How to bounce your pecs: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to bounce your pecs: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to bounce your pecs: 11 steps (with pictures)

Muscular professional wrestlers and male action movie stars know how to look intimidating by contracting just a few muscles. If you, too, want to bounce your pecs as naturally as Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, work out to showcase those muscles.


Part 1 of 2: contracting your pecs

Bounce Pecs Step 1

Step 1. Do some exercises that will stimulate blood circulation

To be able to contract your pecs, start by doing about 20 push-ups. This exercise not only enlarges the pectorals, but gives them a more muscular appearance. Also, do not hesitate to get on the ground and practice for ten minutes. This exercise will stimulate blood circulation to the muscles, inflating them and making them easier to contract at the same time.

Use the moment after completing an exercise to contract your muscles while standing in front of a mirror. You will be able to check if your pectorals are bounced enough for your taste. It will take a little while, but the results are always more convincing after a training session

Bounce Pecs Step 2

Step 2. Pose in front of a mirror

Concretely, bouncing your pectorals is to contract the muscles located under the chest. However, pectorals that are large enough will allow you to see the contractions when you produce them. Train as it should: Get an overview of your pecs by removing your t-shirt and standing in front of a mirror when you weight training.

Stimulate muscle memory by always working in front of a mirror. Thus, you will combine the feeling of contraction with the desired effect. This exercise can encourage you, even if you won't quite look like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bounce Pecs Step 3

Step 3. Contract your pectoral muscles

Standing in front of the mirror just after a workout, bring your hands together in front of you to contract your pecs. The results will be much more visible just after a session. You will know that your work is effective thanks to that burning sensation typical of muscles when working properly.

  • Place the upper part of your arm (the humerus) on your chest to feel the contractions of your pecs. Moreover, the major muscles of your pectorals are intended to move the upper part of the arms.
  • You will have time to learn how to contract them separately, so focus on contracting these two parts of the body at the same time. Moreover, as a beginner, the exercise will be difficult enough.
  • Like most people (or almost), you are probably not used to having fun contracting your pecs. However, once you become aware of their presence and the possibility of contracting them, you will be able to contract them as easily as you do with your biceps.
Bounce Pecs Step 4

Step 4. Try to isolate each pectoral

The more you stimulate and work your pectoral muscles, the more you will become aware of them and will be able to contract them separately. Try to isolate each pectoral and contract it while the other remains at rest. Once you've gotten the hang of it, continue contracting the muscle in question until the whole thing definitely wiggles.

Keep practicing. Some people need a lot of training before they can bounce their pecs. Being able to contract them separately is a sign that the exercise is well done

Bounce Pecs Step 5

Step 5. Maintain your pecs

Once you've gotten the hang of it, it's essential to focus on maintaining your chest and pecs. You don't learn to bounce your pecs like you develop a skill. It is simply the result of particularly developed pectoral muscles. If you've made it this far, congratulations! Remember that all you have to do is maintain the fruit of your labor …

Part 2 of 2: Develop your pecs

Bounce Pecs Step 6

Step 1. Work your chest regularly

If you find it difficult to have pecs as well designed as those of Hulk Hogan, perhaps they are still too underdeveloped to be visible. Do not worry too much, knowing that the muscle must be particularly developed for it to rebound like those of bodybuilders. This is what makes them so impressive, too, if you want to draw attention to your pecs: practice!

Add chest strength training sessions to your training program. You can be satisfied with one session per week and entirely dedicated to the work of the chest. You will find that your pecs will start to take shape, so keep on this path

Bounce Pecs Step 7

Step 2. Practice the bench press

You will develop your pecs by working your upper arms as well as your entire chest. Don't be afraid to turn to the good old ways, like the bench press for example. So, warm up your pecs by pushing on a reasonable amount of weight.

  • Depending on your training habits, start with a more or less heavy load. However, as the goal is to challenge yourself to complete the exercise, choose a reasonable weight to achieve your goal. Generally speaking, training consists of doing 3 sessions of 10 to 15 repetitions, with a very short rest time between each session.
  • You can also work by tilting the bench, forward to work the upper chest and back to work the lower part. Stay constant when it comes to weight and number of reps.
Bounce Pecs Step 8

Step 3. Do push-ups

If you're not particularly keen on bench work, remember George Foreman and do push-ups to work your chest. Plyometric exercises, such as push-ups, use the body's weight to build up resistance and allow muscles to visibly strengthen and contract afterwards. Do a reasonable number of push-ups, taking all your time to feel the effort as it should be.

Wide-grip push-ups and incline push-ups are also effective exercises for working your pectoral muscles in a different way. To give them a nice shape and strengthen them, vary the types of push-ups

Bounce Pecs Step 9

Step 4. Make butterflies

Butterflies are by far the best exercise that will help you develop your pecs. To do this, lie down on the bench, with a dumbbell of adequate weight in each hand. Raise your arms above you, then lower them to each side, perpendicular to your body, while keeping them slightly bent. Repeat the movement, providing dumbbells whose weight will allow you to go to the end of the exercise.

If you have access to a weight room, why not turn to the machines specially designed to work the pecs in a seated position?

Bounce Pecs Step 10

Step 5. Remember to work the rest of your body

You have to work your whole body. By only working the chest, you won't get much results.

Be careful not to overwork your pecs. Exercises intended for this part of the body should be part of a full body work. There is no magic shortcut to having the same pecs as Arnold

Bounce Pecs Step 11

Step 6. Eat a diet high in lean protein and low in fat

Exercise and a diet high in protein are essential for building muscle in your pecs. Your diet should mainly consist of lean chicken, vegetables, vegetables rich in vitamins and whole grains.

By continuing to eat burgers and pizza every day, you can continue to work your pecs as much as you want. However, your muscles will grow under a layer of fat, giving your chest a rounded appearance and hiding the contractions of your pecs at the same time


  • Start by raising your arms, then bend them in front of your chest so that you contract it more easily. As your pecs become more obvious and stronger, you will be able to place your arms lower and lower than your chest. When you are able to contract your chest just by placing your arms on each side, that will mean you can bounce your pecs!
  • Avoid using devices such as the "Perfect Push Up - push-up handles". While they do help increase the number of push-ups, the results are not as effective as push-ups performed without any help, this is especially valuable if you want to strengthen your pecs.

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