4 ways to lose inner thigh fat

4 ways to lose inner thigh fat
4 ways to lose inner thigh fat

Losing fat from the inner thighs can be frustrating. In order to successfully burn the fat in this part of the body, you need to combine regular healthy eating with exercise. However, if your goal is to specifically eliminate the fat that is located on the inside of your thighs, know that neither a balanced diet nor regular exercise will be enough. Instead, you should be looking to reduce your overall body fat mass with a healthy eating habit, while working to restore shape and tone your thighs through rigorous physical activity.


Method 1 of 4: Eat to lose weight

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Step 1. Eat a healthy diet

In order to lose weight, you should get most of your calories from foods that are low in calories, but high in nutrients. Make sure to include foods like premium protein (like lean meats and nuts), fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates (including whole wheat bread, legumes, and brown rice).

Avoid processed foods whenever possible. These include frozen products (including frozen pizza) and ready-to-eat foods (meals prepared using the microwave). Overall, eat fresh foods whenever possible and avoid canned, packaged, and canned foods. These meals have been processed in order to compensate for the nutritional values ​​during the preservation process

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Step 2. Consume small amounts of meals throughout the day

Eating several small meals (4 or 5) during the day instead of having three large meals can help keep your metabolism high and suppress your appetite, so you don't overfeed.

If you decide to eat more often during the day, make sure your portions are small. You certainly don't want to eat a large amount of food more frequently to accumulate more calories

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 3

Step 3. Limit your intake of saturated fatty acid

Saturated fatty acids are less beneficial to your body than unsaturated fatty acids and can be found in foods of animal origin such as dairy products and meats, as well as in hydrogenated oils. Many of your desserts are high in saturated fatty acids, so be sure to reduce their consumption.

  • Palm kernel oil and coconut oil contain a large amount of saturated fat, but butter and rendered animal fats like lard and fat also contain a significant amount of saturated fatty acids. Fish oil, despite its cargo of fatty acids and omega-3s, also has a high content of saturated fatty acid. It is therefore important to read the labels of the foods you buy and limit your portion sizes when consuming these foods high in saturated fatty acid.
  • Note that you should "limit" and not exclude saturated fatty acids from your diet. Consuming this type of fat at times is recommended, especially if it offers other health benefits. This is the case with fish and nuts.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 4

Step 4. Substitute lean protein for red meats

In other words, lean protein sources contain less saturated fat and fewer calories.

  • Substitute chicken and turkey for the beef and pork. Fish is also low in fat compared to red meats and has other health benefits. Whenever possible, you should opt for fresh fish instead of sardines, tuna or other products with a lot of oils.
  • Legumes like lentils, chickpeas and pinto beans also contain a considerable amount of low-fat protein. These foods will keep you feeling full and provide you with the nutrients you need, so that you are not deprived of essential nutrients when you consume low fat meals for weight loss.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 5

Step 5. Consume low fat dairy products

Calcium helps regulate the way fat cells are stored in the body and sheds fat, while low-fat dairy products (like milk and yogurt) can help speed up weight loss. Particularly in women, who are more likely to have osteoporosis, it is crucial to include a sufficient amount of low-fat dairy products in their diet.

  • Choose low-fat dairy products instead of those with no fat or those with too much. Take 2% or 1% milk instead of whole milk or skim milk. Low fat dairy products are often better than low fat dairy products, which usually contain enough sugars.
  • Include milk, yogurt and cottage cheese in your diet. These dairy products are low in fat compared to most hard cheeses, creams and butter.
  • Men and women between the ages of 9 and 51 should consume approximately 750 ml of dairy products per day. Children 2 to 3 years old should consume around 500 ml of dairy products per day, while those between 4 and 8 years old should consume around 650 ml per day.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 6

Step 6. Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol is a source of empty calories that you should cut out of your diet whenever possible. Your body reduces its fat-burning metabolism by about 75%, right after you have consumed a glass and a half of alcoholic beverages, to release alcohol-derived products such as acetaldehyde or acetate. Therefore, the fats and carbohydrates that you have ingested are likely to be stored as fat.

Even moderate alcohol consumption can increase the number of calories you eat. It can also reduce your motivation to exercise and can negatively impact your sleep. If you choose to drink, drink in moderation and make sure you have "drought days" as well

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 7

Step 7. Avoid anti-diet

Although some deviations from your diet can be tolerated, there are certain foods that could adversely affect the stability of your diet. Avoid them whenever possible. Aside from your normal diet, eat foods that are empty calories and have no nutritional benefit. Drinks such as soda and meals like frozen French fries should be avoided, as should boxes of sugary breakfast cereal.

Method 2 of 4: Exercise to lose weight

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 8

Step 1. Do not try to degrease a specific part of your body

It is impossible to specifically remove fat from the inside of your thighs. Rather, you should aim to reduce your overall body fat. It is essential to be realistic about what you can expect from your weight loss program.

