3 ways to cheat your opponent in football

3 ways to cheat your opponent in football
3 ways to cheat your opponent in football

The beautiful game is full of feints. To continue your progress, you need to be able to make quick hooks, smart passes, and believable body feints. If you want to learn how to be a tech, it's time you put some magic into your game, shoot some vicious free kicks, and start pissing off your opponents.


Method 1 of 3: Do dribbling feints

Trick People in Soccer Step 1

Step 1. Work your dribbles with both feet

Nothing makes a player more predictable than the fact that they always go on the same side. Being able to dribble with both feet is a great way to fool your opponents. If you know how to dribble both left and right, you will be a dominant player on the field and a great layman.

  • Do dribbling exercises with blocks using both feet: the outward movement of the right foot, the return of the left foot.

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  • Switch sides of the court every now and then, to get into the habit of playing from a lot of different angles and to force yourself to put your foot on the wrong foot.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 2

Step 2. Master the double contact in both directions

One of the most basic feints is double contact, after which you can chain with double contact in the opposite direction. If you integrate these small gestures into your normal ball progress, your dribbling will be much more effective. They are very easy to learn - maybe you are already doing it and not knowing it. Work the double contact in slow motion, then gradually increase the speed of execution.

  • To make double contact, you must hit the ball twice, in quick succession, with your good foot. With the first touch you bring the ball between your feet with the inside of your foot, with the second touch you push the ball to the side using the outside of your foot. This gesture is often done when you're standing still facing a defender, and it's a great way to create space around you.

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  • To make a double contact in the opposite direction, you must also make two touches of the ball with your good foot, but in reverse order. Pretend to go to one side by pushing the ball in that direction with the outside of your foot, then bring it back towards you with your inside of the foot. Performed at high speed, this feint can seriously hurt the opposing defense.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 3

Step 3. Roll the ball with the ball of the foot

This is a great way to vary your dribbles and stay in control of the ball. Performing these moves quickly and accurately will put the defender off balance and have a hard time knowing which direction you are going to go. It is also a very simple feint to perform.

  • To do this, use the inside of your good foot to roll over the ball and bring it towards you. Do not kick the ball, roll it by stroking it with your foot. To start again in the other direction, use the other foot to roll the ball in that direction. Practice moving forward and with blocks, to get the right pace.

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  • To roll the ball the other way, you bring the ball backwards while backing up. Start with your right foot on the ball, then back up, rolling the ball towards you and moving faster than the ball. Then roll the ball back with the other foot. It's a great way to change direction and create space around you.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 4

Step 4. Do leg crunches

Perhaps one of the most flamboyant gestures a soccer player can do is pass the leg. It is about leaning in one direction before quickly moving in the opposite direction. To do this, start by progressing with the ball at a normal speed.

  • Pass your good foot over the ball, from your wrong side to your right side (left to right if you are right handed). Put down your good foot, then use the outside of the other foot to quickly push the ball in the other direction. This move should fool your opponent and allow you to take them on the wrong foot, which is great for getting around them on the side where they have lost their balance.

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  • A double leg pass involves passing over the ball with both feet before heading off in the first direction. If you are right handed, pass your right foot over the ball, left to right, then with your left foot from right to left, then, with the outside of your right foot, return the ball to your right. At the speed of light!

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Trick People in Soccer Step 5

Step 5. Try Zidane Roulette

No, the gesture is not to put a head butt in the chest of the opponent! Instead, it is a full turn on yourself with the ball, it will leave your opponent in place. It's pretty easy to do in practice, but much harder to do in a game. However, if executed correctly, this gesture can wreak havoc. Use this feint when an opponent is heading straight for you.

  • In the middle of a fairly fast ball progression, put your good foot on the ball to stop it, then turn your body 180 degrees in that direction. If your left foot is landing on the ball, rotate your left shoulder until you are facing the opposite direction.

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  • Then continue to turn another 180 degrees, but changing your foot on the ball. Use the other foot to roll the ball towards you and get back in your first direction.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 6

Step 6. Ride the bicycle

The bicycle is a very flashy gesture, very impressive and almost completely unnecessary in a match situation. That said, it's still a nice gesture and working on it will also work on your ball touch. And who knows, it might help you someday?

  • To cycle, put the heel of your good foot in front of the ball, then, using the inside of your good foot, wedge the ball against your calf. Use the heel of your good foot to lift the ball and send it forward. The goal is for the ball to go straight in front of you.

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  • Practice doing this while standing still, then try to incorporate it into your dribbles. When you manage to do this in a match, you will be an excellent technician.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 7

Step 7. Try the scarf shot

The scarf stroke is a bit of a mix between a bicycle and a leg pass. It is an often superfluous gesture used in particular in freestyle, but also occasionally in matches.

  • To kick off the scarf, hover your wrong foot over the ball to your right side, then use the toe or laces on your right foot to lift the ball up and send it in the opposite direction.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 8

Step 8. Lift your head for vicious passes

One of the best ways to throw off a defense is to make smart passes. Practice always raising your head when dribbling, to always know where your opponents and teammates are, and to be able to make effective passing fakes that will free up space for your comrades. Pass a lot of blind passes and we'll start calling you the Steve Nash of football.

