How to prevent other girls from flirting with her boyfriend

How to prevent other girls from flirting with her boyfriend
How to prevent other girls from flirting with her boyfriend

If other girls are flirting with your boyfriend, the first thing to do is to analyze the situation carefully. First of all, ask yourself if he is totally innocent or if he is contributing to the problem. Then you can decide whether to confront that girl you caught on the spot or wait until you get home and talk privately with your partner.


Part 1 of 3: analyze the situation

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Step 1. Take a step back and look at the situation objectively

Flirting often requires the input of two people. A girl may try to seduce your boyfriend, but he too could have contributed to the situation. Try to assess their interactions well to see if they are both flirting or if only one person is responsible.

  • Analyzing the situation allows you to choose the best strategy to deal with it. Once you understand who is responsible for this situation, you can decide to confront the girl, your boyfriend, or both. You will also know when to have these conversations.
  • For example, if she approaches him giving him beautiful eyes or bulging her chest towards him, she is trying to seduce him, especially if she talks to him in a provocative way.
  • If he approaches her and encourages dialogue, he is also flirting. On the other hand, if he does not respond favorably to the girl's advances, it means that he is trying to reject her.
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Step 2. If the problem is with the girl, focus on her

If your boyfriend hasn't encouraged the girl's advances in any way, only chat with her just yet. In one of the following sections of this article, you will find tips on what to say. You don't have to be mean, but you can deal with the situation in a low-key and straightforward manner, clearly explaining your opinion.

  • You can just raise your eyebrows to let her know you know what she is doing.
  • You can also choose to do nothing. If you are in public, you can just walk away.
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Step 3. If you want to confront your partner, wait until you do so

If it is for something, if he is the one who initiated the dialogue or if he encourages this behavior, wait until you are in private before discussing with him. This way you won't be arguing in public and will have time to calm down before speaking out.

Part 2 of 3: deal with the situation in the moment

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Step 1. Take a look at the girl

The easiest way to send a message to a woman who is trying to seduce your partner is with a simple look. Look at her without smiling until she leaves. If she doesn't get the message, you'll need to move on to more explicit tactics.

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Step 2. Take possession of your man

If the other girl starts flirting, let her know it's your partner by touching him. Wrap your arm around her shoulders or take her arm and shake her hand. Lean your head on his shoulder. These discreet gestures will encourage him to step aside.

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Step 3. Show her you are together in words

You can mark your territory with a few sentences by showing this woman that you are a couple. For example, if she asks your boyfriend what he plans to do on the weekend, say, “We're going to see a movie together. This is our favorite, isn't it darling?"

  • Emphasize words like "we" and "our". Almost everyone will understand that you are together.
  • By creating other intimate bonds, because by having the same favorite movie, it will be clear to everyone that you are a couple.
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Step 4. Comment

If the other girl is blatantly trying to seduce your boyfriend, you can make a tongue-in-cheek joke about his behavior to let it know without sounding mean. This will bring attention to what is going on, ending the unpleasant situation, but without giving in to violence or creating an atmosphere of tension.

For example, try telling the girl that she laughs too much at your partner's jokes. Express yourself like this: “It was funny, but not that much! He always makes bad puns. "

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Step 5. Chat with her privately

If you don't want to make a scene, you can talk to this woman in private. This strategy is more effective with people you know than with people you don't know. If she doesn't stop despite your best attempts, ask if you can talk to her for a minute and explain the problem to her.

For example, you could say something like this: “Maybe you don't realize what you are doing, but you are flirting with my spouse. I find this very disrespectful and would rather you stop. "

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Step 6. Avoid the situation

If you notice that your partner, in certain situations, draws the attention of women to him or her, you might want to avoid this happening. For example, if when you go to the nightclub there is always a girl trying to flirt with him, avoid going there and do something else together.

Another possibility is to avoid the person. If a girl you know is flirting with your partner, try not to meet her

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Step 7. Act like nothing has happened

You can also ignore the flirtation attempt. If your boyfriend doesn't think that this woman is trying to seduce him, there is nothing to worry about. Also, what happened may make him more excited to be with you, which could make his time together more enjoyable.

Part 3 of 3: discuss the situation with your partner

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Step 1. Prepare it on time

Let your partner know that you want to talk to them about your relationship. This way, he will be prepared to have this conversation and will not be surprised. In addition, you will be free to choose the best time to broach the subject.

  • If you choose when to have this discussion, you will avoid getting angry when your boyfriend flirts with another person.
  • When talking, make sure you have all the time you need and turn off all your electronics to avoid distractions.
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Step 2. Express your emotions

Start the conversation by explaining what you saw and how you felt. This way you will make him understand your point of view. Don't blame him or else you'll put him on the defensive. Instead, focus on how you are feeling.

You might say, “I noticed other girls flirting with you a lot. I appreciate that they find you attractive, that's one of the things that made me date you. However, I am very upset when you encourage this behavior instead of rejecting it. "

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Step 3. Explain how you are feeling

You probably know why attempts at flirting make you angry. For example, maybe one of your exes used to flirt and ended up leaving you for another. So when your boyfriend approaches other women, you fear the same story will repeat itself.

  • Think about the problem to understand why it bothers you so much when your partner flirts with other women. It is often a question of lack of confidence.
  • You could say this, "It bothers me a lot when women try to hit on you, because my old partner was just flirting with all the girls and you know he left me for someone else." "
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Step 4. Let him explain himself

Now that you have started the conversation and clarified how you are feeling, you should also give your boyfriend the chance to speak. For example, he may not even notice that he is flirting or understand how much it bothers you. From his perspective, maybe he's just trying to behave politely.

  • Pay attention to what she says, instead of thinking about what to say when it's your turn to speak.
  • Don't focus on your pain. Listen to his feelings and intentions.
  • Nod and ask more probing questions to understand its own. For example, say this: "If I'm good with you, you don't think flirting is such a serious act." Why do you say that ? "
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Step 5. Talk about jealousy

Attempts at flirting are often linked to this emotion. Maybe he talks voluntarily with other women to make you jealous. Perhaps you are overreacting because you tend to be overly jealous and possessive. Talk about this topic to clarify if it is part of the problem.

  • For example, say something like this: “I know I'm too jealous. I don't think I can accept that you flirt with other women because I feel like I'm not enough for you. "
  • Ask this question: "Are you hitting on other girls to make me jealous?" I am asking this in order to correct the problems in our relationship so that you don't have to do this again. "
  • Let him explain his thoughts to you so you can continue the conversation.
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Step 6. Find solutions

After the two of you have discussed your feelings, try to find ways to improve the situation. Find a compromise that works for both of you, so that you are as happy as possible.

  • You can try to re-evaluate what you mean by "flirting". For example, you might view his friendly conversations with other women as unimportant, even if you once bothered you. However, do not accept occasions when he touches them or leans towards them.
  • Find a way to tell him when he crosses the line. For example, when you notice that he is losing control, you can whisper something in his ear to get his attention.
  • Discuss the problem whenever it arises. It is not worth having a serious discussion at the restaurant. However, when you feel like he is going too far, try talking about it the next day, so that he understands that you are feeling hurt and can remedy the situation.
  • Try to increase the intimacy between you. In some cases, your boyfriend may feel the need to flirt with others because you never do with him. Take the time to hold his hand, kiss him or dance with him on the veranda. All of these little things will help you feel more loved and secure.
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Step 7. Separate yourself

The last choice available to you is separation. If you can't stand his behavior and it constantly makes you angry, it might be time to end your relationship. Sometimes the only solution is to endure the situation or to break up.

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