3 ways to kiss in a car

3 ways to kiss in a car
3 ways to kiss in a car

Whether you're expecting a first kiss after a fun date or trying to find a private spot away from roommates or parents, a car can be a great place for this. Flirt with your sweetheart to generate an expectation before the first kiss, or find a secluded spot and change the position of the vehicle's seats for a more intense kissing session. Make sure the car is clean and comfortable before kissing the other person. Get rid of the trash or disgusting things to see and play entertaining music to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Method 1 of 3: Give a first kiss

Kiss in a Car Step 1

Step 1. Flirt with the other to see if they are looking for the same thing

Start by subtly joking or flirting with your sweetheart, to set the mood. If you give her hints that you are interested in her, it will give her an opportunity to react in the same way to your feelings and help you gauge her urge to want to kiss you.

  • Make eye contact with the other person every time the car stops, and as soon as you park, turn your body towards them to show them that you are listening and that you are interested.
  • Ask him questions. We all love to talk about ourselves, and trying to find out more about your lover's life, hobbies, or thoughts will show them that you care.
  • Try to say something positive about him or the moment you just had. Say something like, "I had a really good time with you tonight, and I would love to go out with you again!" "If he or she responds positively and shares your feelings (say, for example, he or she would like you to see each other again), then that means you are on the same page.
Kiss in a Car Step 2

Step 2. Look for positive body language

If your relaxed-looking lover leans in and makes eye contact, it shows that he or she is interested. Also watch for negative signs, such as arms crossed, moving your hands relentlessly, or looking at your watch. If you notice these signs, don't try to kiss her. It's better to wait for a better place or the best time, or realize that it just isn't relevant to you.

See if your companion turns to you in a relaxed and open posture. Maybe that shows he's comfortable with you

Kiss in a Car Step 3

Step 3. Touch their hand or arm in a relaxed and playful way

Making physical contact with your partner will help you break down barriers between you, gauge their interest, and may help you both feel more comfortable. Avoid erotic touching to make sure the contact isn't embarrassing or awkward.

Here are some examples of casual, non-sexual touching: touching the other's shoulder to get their attention, touching their arm while talking to them, or placing your hand right next to theirs. Touching other parts of his body may be seen as an attempt at seduction and may make him uncomfortable

Kiss in a Car Step 4

Step 4. Make sure your seat belts are unfastened

You still wouldn't like to jump into the action and find out that one of you (or both) is stuck! As soon as you park the car, immediately remove your seat belt. Hopefully your mate will do the same, but if they don't, wait until they remove their belt before initiating the kiss.

Kiss in a Car Step 5

Step 5. Verbally ask for a kiss if you are feeling brave

Some people think it's more polite to ask for a kiss verbally, and your partner might appreciate your being direct. Tell her that you like her or that you had a great time with her, then ask her, "Would you mind if I kissed you?" "Or" Can I kiss you?"

Don't try to kiss someone out of the blue without warning them first. You should go gradually, creating the mood ahead of time

Kiss in a Car Step 6

Step 6. Ask for a kiss using your body language

Give him a clue of your intentions by intensifying the contact, such as placing your arm around his shoulder or hugging him, followed by a kiss on the forehead or cheek. If the feeling is mutual, you can try kissing her on the lips.

  • If you do not receive verbal consent from the other, you should be careful to decipher their body language. Signs that prove he's receptive include smiles, leaning in, and touching you the same way you touch him.
  • If your lover says he or she doesn't want to or doesn't seem interested, respect his or her wishes. If you insist or rush things, he may feel uncomfortable, make you appear awkward, and you could ruin any chances you have with him.
Kiss in a Car Step 7

Step 7. Bend over to kiss

Look in the direction of your partner, pucker your lips a little and kiss his. Do not open your mouth without your lips having already touched!

  • Put one hand on your lap or on the side and gently touch your companion's hair and cheek with the other hand.
  • Follow his rhythm. If he kisses you slowly or lightly, you should do the same too. Don't rush things, take the time and read their body language all the time to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed. Remember, you can stop at any time, even if you initiated the kiss. Don't feel pressured to go beyond what's comfortable for you.

Method 2 of 3: Initiate an intense kissing session

Kiss in a Car Step 8

Step 1. See if your partner is comfortable with what you have in mind

The easiest way to find out is to ask him! You need to make sure that the other person wants to have more physical contact with you and that they feel comfortable doing so in a car, in a more isolated location.

  • You definitely need to have some sort of basic physical contact, like light kissing or holding hands, before engaging in a passionate kissing session.
  • You can tell the other person's thoughts about having more physical contact by saying something like, "I'd love to go somewhere more private to kiss you." Do you want this? "
  • Let her know where you plan to take her before you go somewhere further away. You might be tempted to surprise her in order to make the moment more romantic. However, you could instead ruin the mood, as some people might be concerned about their safety if you unexpectedly drive them to a place where no one can see you.
Kiss in a Car Step 9

Step 2. Make sure you park in a secluded location

If it's dark outside, turn off your headlights so others won't notice you. See if your partner and anyone else who might see you are not uncomfortable. Some people don't like to be shown affection in public, and your significant other may not want to kiss you in a place where others can see you.

