How to court a woman (with pictures)

How to court a woman (with pictures)
How to court a woman (with pictures)

Courtship is different from a date, because it is a little more traditional way of getting to know a woman by hanging out with her for a while in public places, by getting to know her. and ultimately making the decision to consider a possible marriage. Courting is less about the rules, but more about altruism, friendship and commitment. Even though it is a more serious act than a date, it brings the same joys that you experience during a date, while allowing you to get to know the woman you are interested in better.


Part 1 of 3: prepare to court

Court a Woman Step 1

Step 1. Learn the difference between courtship and a date

They are two very different things, especially in our modern society. Dating can often be very casual and can be done without seriously committing to it. You can date a single woman or several. It’s often just for fun. Courting is a serious commitment you make to getting to know a woman with the intention of leading that romantic relationship to marriage.

Court a Woman Step 2

Step 2. Know if you are ready

Since courting is different from dating, it is a serious step in winning a woman. Most of the time, we court when we are in a relationship and we are trying to find out if marriage is possible. So it's best to stay away from it or have a date instead if you don't feel ready to make a commitment.

Court a Woman Step 3

Step 3. Understand the benefits of courting

While it may sound a bit old-fashioned or too formal, courting is your chance to win over a woman without having to wonder if you're on the same page as her. You may be tired of dating that leads nowhere and are ready to take the next step. Courting a woman is a great way to do it.

You might think that a romantic relationship that lacks physical intimacy won't be very pleasant, but the benefit of courting is getting to know a woman well without being distracted by what usually happens on a date. you in love or dating a woman. Courting a woman allows you to have fun with creative ideas and a way to get to know her intimately through discussions or activities together, which can be a more solid foundation for a marriage

Court a Woman Step 4

Step 4. Get to know her on a friendly level

Courting a woman is more serious, so you shouldn't jump into it with both feet and not know if she can be romantically appealing to you. Hang out with her for group activities, understand her character and personality, and see if she appeals to you.

Court a Woman Step 5

Step 5. Learn about his family

The act of courting is very much linked to family and to dealing with a community, mainly because it is more common in very religious circles that favor chaste romantic relationships. Getting to know her family can help you decide if you want to woo her. Know what his family values ​​are and see if you can match him and vice versa.

  • Families are not alike and some will not want to know you well before you court their daughter, but others are very keen on the man having an active role in the family because they want to make sure they are reliable before letting their daughter hang out with you often.
  • The importance of family will be less if you are older and if the woman has left her home and is living independently. You should check this with her, however, to make sure you don't cross certain limits.

Part 2 of 3: courting a woman

Court a Woman Step 6

Step 1. Be frank with her

You should let this woman know that you are interested in her and that you are seriously considering marriage in the future before you start courting her. Make sure she's on the same page as you, and ask her what she wants in a relationship.

Courting a woman may not be very serious. Sometimes it's like trying to get on a date, except the act is exclusive and doesn't mess with love. Make sure the woman you are courting agrees with you if you are not ready to get married, so that there is no frustration or confusion on either side before him. to court

Court a Woman Step 7

Step 2. Get permission from his father

It can be an essential part of your courtship if she sees it as a serious commitment. It is therefore important to ask the father of the woman you want to woo for permission to do so, as this often involves the involvement of the family or at least their leader.

You should probably make sure that she is genuinely interested in you on a romantic level before asking her father for permission, because it takes a bit of courage to go to a father and explain to him that you are interested in his daughter. which would be quite embarrassing if she ended up rejecting you

Court a Woman Step 8

Step 3. Get to know her in public places and more intimate settings

Depending on the type of approach you take, you might want to date this woman in settings where you can really get to know her better, through good discussions and interesting activities. Some situations only happen when other people are around, which means you hang out with her in groups or with her family. But others are more individual and you may go to public places and be just the two of you.

Ideas for fun dates in public places are outdoor activities like kayaking on a lake, having a picnic in a park, watching a movie with a group of friends, visiting the sights in your area, learn a new sport or hobby or go to an amusement park or zoo together

Court a Woman Step 9

Step 4. Seduce her

Just because courting involves watching and dealing with other people in your romantic relationship doesn't mean you can't seduce the woman you are courting. Come up with creative dating ideas, compliment her, and show her that you are in love with her personality and character.