Method 2 of 3: Take free kicks

Trick People in Soccer Step 9

Step 1. Do floating free kicks

Turn the balloon valve in your direction. Trample on the lawn a bit so that the ball is at the top point. Take a few steps back, lean over the ball, then kick it with all your might, aiming for the valve, but touching the ball as low as possible. Use your laces to strike and don't try to put on the spin.

  • If you do it right, a floating balloon will float in the air, not spinning around and changing direction and height in unpredictable ways. If you can get him through the wall, it will be very difficult for the guardian to capture him and he may even suddenly release him. Sometimes it even feels like these balloons are going against the laws of physics.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 10

Step 2. Don't shoot on goal

If you're close enough to hit on goal, the defense will expect that. Instead, try going around the wall with a cross to get a teammate, ladle over the wall hoping a teammate can put their head in, or just do a short pass behind the back of the wall. Put the ball back into play rather than trying to score a Beckham-style free kick.

Trick People in Soccer Step 11

Step 3. Go under the wall

Too often, defenders who form the wall will instinctively jump on strike. This is especially true if the shooter is close to the goal and has tried to go over the wall several times without succeeding. A vicious move is to take advantage of this reflex to pass the ball under the wall, hoping that a teammate can intercept it and score.

Trick People in Soccer Step 12

Step 4. Pass the goal past the wall

Try to pass the ball into a space next to the wall and let a teammate kick it, rather than lifting the ball. Take advantage of the angles opened by the wall to make a surprising pass, rather than putting a big strike towards the skylight.

Trick People in Soccer Step 13

Step 5. Organize a combination with your teammates

You can sometimes cheat a defense, or even a goalie, by coordinating with 2 to 4 of your teammates to make a combination. For example, a teammate can run towards the ball as if they are going to hit it, then eventually jump over it and let another player make a short pass or kick. The moment you actually shoot the ball, all players in the combination should rush towards the opposing goals. Try to aim at them with a center above the wall.

  • You can also have a teammate hand the ball to you with a short pass back so you can cross, hit, or run over to reopen the game.

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Method 3 of 3: Simulate

Trick People in Soccer Step 14

Step 1. Shamelessly simulate

Simulation is cinema. Football is going at such a speed that it is often very difficult for the referee to see everything. Because of this, repeated fouls by your opponent are not always penalized. The referee cannot be everywhere. To be sure he notices the nudges and strollers, you need to show them off with a great theatrical performance.

  • Crumble to the floor screaming in pain. Put your hands where your opponent allegedly touched you as if you already have one foot in the grave. Roll around gesturing and making faces in pain. Give the impression of being in great pain.

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  • Stay in this position until the referee whistles. When your teammates arrive and your opponents start complaining about your simulation, resist the urge to stop the cinema. You are hurt. Mortally, perhaps. Stay in that state of mind until the foul is whistled, then stand up.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 15

Step 2. Fall when you are charged vigorously

The best time to make it look like a serious injury is when the defense is rolling out of its zone towards you. Even if the defenders manage to take possession of the ball cleanly, you have to take advantage of this moment to make believe that they have cut your legs in two.

  • Find the right timing for your simulation to make it believable. It's always easier to pretend against an opponent who goes all in on you. So you need to make sure that your opponent is moving fast enough for your simulation to be believable.

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  • Collapse in the direction of your opponent. So if you run towards each other, collapse backwards. If you are running alongside each other, collapse forward.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 16

Step 3. Jump to the head and pretend you've taken an elbow

If you have a duel to receive the ball in the head, there will be nudges between you. Even if none of these hits hit you, collapse screaming and covering your jaw, teeth or eye with your hands.

Trick People in Soccer Step 17

Step 4. Try to simulate in the penalty area

The best place on the pitch to simulate is the penalty area. If you go to the goal alone and are charged with vigor, show that you have been injured. Any fault in the box is equivalent to a penalty for your team. And on a penalty, there is usually a goal.

  • Don't take the plunge if you see a good deed coming up. If your teammate stood out well and found himself in perfect position for a cross, don't collapse for the hope of a penalty. Center and let your teammate score a real goal.

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Trick People in Soccer Step 18

Step 5. In defense, only fake if you have teammates around you

If you are defending and the ball is taken from you, a good way to stop play and save time is to fake an injury. Behave as if your opponent has crushed your ankle to get the ball. Normally, the referee should end the sequence of play, allowing your team to return to defense.

  • It is better to avoid doing this if you are alone in defense, because you will have no one to catch up if the referee does not fall into the trap. Rolling around while the referee is silent and the other team scores isn't exactly glorious.

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  • If you are alone in defense, it is sometimes better to fault the opposing player to save time. If the situation is really tense, make a tactical foul, then drag around the spot of the free kick to prevent the opposing team from playing it fast.

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