How to measure your biceps: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to measure your biceps: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to measure your biceps: 8 steps (with pictures)

One of these two reasons can lead you to measure your biceps: either you take your measurements for bodybuilding, or you want to adjust a shirt. If you are measuring to see your muscle circumference, you should either perform the measurements yourself or ask a friend (or gym buddy) to help you. If it's to adjust the shirt, you'll need the help of a tailor or at least a friend. For either type of measurement, you will need a tape measure.


Method 1 of 2: Measure your biceps to find out the size of the muscle

Measure Biceps Step 1

Step 1. Measure before lifting dumbbells

If you have performed arm exercises right before measuring your biceps, you will not get an accurate result or measurement. The exercises help blood flow to your muscles, which temporarily increases the size of your biceps and triceps.

If you plan to measure your arms and exercise on the same day, always take the measurements first

Measure Biceps Step 2

Step 2. Measure the thickest part of both biceps

Wrap a tape measure around both of your biceps at their thickest part, near your armpit. Measure one arm at a time. Measuring both biceps will allow you to compare your arms and determine if you need to work harder than the other.

Ideally, both biceps should be the same size

Measure Biceps Step 3

Step 3. Hold the tape measure flat against your skin

For accurate and consistent measurements, be sure to place the tape measure on your skin. Do not pull or bend the tape, otherwise you may stretch it and your measurement incorrect. Also make sure that there are no distortions or bumps on the tape when taking the measurements.

You should also never measure your biceps through a shirt. If you are wearing a T-shirt, roll up the sleeves. Otherwise, remove your shirt so that you measure directly against the skin on your arm

Measure Biceps Step 4

Step 4. Do not flex your biceps during the measurement

You will get reliable and consistent results if you measure your bicep when it is relaxed. Let your arm hang down beside your body and keep your muscles relaxed as you take the measurements.

  • Consistency is the most important element when it comes to measuring a body part for bodybuilding, and it's easy to get consistent readings if you don't flex.
  • Your muscles will go through different flexes from day to day. This is why measuring them in a relaxed state will give you reliable results.

Method 2 of 2: Measure the biceps for a shirt fit

Measure Biceps Step 5

Step 1. Wear a light shirt

It is best to measure your biceps with a T-shirt or a light fabric that will not add anything to your measured bicep circumference. If you are wearing thick fabric, it will skew the measurements.

In the event that you are taking measurements in an informal setting with a friend, you will be able to completely remove your T-shirt. However, this would be too informal for a sewing workshop or department store

Measure Biceps Step 6

Step 2. Stand with your hands relaxed at your sides

When measuring your biceps, your arms should be totally relaxed and relaxed at your side. Keep your upper body as relaxed as possible while taking measurements.

At the request of the tailor, you can extend your arm out to the side so that he can adjust the tape measure all around. Then return your arm to the side, once it is wrapped around it

Measure Biceps Step 7

Step 3. Measure the biceps at the widest point

To make sure your shirt fits well, your bicep measurement should be taken around the thickest part of it. This part is located above your arm, just 2 inches below your armpit. Use a soft tape measure to take the measurement.

This is where any tailor will measure your biceps. In the event that it is taken by a friend who has never measured an arm, take the trouble to make it clear to him where he should take it

Measure Biceps Step 8

Step 4. Don't flex your biceps

You might be tempted to flex your bicep, to make it look bigger than it looks. Resist the temptation, although flexing is appropriate in some situations, it will skew your results for specific measurements for a shirt.

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