Courting a woman is also about how you treat her in front of others and want to do her a favor. Some women want to do it all on their own, but the best way to show her that you care is to be there for her. Caring for the woman you woo by doing her a favor and helping her when she's going through tough times and the most eloquent way to make her know that you love her

Court a Woman Step 10

Step 5. Know how to express yourself at the beginning

Avoid having emotionally charged language if you are still in the preludes. Emotional intimacy can be as powerful as physical intimacy in a romantic relationship, and sometimes it demands limits. Think about it to find out if you really mean it before you tell her you love her. You wouldn't want to mislead a woman or make her believe that you are at another stage of the relationship when the reality is you are not ready to take the plunge.

Court a Woman Step 11

Step 6. Go for physical limits

A couple who is dating and seriously considering marriage will have a harder time jumping into sex right away. Talk to the woman you are courting about what physical limits are right for her. Remember that courting involves serious commitment and often precedes a more intimate relationship.

Some shapes don't even allow a kiss, which means the couple is saving it for the wedding day. Others, on the other hand, are more relaxed and allow touching throughout the relationship. It is important to discuss this with the woman you are courting because you should be sure that she is on the same page. You wouldn't want to cross a line and then leave it or make it wait and wonder when you are going to take the next physical step

Court a Woman Step 12

Step 7. Make friends with his friends

Getting to know her friends and showing the woman you are courting is important to know that you also want to be a part of her life, as your dates will likely be in groups.

It doesn’t mean becoming your best friend’s confidant. Get to know her friends, be nice to them, but respect certain limits. It can be quite embarrassing for both them and you to remain friends with these women if your romantic relationship ends

Court a Woman Step 13

Step 8. Seek advice throughout this romantic relationship

Courting is serious business, and you may need advice from savvy men and women on how to handle this relationship and whether you are taking good care of it. Having a mentor or someone who cares about your relationship will also help you do the right thing and make sure you're doing the right thing in the way you've made the woman you're courting understand.

Court a Woman Step 14

Step 9. Update your relationship

The worst thing you can do is let a woman wonder what you think or where you are at. Make sure you have a discussion every now and then about your intentions in this romantic relationship and where you are emotionally. This will give the relationship some stability and allow her to enjoy it without wondering what the next step will be.

Part 3 of 3: Deciding If Marriage Is The Next Step

Court a Woman Step 15

Step 1. Talk about your goals for the future

It's time to find out if you have a future together, when you've dated a woman to get to know her better. Talk about what you want to do in the years to come. You should make sure you both are on the same page so that you don't end up being surprised by the way he is leading his life. Here are some questions you should ask.

  • Does she want to devote her life to her career?
  • Does she want to have significant sources of income?
  • Does she want to start a big family or no family at all?
  • Does she want to travel or stay in one place for a while?
  • How much time does she plan to spend with her family?
Court a Woman Step 16

Step 2. Discuss your desire to start a family

You may have different desires and different values ​​to instill in an upcoming family, so it is essential to know if you are compatible for marriage. First find out if you both want to have children and then talk about the kind of family you would like to start.

  • It is important to talk about how many children you want to have, whether one of you is going to stay at home to look after the children while the other is working, if you want the children to be raised in a religion given, if you will be lax or very involved parents.
  • This can be a difficult question to ask, but be sure to voice your opinion about the divorce. If you don't have a problem with divorce, and your partner does, or vice versa, then you shouldn't be united. You should be sure that the woman you marry cultivates the same values ​​as you, which limits conflict during marriage.
Court a Woman Step 17

Step 3. Take financial management courses

It may sound strange, but money and finances can be the biggest stressors in a marriage, and it can be helpful to both know your financial habits before you get married in order to correct any problems or concerns you might have. meet. You will often find this type of course through a family management association or in a local parish.

Court a Woman Step 18

Step 4. See if you are compatible

Hopefully some of the topics discussed above have helped you find out if you are compatible with the woman you are courting, but similarities can also be found in the character and personality of each of you. Marriage might not be for you if you've discovered that your personalities are opposite to each other. Indeed, this discrepancy can cause many disputes. Your partner may also adopt a lifestyle that you dislike.

Although the process was originally intended to lead to marriage, this is not always the case. You should end this attempt if you've come to a point in the relationship where you realize that marriage doesn't seem to be right for you. Carefully discuss why you don't think this might work for both of you in the future and add that you enjoyed courting her. Let her know that she isn’t full of flaws, but that your relationship isn’t a good match

Court a Woman Step 19

Step 5. Ask his father for his hand

The last step is to ask her father for the hand of the woman you have courted if you have discussed all possible concerns with your partner and have decided to get married. It might sound a bit old-fashioned, but asking your father for a woman's hand is more than a symbolic gesture. It shows the father and daughter that you respect them and want their consent.

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