How to kick a soccer ball: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to kick a soccer ball: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to kick a soccer ball: 7 steps (with pictures)

Do you like to play soccer? Have you always dreamed of a nice shot in the top corner and you want to know how to go about doing it? Well, here is your chance to become a soccer star!


Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 1

Step 1. Stand behind the ball and place your bad foot near it

Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 2

Step 2. Position your good foot back

Then with a gesture swing it towards the ball then strike it with the flat of the foot or the top of the foot (not your toes). Once your knee is over the ball, strike it with the top of the foot, pointing your toes towards the ground. But if you really want to be the best striker in your school's league or whatever, you don't have to bet on your only good footing. Of course, one foot is better than the other, so you have to work the wrong foot to be at the same level as the right one.

Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 3

Step 3. Learn to aim

This means knowing how to put the ball in the net. You must learn to aim before you shoot.

  • Think about where you want to place the ball. With your wrong foot (placed near the ball), you can give it any direction you want. If you place your big toe on the left, your shot will go to the left. Likewise if you place it on the right, your shot will go to the right. Avoid fixing the spot where you want to send the ball so as not to favor the goalkeeper. If you want to lure him, stare at one side of the post for about 3 seconds and then kick the ball to the opposite side or lag a little behind before shooting.

    Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 3Bullet1
Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 3Bullet1

Step 4. Focus on the ball

  • Lean forward or backward before hitting. When you lean back you are sending the ball up in the air and when you lean forward it will be a low shot.

    Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 4Bullet1
  • Hit the ball with the flat of the foot.

    Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 4Bullet2
Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 5

Step 5. Work your thighs and calves

  • Run towards the ball before hitting. This will certainly make the typing complicated to do, but will give it more precision. In some cases, precision is more important. Your concern will then be to position yourself well.

    Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 5Bullet1
Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 6

Step 6. Try to strike with the top of the foot

This allows you to hit the ball full and give more power to your shots from a distance.

Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 7

Step 7. Block the ankle

Block your ankle vertically when performing a direct strike. Keep your knee above the ball when hitting to give it more power and precision.


  • Practice by playing against a wall or with a friend. Score points on the wall and try to aim at them.
  • Hit whenever the ball comes back towards you. Lean forward before hitting so the ball does not fly out
  • Kick the ball with the inside of the foot to roll it up. You can do the same with the outside of the foot.
  • Make a fake punch, it might confuse your opponent for a while.
  • Try your hand at all the positions in the field to give yourself a better chance for a career.
  • Make sure you have field to hit or go around the defender. Try to keep him at bay.
  • Try to place your foot under the ball when kicking to lift it
  • For experienced players: shoot from a distance (16 meters for example) to surprise the keeper.
  • Perform volley retakes. It is often powerful strikes.
  • Try to score with a header when the ball is high and in front of the goal. It's more efficient.
  • Aim for the upper angles of the cage for a good success rate (upper right angle, upper left angle). This will make it difficult for the keeper to make saves.
  • Try to play with both feet. This will make you an effective player on the entire surface of the pitch.
  • Don't knock every chance you get. If the goalkeeper is far from the goal, lob him or pass the ball to a teammate.


  • Control the ball and look at the goalkeeper's position first before hitting
  • Concentrate on the ball before hitting.
  • Don't hit when you are in a difficult position. Take a look. You will often find a teammate in a better position.
  • Don't kick your toe.
  • Don't hit too many hits in a match, or you might sound like a miser. Pass often.
  • Do not attempt to curl, lob, or volley in a game when you are inexperienced.

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