How to pop your collarbones: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to pop your collarbones: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to pop your collarbones: 11 steps (with pictures)

The collarbones are considered an important part of a beautiful body, both in men and in women. Some people have collarbones that stand out naturally, but others need to make them stand out and make them look more visible, beautiful and attractive.


Part 1 of 3: exercise

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 1

Step 1. Start with light general exercise

To have visible collarbones, you need to do comprehensive exercises to lose fat and tone your body. An overweight person will not have visible collarbones until they lose enough weight all over their body. In addition to exercise, you need to eat a balanced diet and stay well hydrated. Here are the complete exercises that you should focus on:

  • jogging
  • the race
  • brisk walking
  • swimming
  • jumping rope
  • the bike
  • cardio exercises (for the whole body)
  • yoga
Have Prominent Collarbones Step 2

Step 2. Do exercises that target the neck and torso

If you aren't already exercising regularly, you should start with a light and easy program to avoid collarbone and shoulder injuries. Beginners could try the following.

  • Chest lifts: Sit cross-legged on the floor. Raise your shoulders until the collarbones come out. Hold the position for five seconds and release. Repeat eight to ten times.
  • Shoulder rolls: roll your shoulders back in small circles while keeping your arms rigid. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Now roll your shoulders forward in the same way for ten to fifteen times.
  • Elbow rolls: put your hands on your shoulders. Roll your elbows in wide circles while keeping your back straight. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
  • Stretch the torso muscles forward so that the collarbones become visible. Hold for five seconds, then release. Repeat eight to ten times.
Have Prominent Collarbones Step 3

Step 3. Do more difficult exercises

Once you get up to speed, you can do harder exercises to bring out your collarbones. Some of them require the use of weights. Start with 1 kg dumbbells. After a week of regular exercise, you can start using heavier weights.

  • Start with the exercises mentioned above repeating them 15 to 20 times to warm up your shoulders and torso muscles.
  • Push-ups: for a lighter version, lie on your stomach and lift your lower legs while keeping your knees on the floor. Cross your lower legs and put your hands along your torso. Raise the torso until it is fully tense and slowly come back down. Repeat fifteen to twenty times.
  • Abs: Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Bend your knees and lift your head towards the knees. Hold the break and slowly relax. Repeat ten to twelve times. You can also do side crunches.
  • Bench presses: lie on your back and take dumbbells in your hands, keeping them horizontal to your torso. Place your hands along your torso with your elbows pointing outwards. Raise your hands upwards, slightly bending your elbows. Hold for two seconds, then return the hands to the starting position. Repeat twelve to fifteen times.
  • Dumbbell raises: Stand up straight with your feet aligned below your shoulders. Wear the dumbbells in an upright position and lean forward. Keeping your arms straight, raise the dumbbells along the sides (almost to shoulder height) and slowly bring them back down. Repeat twelve to fifteen times.
  • Butterflys: Stand in the same position as mentioned above and hold the dumbbells upright in your hands. Place your hands in front of your torso and bend your elbows throughout the exercise. Bring your elbows back toward your back, contracting your back muscles until you feel the muscles in your torso and shoulder blades stretch. Then bring them back to the starting position. Repeat ten to twelve times.
  • You can also do other exercises that help reduce the amount of fat around the neck and torso to bring out the collarbones.

Part 2 of 3: Do yoga and massage

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 4

Step 1. Do some simple yoga poses

It is better that you do them after the exercises to relax the shoulder muscles.

  • Chest lifts: Take a deep breath to lift your rib cage and bring out your collarbones. Hold the posture for five seconds and breathe out slowly, bringing your shoulders down. Repeat five times.
  • Forward movements: raise your arms in the air and cross your fingers while turning the palms of your hands upwards. Straighten your arms and lean forward slightly. Hold the posture for ten seconds and release.
  • Chest stretches: in the same way, cross your fingers behind your back and extend your arms while keeping the torso raised. Hold the position and slowly release.
  • Elbow lifts: Lift your right arm up in the air and bend it behind your back, pointing the elbow up. Place your right hand on your neck (or just below) and rest your left hand on your right elbow. Hold the position and slowly release. Repeat on the other side.
Have Prominent Collarbones Step 5

Step 2. Massage your collarbones with a good cream

It is important to relax the collarbones and massage relaxes them while making them stand out.

Apply cream to the skin. Put your index fingers above and your middle fingers below. Gently rub along the collarbones outward so that you feel they become visible. Repeat as many times as needed

Part 3 of 3: buy makeup

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 6

Step 1. Put on makeup

This is another easy way to bring out your collarbones. Here is what you are going to need:

  • a self-tanner (a little darker than your skin tone)
  • an illuminator (without shine or glitter)
  • a powder brush
Have Prominent Collarbones Step 7

Step 2. Raise your shoulders so that the collarbones become visible

It will form hollows. Keep them in this position.

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 8

Step 3. Take a brush and apply self-tanner

Apply it to the hollow on each side and to the area in the middle of the collarbones in circles until you have applied it evenly.

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 9

Step 4. Lower the shoulders

Now take a small brush and apply highlighter along the collarbones making sure not to mix it with the self-tanner.

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 10

Step 5. Lift your shoulders once more

Check if you need to use more self-tanner or highlighter. Make sure you don't put on too much so you don't look too artificial.

Have Prominent Collarbones Step 11

Step 6. Admire your look

Once you are done applying makeup, you are done! Wash off excess makeup for the finishing touch.


  • It takes time for the collarbones to come out, be patient and work hard.
  • Try to make them stand out in a more natural way rather than applying makeup often.
  • Be careful while exercising to avoid injuring yourself.

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