How to become a good American football player

How to become a good American football player
How to become a good American football player

American football is one of the most famous sports in the United States. It is also a difficult game if you don't have certain skills. By training, you can become better at one of America's favorite sports.


Be a Great Football Player Step 1

Step 1. Know that you can do it

The first thing you need to do is get yourself in the right frame of mind. “I can become a good player! This will help you keep track of your goals later when the workouts get too difficult or you just can't seem to put in place the techniques you've learned and feel like giving up. Do not give up !

Step 2. Get in good shape

If you don't have the shape you need, you're not going to get there. To be physically active you need to be in good physical shape, which is why there are several factors that you need to consider.

  • Eat healthy.

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  • Get some exercise.

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  • Don't get sick.

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Be a Great Football Player Step 3

Step 3. Practice the basics of the sport

Obviously, you need to know how to throw a ball and how to catch it. You don't have to be overwhelmingly good at both of these areas, depending on what position you are going to play in, but it can help you play in different positions.

Step 4. Find a position that appeals to you

To get the best results, you need to ask yourself what are your qualities that are going to help you perform well before you train to be the best at what you do. Here are several things you should consider:

  • your ability to catch the ball;

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  • your ability to throw it;

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  • your speed;

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  • your body structure (eg very muscular players can play at different positions).

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Be a Great Football Player Step 5

Step 5. Practice for your position

Even when you are not in the field, you need to practice often. It helps you to be in good shape, but also to excel at what you do.

Be a Great Football Player Step 6

Step 6. Become aware of the competition

There are a lot of other players who want to be in the same position as you and if you want to improve your chances you have to become the best. It is essential that you practice it every day. That is why you need to set up daily exercises.

Be a Great Football Player Step 7

Step 7. Be strong

If you can't take hits without hurting or feeling bad, American football is not for you. You must be strong.

Be a Great Football Player Step 8

Step 8. Get along well with your teammates

It won't affect your fitness, but it will have an effect on the game in general. There is no team without teamwork and it's going to be hard to get there if you don't get along well with the rest of the players.

Be a Great Football Player Step 9

Step 9. Prepare to Win

Prepare to play well and don't think negative thoughts about yourself or your team. Don't think that you are good enough to win, you have to know that you are good and that you are going to "crush" the opposing team.

Be a Great Football Player Step 10

Step 10. Give everything you have

Know that if you don't give yourself 100% in the field, you are not going to be successful. If you want to be the best you have to use your maximum physical and mental strength in every game. There is no average speed, rest period or “breaks”. You have to become a ball of energy as soon as the ball is thrown and until the whistle is over, if you are not ready to give your best you are not doing well to play.

Be a Great Football Player Step 11

Step 11. When you're not playing, listen to your coach

Follow his advice once the game starts, as it could affect your confidence level on the pitch.

Be a Great Football Player Step 12

Step 12. Observe the technique of other players

This is a great way to develop new skills, as your perspective on the game and techniques is very different if you are in the observer or player position.


  • Work hard to achieve your dream, you will get nowhere saving your strength.
  • When you take care of your fitness, you need to put effort into building a healthy lifestyle so that you can continue to be in good shape in the future.
  • Squat down and use all your strength in your hips. To become an explosive striker, you need to have leg strength. This is especially true for running backs, lines and line backers.
  • Play American football with your knees bent, you have to keep them in this position to use your body's muscle strength, straight knees can put you at risk of injury besides being ineffective, focus on your muscles. training to develop strong and powerful legs. You should get to a point where you can do ten curls with double your weight. If you get there, you know you have strong legs and your skills on the pitch will improve.
  • You should always know that it is possible to do better. No one is ever perfect.
  • Take part in courses with renowned coaches. Make sure the camp offers team and individual training.
  • Always maintain a fantastic attitude. A bad attitude will depress the rest of the team. Keep the sportsmanship.
  • Do the exercises during workouts, applying as much as possible to them. Be so aggressive that your trainer asks you not to do the same.
  • Pretend every action is the last, as if you want to give whatever strength and power you have left to hit or block an opponent before leaving the field.
  • Your height is the only physical attribute that you cannot change. You can improve your shape, muscle, speed, strength, and power by committing to training. Never let anyone convince you not to play the job you want or American football because of your physical condition, you can become what you want (but don't take steroids, no sport deserves a death in the flower. of age).

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