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 9

Step 2. Increase your cardio workouts

Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to burn fat. In order to lose weight in general (and therefore eliminate the fat that is on the inside of your thighs), you should increase the amount of time you spend on cardiovascular exercise or increase the number of days you exercise. this type of sporting activity. Cardiovascular exercise sessions are ideal for losing inner thigh fat, as these exercises help work the lower part of the body.

  • Like other popular cardio exercises to try, consider an elliptical workout, jogging, stair climbing, jump rope, and brisk walking.
  • Exercise for at least thirty minutes a day for five days to improve the fat loss process.
  • Always consult your doctor before beginning a training program to make sure that you are healthy enough to participate in moderate to intense physical activity.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 10

Step 3. Try interval training

Interval training consists of alternating momentarily intense activities and periods of less intense activities. For example, you can switch between walking and jogging (5 minutes for each exercise, repeatedly over a period of 30 to 60 minutes) or you can alternate between jogging and running. Interval exercise will help burn more calories and therefore more fat.

Aim for 30 minutes or more of interval training 4 or 5 times a week

Method 3 of 4: Exercise to tone your body

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 11

Step 1. Do the wall squat

The wall squat is an isometric exercise that will help make your thighs look slimmer.

To do the wall squat, place your back against a wall and curl your knees at a 45 degree angle. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then straighten up, then rest. Do 10 reps for a total of 4 sets

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 12

Step 2. Do burpees

It is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and toning. The combination of these two activities will help burn a lot of calories while targeting the inner thigh muscles.

  • Stand with your feet wide apart, knees and toes pointed outward. In this position, your hands should touch the ground (resembling a sitting frog). Squat as much as possible, but keep your torso straight and make sure your toes and knee are parallel in line.
  • Jump in the air and do a quarter turn while keeping your feet together. When jumping, swing your arms above your head to help your body propel properly.
  • Land in a crouched position (the squat should be as low as possible). Then jump until you manage to make a full rotation (4 jumps should be enough for a full rotation).
  • Repeat this exercise as many times in a minute. Then do it again by rotating in the opposite direction.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 13

Step 3. Place a cushion between the knees while you are seated

You can do this exercise in your kitchen without any specific equipment and all you need is a chair and your cushion.

  • Sit on a sturdy chair (one that does not have a caster) and place your feet on the floor with your knees bent at a right angle (90 °). Place the cushion between your knees and your thighs.
  • Exhale as you compress the pillow with your thighs. You should imagine yourself compressing the pillow until it pops out. Hold the cushion like this for a minute and breathe normally as you do so.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 14

Step 4. Try to do the hip abduction while lying on your side

This exercise targets your adductors, a muscle group that is located on the inside of your feet. Practicing this movement will help build muscle tone and help burn the layer of fat in the inner parts of your thighs when combined with regular cardiovascular exercise.

  • Lie flat on your side. Your legs should be straight with one foot stacked on top of the other. You can bend your lower arm, then place it as a support for your head, while you rest your other hand on your second side. Your arm should rest on your upper hip. Your hip and shoulders should be perpendicular and your head aligned at the same level as your spine.
  • Support the spine by tending your abdominal muscles, while moving your lower legs forward. Your spine should be in front of the top of your leg. At this point, both legs should be straight, but the foot of the upper leg should be on the floor so that both feet are on the floor.
  • Lift your lower foot off the ground. Exhale and gently lift your lower foot off the floor so that it is above the foot of the upper leg. Raise your legs until your hip tilts or until you feel tension in the lower back or oblique muscles.
  • Inhale and return your leg to the floor in a controlled manner.
  • Turn around slowly, so that you are not resting on the second side. Repeat the exercise on the second leg, to finish a series. Repeat this movement 10 times, do three sets on each side, alternately.

Method 4 of 4: love your body

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 15

Step 1. Be realistic

Realize that you are probably the only one who is judgmental about yourself and the only one who has noticed enough fat on your inner thighs than anyone else. Do you say this, "Do my thighs really need the exercise as I think they do or am I just exaggerating?" »Determine if you are over-critical of your body.

  • You should ask a close family member or best friend questions to find out if you have fat in the inner region of your muscles. This person can help you identify if this part needs thinning and toning or if you are passing judgment on yourself.
  • To have a real medical opinion on the state of your body, consult your doctor. The latter can give you precise information about the parts where you have accumulated enough fat and it can help you calculate your body mass index and know its meaning.
Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 16

Step 2. See the bright side

Even if you have enough fat in your thighs that you wouldn't like to have, other parts of your body should be a source of pride. Don't spend all the time focusing on the “problem areas” of your body. Instead, be sure to spend time highlighting the parts of your body that make you feel beautiful, and put special emphasis on those places as soon as possible.

Identify three parts of your body that are attractive and make you feel confident. You might have muscular arms, a flat stomach, well aligned teeth, or beautiful bright green eyes. No matter what part of your body you like the most, be sure to highlight it

Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Step 17

Step 3. Enjoy your body

Your body is an impressive “machine” that you use in your daily life. It might be helpful to pay attention to what your body can do on a day-to-day basis. Remember that your body is an instrument and not just an ornament. Tell yourself that your strong thighs will help you climb stairs, play hopscotch on the road, and will allow you to lift your children or grandchildren.

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