3 ways to lose your chest (for men)

3 ways to lose your chest (for men)
3 ways to lose your chest (for men)

The development of the breast in men can be the result of being overweight or a disorder of the mammary glands around the breast area. This medical condition, especially if the mammary glands have really changed in size, is called gynecomastia and it can cause considerable stress and social discomfort to men who suffer from it. If you have gynecomastia, follow these steps to find out how to control and get rid of it.


Method 1 of 3: Make your chest disappear with little tips

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 1

Step 1. Get yourself a Power t-shirt

It is possible to purchase online (or in specialized stores) Power t-shirts. They have the same function as a corset. The Chest FX brand (among others) produces quality models.

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 2

Step 2. Check your shirt size

You may not have the time or the money to take care of your gynecomastia right now. If this is your case, the best solution you have left is to try and cover it up with a t-shirt to make your chest less obvious. If your breasts are too large, it won't work, but in most cases it's a short-term solution when you need to talk, for example, in a meeting or in public. Start by noting your shirt size.

  • You probably know your shirt size, but write it down anyway.
  • Using a tape measure, take your neck circumference to find your collar size. Neck sizes are noted in centimeters on the shirt labels. Write this number down, as you may need it at the store. If you want to convert centimeters to collar circumference, follow this little list:

    • 35-38 cm: Small
    • 38-40 cm: Medium
    • 40-43 cm: Large
    • 43-45 cm: Extra Large
    • 45-48 cm: Extra Extra Large
    • Over 48cm: 3XL or custom sizes you won't find in all stores.
  • Also measure your chest measurement (around the stomach) and your chest height. If one of these numbers is size large, you should look for a shirt with a high ("tall") or wide ("big") fit. You will find it in large clothing stores, as well as some large clothing stores.
Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 3

Step 3. Buy a shirt with a collar

Pick something that looks good on you. The shirt should be loose enough at the sleeves and wide enough that it can be buttoned up, even if you are not going to button it.

  • Avoid work shirts (the kind of shirt you find in plastic in department stores), because they are not designed to be worn without being buttoned up and have a sort of tail behind that you have to tuck into your pants and that you will look weird if you leave it outside.
  • Avoid clothing with overly garish colors or patterns, such as flames, cubes, or skulls (avoid skulls with cube-shaped eyes that spit flames). You are going to look overwhelmed, unless these kinds of clothes are already part of your wardrobe, in which case you already have this kind of t-shirt and you don't need to buy any more.
  • Experiment with different colors and patterns to find what looks best on you. Silk and fabrics that are too tight will not hide your chest, as will fabrics that are too hard, so you will choose a shirt made from one of these materials at your own risk. Consider buying gingham, tartan, striped and plaid patterns, or Hawaiian shirts, something you love to wear that won't stain the rest of your wardrobe.
Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 4

Step 4. Wear your shirt

Wear it without buttoning it and without tucking it into your pants, over a t-shirt (you can put the t-shirt in your pants or not, as you wish). The shirt will allow you to hide your chest more or less effectively if you do not want it to show.

If the shirt isn't enough, consider covering your chest with a band so you can flatten it. Even if it is not very comfortable, you will get a flatter profile by covering and hugging your chest well in a strip of linen or other lightweight fabric. If you combine the bandage method with the shirt method, you can effectively hide any gynecomastia problem (except the most severe cases)

Method 2 of 3: Exercise to lose your chest

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 5

Step 1. Show determination

If you are overweight and have chest size, one of your long term options is weight loss. Once you start to lose weight, you will lose fat all over the place, including the chest area. This does not guarantee you, however, that you will find a solution to your gynecomastia there, especially if the problem turns out to be in the tissue of your mammary glands rather than in the fatty tissue, but it is much cheaper than the method. next and anyway, it is sure to help you feel better about yourself as well.

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 6

Step 2. Set up a plan

Basically, you can control weight loss and gain by controlling the calories you eat. If you burn more calories in a day than you consume through what you eat and drink, you will lose weight (or vice versa). This means that a successful diet should include a plan that includes a healthy, balanced diet, as well as plenty of exercise.

  • Aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, and martial arts, burns more calories per hour than most resistance exercises (such as lifting weights). On the other hand, you will be able to burn calories faster if you increase your physical strength through resistance exercise, especially during aerobic exercise. It is best to incorporate these two exercises into your plan.
  • It is not possible to target fat loss to one particular area. While deadlifts, push-ups, and other similar exercises are important, it will NOT reduce chest fat. Remember, your body only burns fat when it needs to use more calories than you gave it through eating and drinking. Just set a goal to burn off more calories than you consume and your body will take care of the rest.
  • Maintain a balanced diet. While you are controlling and reducing your calorie intake, it is especially easy to eat only certain foods and not pay attention to your dietary balance. It is a fact that the less energy you absorb from your diet, the more you have to be careful that the food you eat allows you to have a balanced diet. Do some research on the internet and find out how much of the different nutrients you need to consume. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment with a nutritionist who will prepare a plan tailored to your needs.
Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 7

Step 3. Follow the plan you have prepared

Do not deviate from the eating habits you have set for yourself. Bad habits are caught very easily, but it will take you months to get used to a healthy diet. Be demanding of yourself and resist during the transition period until your new lifestyle has become second nature. As you get sportier and leaner, the excess fat will melt away and your breast size will decrease while your confidence increases.

  • Be patient. That will take time. There is no such thing as a healthy shortcut. Extreme diets only yo-yo play with your weight, so don't give in to the temptation of short-term results or you could end up in a worse state than you are now.
  • Work with yourself. It is important that you refrain from deviating from your diet and exercise, but if you do, don't get depressed and give up. Instead, promise not to start over and pick up where you left off.

Method 3 of 3: Consider surgery

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 8

Step 1. Save money

The most effective way to get rid of your gynecomastia for good is plastic surgery. This type of procedure which involves reducing the size of the breast is called a breast reduction. A skilled surgeon can open your breasts, examine them, and remove the offending tissue. Unfortunately, gynecomastia isn't a life-threatening health problem, which means you're going to have to take it out of your pocket. This type of operation generally costs around 4000 euros, contact the surgeon you have chosen for an exact price.

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 9

Step 2. Be aware that this intervention involves risks

Gynecomastia is the only way to get rid of their breasts for many men who have it. However, it is important to understand that this kind of surgery, like any other surgery, comes with certain risks. Talk to your surgeon well beforehand and be sure you are familiar with the potential complications you may encounter during and after the operation. Follow the advice he gives you to minimize these risks to the letter.

Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 10

Step 3. Undergo the operation

The surgical operation will begin with anesthesia and then take one of two possible directions.

  • Liposuction: If a deposit of fat is the cause of your gynecomastia, the surgeon will do liposuction to remove it and flatten the profile of your breast.
  • Removal: If the mammary glands are the cause of your gynecomastia, the surgeon will remove the excess breast tissue with a scalpel.
Get Rid of Man Boobs Step 11

Step 4. Recover and enjoy your body

It will take a while for you to recover from breast reduction because the incision you make takes time to heal and heal and you will need to drain the fluid that will collect behind it. However, it is not an operation that is not very invasive and you will be in the hospital for very little time. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to get you over as quickly as possible, follow them to the letter. Be aware that the surgery will permanently leave small scars under your chest.

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