to organize meetings based on common interests, or just to facilitate social interaction. Take a look at Meetup and Reddit, both are platforms for meeting people in cities all over the world.
Get Rid of Homesickness Step 10

Step 3. Accept the invitations

If someone invites you out, accept! Don't put the pressure on yourself to befriend everyone you meet. You are probably going to meet a lot of people that you are not going to start a relationship with. You can still enjoy the interaction. The more people you meet, the more comfortable you will feel during these kinds of meetings.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 11

Step 4. Plan a meal and prepare it at home

Here is a good idea to find familiar scents and aromas and develop an authentic relationship with new people. Friendship based on the sharing of bread is as old as the world. Invite people you want to know better to share a meal that you particularly enjoy. Discuss where you came from in the house where you live now.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 12

Step 5. Volunteer

Volunteering will immerse you in a new community, which will lead you to new social connections while making you feel like you have found your place in this new city. Whatever your interests, you can find a volunteer position that you will like and you will meet people interested in contributing to the world in a way similar to yours.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 13

Step 6. Surround yourself with other people

Spend time with other people. There are many ways to increase your social interactions in an easy and relaxed way. If you are a student, know that this is a time in your life when you have unlimited opportunities to meet people and get involved in communities. Consider the following options.

  • Find a list of student associations. Universities should have them on their website.
  • Take a look at the campus calendar. There is a good chance that you will soon be participating in events that you didn't even know existed. Universities are amazing places to experience all kinds of creative expression, from music to theater. There will always be something that will interest you.
  • Join clubs. This will allow you to immerse yourself in a new community and you will probably make new friends.
  • When you eat, especially if it is in a place where there are other people who do so (for example the cafeteria), ask if you can sit in an empty chair at a table where there are already people.. Greet them and start the discussion.

Method 3 of 3: Accept homesickness

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 14

Step 1. Know where homesickness comes from

When you live away from home, especially if it is your first time, for example in college or in the military, you will soon start to regret some aspect of your previous life. Know that the absence of people and places that made you feel loved and safe can have a big impact on your state of mind. When you miss your home, you actually miss the comfort and security you were used to, including your habits and a sense of social belonging.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 15

Step 2. Know that homesickness will come and go

Like other emotions, the weight of your feelings associated with homesickness will vary. Don't be surprised by unexpected moments of sadness and longing to come home. These are completely normal feelings. Your mind and body are simply reacting to a big change in your surroundings.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 16

Step 3. Don't be surprised at how strong these emotions are

Homesickness can have a serious impact on your mind and body. Get professional help if you feel unstable or deeply sad. Pay special attention to the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • sadness and nervousness
  • an obsessive preoccupation with thoughts of your old home
Get Rid of Homesickness Step 17

Step 4. Tell someone how you feel

Whether you've just started college, moved to a new country for your job, or been sent overseas because you're in the military, you'll find someone to talk to about this transition. Even if you can't seem to find someone to talk to, chat with someone you know who has lived alone before. If you don't let your feelings come out, you could suffer from long-term problems and severe homesickness.

Get Rid of Homesickness Step 18

Step 5. Think about it

Ask yourself what are the things that you really miss. Take into account the possibility that what you miss most is your old you, and that you are not yet used to who you have become. New situations often lead to deep reflections and at the same time, to important achievements that will significantly contribute to your development and maturity.

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