Kissing in public isn't against the law in most countries, but if you want to step things up beyond kissing, you've got to go somewhere more private. If an act is illegal in public, it will also be illegal in a car parked in a public place

Kiss in a Car Step 10

Step 3. Create the atmosphere by flirting with him

Give compliments like, "You are really cute right now!" "Keep the atmosphere relaxed and don't try to rush things. Begin with light physical contact, such as placing your hand on your companion's knee, if he or she is clearly interested in the conversation and receptive to your touches.

Try to come in when you are staring at the other person, as that is usually when kisses are given. However, you should not stare at it very intensely, otherwise it can look scary

Kiss in a Car Step 11

Step 4. Start with light kisses and increase the intensity

Wait until your mate looks you in the eye and lean in and kiss him on the lips. Start slowly with light kisses, touching firm places like the shoulder or face, and slowly changing position. Intensify the kiss little by little by slowly increasing the touches and only continue if your lover responds enthusiastically.

Keep the kiss interesting by stopping every now and then to look the other person in the eye or ask if he or she likes what you are doing. Every now and then, move your hands to another place, such as his legs, hands, neck, or hair

Kiss in a Car Step 12

Step 5. Adjust the seats if the kiss continues to intensify

You may need to ask the other to wait a moment to make slight adjustments, or ask if he or she wants to go to the backseat.

  • Move the seats back and recline the backrest if you are in the front seat. If you are in a vehicle that has a bench seat (a seat for two people), you can simply recline the backrest and then lie on the seat. If there is a gear lever between the two front seats and you don't want to lean over it, both of you should consider heading to the passenger seat, where there are no pedals or steering wheel that could. embarrass you.
  • Slide the seats forward if you decide to go in the back. Create as much space as possible for you and your sweetheart by pulling the seats forward and folding the backseat into the trunk, if possible.
Kiss in a Car Step 13

Step 6. Constantly ask the other if he or she feels comfortable

It can be difficult to feel physically comfortable kissing your sweetheart in a car, and you may need to constantly make adjustments. You also need to make sure the other person agrees with how and how fast things are going.

  • Get her verbal consent by telling her what you plan to do before you do it. While you are kissing, you can say, for example, "I'm going to slide my hand under your skirt" and wait for her to say "yes" or give you a non-verbal signal, such as a more intense kiss.
  • Pay attention to his body language. Whenever you increase the physical contact, watch for the other's reaction. If he or she comes close to you or touches you back in the same way, that means the person appreciates what you are doing. On the other hand, if she recoils, stops what she is doing, or does not react positively, you don't have to continue: these are the physical ways of saying no.

Method 3 of 3: Create the atmosphere in the car

Kiss in a Car Step 14

Step 1. Get rid of smelly, dirty, or unsightly items

Make sure the seats you and your sweetheart are going to sit in are clean and free of mess. Remove food wrappers, garbage, used clothing, or anything else that could give off a bad odor from the car.

  • Vacuum the seats if they are dirty. Most car washes and some gas stations have vacuum cleaners that you can use to clean your car.
  • If you are concerned about bad smells, hang or spray an air freshener in your car.
  • Clean the dashboard and door handles on the passenger side and remove any debris or rubbish that may be in the door compartments.
Kiss in a Car Step 15

Step 2. Adjust the temperature of the car

This will make the other person feel comfortable. See if it's very cold or too hot. If you are not sure, ask him! Be careful not to drain the car battery if you plan to stay put for a while.

If you want to cool the car down, ask the other person if he or she prefers you to turn on the air conditioning or open the windows, as some people may prefer fresh air, while others may not like the wind. that comes from outside

Kiss in a Car Step 16

Step 3. Play some relaxing music to relax the atmosphere

If you play music that is entertaining, soft, or sultry, it can help your partner feel more comfortable and can make any silence less uncomfortable. If you know his favorite artists or songs, play them to make him feel even more relaxed.

Kiss in a Car Step 17

Step 4. Find a place with good scenery or isolated to park the car

Drive to your favorite place or ask your partner to take you to a place that has a great view. Look for at least one place that's a little hidden.

  • If you live in an area that is not very flat, look for a hill or other place that has great views. You can also go to a nearby park and find a place a little more hidden by trees.
  • Do not park under a lamppost or in front of your companion's well-lit house (where his parents might see you).
  • Make sure you can park there. For example, many parks close at dusk and you could have trespassing trouble if you park there.


  • If you're really looking to make a good impression, take the car to a car wash before picking up your sweetheart.
  • Turn off the car before you start kissing her. If you lose track of time and engage in a long kissing session, your vehicle's battery may drain!
  • Have some chewing gum in the car for both of you, in case anyone worries about bad breath.
  • You will have less room in a car to move around, which can sometimes make this kissing moment embarrassing. Consider opening the door for her or accompanying her to the door of her house if you prefer to kiss while facing you directly.

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