3 ways to repair a treadmill

3 ways to repair a treadmill
3 ways to repair a treadmill

Treadmills are a large exercise device that can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse over the years. They are designed to withstand repeated impacts, but like most complex machines, they are not immune to malfunction. Rather than buying a new treadmill when yours has a problem, try fixing it yourself. There are different things you can try.


Method 1 of 3: Fix a treadmill that won't start

Fix a Treadmill Step 1

Step 1. Check the power cable

The easiest problem to solve, and certainly the most common, is that the carpet just isn't plugged in. Make sure your device is plugged into an electrical outlet and that the pins on the cable are not bent or bent.

Fix a Treadmill Step 2

Step 2. Make sure the electrical outlet is electrified

Plug the treadmill into a different outlet to be sure the problem is not there. If there is no other outlet nearby, plug another device, such as a night light, into the same outlet to see if the power is on.

  • If you know which outlets are on separate circuits, use an outlet that has power from another circuit.
  • If there is no power to the outlet, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse and restart your treadmill again.
Fix a Treadmill Step 3

Step 3. Check the connections between the adapter and the machine

On some treadmills, the power supply must be adjusted before reaching the motor. Make sure the adapter is in place and properly plugged in.

Some models must be opened to reach the adapter. If so, be sure to unplug your treadmill before opening any electrical box

Fix a Treadmill Step 4

Step 4. Unplug the treadmill

To identify other problems and for safety reasons, you should unplug your treadmill.

Fix a Treadmill Step 5

Step 5. Check the fuses on your treadmill

If the fuses have blown, your treadmill will not start. Fortunately, fixing this problem is quite quick and easy. Test your fuses with a multimeter or take them to the nearest electrical store for testing.

If your fuses have blown, replace them with models of the same amperage

Fix a Treadmill Step 6

Step 6. See if the problem is with the display

If your machine refuses to turn on, it could just be the screen that is not working. Make sure all the wires running from the mat to the screen are tight.

Also make sure that the current is coming into the display. Use a multimeter plugged in between the power inlet and the display to be sure

Fix a Treadmill Step 7

Step 7. Go to a professional repairer

If you are unable to find the problem by following the previous steps, go to a professional repairer.

If possible, contact the manufacturer for additional diagnostics to perform and for a list of authorized repairers in your area

Method 2 of 3: Fix a malfunction

Fix a Treadmill Step 8

Step 1. Repair the carpet

Consider whether the problem is caused by the belt itself or by a mechanical problem with the belts.

Identifying the problem will facilitate the next step in the process. If the carpet is involved, you can easily do the repairs yourself. Whether it's an engine problem or a mechanical problem, you'll have a harder time fixing it at home

Fix a Treadmill Step 9

Step 2. Unplug your treadmill

When doing repairs to your treadmill, it is very important that you unplug it so that it does not accidentally start and injure you.

Fix a Treadmill Step 10

Step 3. Clean the carpet surface

Spray a cleaning solution on a towel and wipe down the carpet. Grime and debris can build up on it and slow it down. Debris can also fall from the belt into the interior of the machine and cause operational problems.

  • Start at the front and clean by pulling the carpet firmly until the entire surface is clean.
  • Let the surface dry completely before using the machine. A wet carpet could cause you to slip and you could injure yourself.
Fix a Treadmill Step 11

Step 4. Center the mat

Adjust the belt to center it on the machine. Rugs soften and tilt from side to side with use. Reposition yours from the outside of the machine by gently pulling on the opposite side where it leans.

If the problem is serious, have a technician take care of it

Fix a Treadmill Step 12

Step 5. Lubricate the carpet

If the belt on your machine spins slowly when you walk on it, you may need to lubricate it. This will reduce friction and increase the life of the carpet.

Buy a treadmill lubricant or any silicone lubricant. Spray it in a thin layer between the belt and the machine bed

Fix a Treadmill Step 13

Step 6. Check the speed sensor

The speed sensor facilitates the movement of the belt. If the carpet rolls jerky or does not accelerate, the sensor is probably dirty or unplugged.

The sensor is usually located inside the plinth, near the mat. Consult your user manual for the exact location on your machine

Fix a Treadmill Step 14

Step 7. Replace the carpet

If the previous steps did not solve your problem, you will probably need to replace your carpet. Order a model from the manufacturer if you want to replace it yourself. Make sure that the carpet received is suitable for your machine.

You can also take your device to a professional repairer to replace the mat

Method 3 of 3: Repair the motor of a treadmill

Fix a Treadmill Step 15

Step 1. Eliminate the possibility of another problem

Engine malfunction is one of the most expensive problems on a treadmill to repair. You must be sure that the failure is not something else before considering this possibility.

Fix a Treadmill Step 16

Step 2. Check the error codes displayed on the screen

Consult your user manual to identify any error codes displayed on the screen. It will tell you what types of problems are affecting your treadmill motor.

The manual will also tell you if you will be able to fix the problem yourself or if you will need to call a professional

Fix a Treadmill Step 17

Step 3. Open the treadmill

Open the treadmill with a screwdriver according to the manufacturer's instructions. For the uninitiated, the engine inspection will likely be unnecessary. If nothing seems obviously faulty, go to a professional.

Be forewarned opening the machine engine voids all warranties. If your treadmill is still under warranty, avoid repairing it yourself and go to a professional repairer right away

Fix a Treadmill Step 18

Step 4. Replace the motor

This step should only be considered if you have sufficient knowledge of motors and if you know how to interpret electrical diagrams.

Treadmill motors are sold in sports equipment stores, either on the Internet or in physical stores


  • If your treadmill starts to smoke or smell like a fire, stop using it immediately and unplug it.
  • Do not work on a treadmill that is plugged into an electrical outlet. You may be electrocuted and the carpet may turn unexpectedly.
  • Never use a treadmill that is not working properly.
  • Do not open the engine if you want to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty.

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