How to make a boy laugh: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to make a boy laugh: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to make a boy laugh: 10 steps (with pictures)

Most boys are stoic geniuses who won't let go of a smile. If you know her sense of humor and let your extraordinary personality shine through, you will develop a connection that will make both of you laugh at all times.


Part 1 of 3: find your sense of humor

Make a Guy Laugh Step 1

Step 1. Don't take yourself seriously

Most girls can't get an audience to laugh out loud with simple sentences or anecdotes. The easiest and most effective way for a girl to develop humor is not to take herself seriously. It shows that you are happy, that you know how to have fun and enjoy life. Here are some ideas.

  • Try physical humor. Make faces, pretend you're stuck in slow motion, jump onto her back and hold on (if that doesn't bother him, of course) or engage in a kicking fight.
  • Give yourself a show. Mimic an accent or imitate it, you gently laugh at him for flirting with him, of course.
  • Respond to him without taking yourself seriously. Are you snuggled up to him? Purr like a cat. If he says "oops, I just had the last soda", tell him "IT'S GOOD NOW, I AM MOVING TO CHINA". Then smile and tell him how much you look forward to seeing the great wall and eating roast duck.
Make a Guy Laugh Step 2

Step 2. Be yourself

There is nothing better than a genuine person who feels comfortable with themselves. If you can be yourself, you show him that he can be himself without having to worry. Humor will come naturally when the two of you are happy and relaxed!

  • Don't worry if you think you're not having enough fun for him. If you are cheerful and having fun, take pleasure in his company. Don't worry about how you look. Do what makes you happy and he'll probably want to go with you.
  • If you try to be funny, he'll probably find out that you are trying to be funny. Be natural and let the conversation flow naturally. The humor will come by itself. !
Make a Guy Laugh Step 3

Step 3. Be positive

Obviously once in a while you get the hang of the person who does well by being completely hilarious because they are dry, cynical and sarcastic, even a little dark or weird, but in general you prefer to be around this kind of character in small doses. We all want to be surrounded by radiant and happy people, because this state of mind is contagious. They make us too radiant and happy (which often means more fun), bringing out a side of our personality that makes us feel comfortable. He can't help but love her.

When we feel optimistic, everything becomes more cheerful. When life is happier, it's easier to joke (and get a smile back). It's easier to turn a mundane situation around and turn it into a fun opportunity. The more fun you have, the more you (and him!) Will laugh

Part 2 of 3: adapting to your style

Make a Guy Laugh Step 4

Step 1. Get to know him

Humor is subjective. What's funny to you might not even be funny to your best friend. So if you want to know how to titillate his sense of humor, get to know him! What is he watching on television? Which actors? What is his style of humor? All of these details will give you more information on what you need to do to make him laugh.

Foucault said that even the best joke, placed at the best time, would not make a person who likes scatological humor laugh. And it also works the other way around. Does the boy you like prefer manly humor? Does he like witty words about current events? Could you make him laugh with a Klingon pun? Find the answer

Make a Guy Laugh Step 5

Step 2. Laugh at his jokes

Overall, women are more drawn to a sense of humor than men. What do men want? Someone who will make them feel like fun. Instead of trying to impress him, show him that he impresses you. You are going to win his heart by showing him that he has the right to laugh at his own jokes, because he is an amazing guy.

You don't have to laugh at each of his jokes. If he comes up with a joke that flops, laugh at him, staying playful. Did he just try to make one of those cliché blonde jokes? Truly. Let her know how cute it is to try with a little laugh and a smile

Make a Guy Laugh Step 6

Step 3. Feed his humor

When you feel good with someone, it's hard to ignore the chemistry that is created. To show him that you have understood him and that you appreciate his humor, feed his mill! Did he just pull out his Sean Connery expression? Support him by putting out your best expression Alex Trebek or Pussy Galore (you don't have to be perfect, this is his time). If you don't impress him, pull out a line from one of his famous films or provoke him by asking him to emulate Christopher Walken.

You can develop a rapport between the two of you that will be hard to break by creating jokes. Whether he has self-deprecating or Family Guy humor, follow him. Show him that you appreciate his humor

Part 3 of 3: Communicate with him

Make a Guy Laugh Step 7

Step 1. Help him to be happy in general

When life gets bleak, we won't be able to laugh no matter what. If you want to take life on the more fun side, you have to be willing. So, make an effort to make them feel happy (it's impossible to make someone happy, they have to want it too) by being an extraordinary person and offering it to them as a reward for being by your side..

You are already doing all you can by being positive and fun. Be his friend (or whatever role goes well with your relationship), do little things for him, or try to make his life easier (especially if he has a lot of worries). Show her the pink side of life so you can laugh together

Make a Guy Laugh Step 8

Step 2. Be prepared to make a fool of yourself

There are very few things more fun (and that make you want to laugh) than a person making a fool of themselves and adding a layer of it. There is nothing worse than someone who makes a fool of themselves and suddenly becomes ashamed of themselves. So when you spill soda on your pants, just say save it for later and brown looks better on you than white anyway. In addition to the drink, it perfumes your clothes, you are a frugal person!

Studies show that you can gain people's sympathy and trust by making a fool of yourself. It is quite logical on the one hand, when you show that you have your feet on the ground, that you are happy, a human being in all his nature, as the others are too, it removes any form of intimidation from them or of stress

Make a Guy Laugh Step 9

Step 3. Become tactile

Burlesque comedy is a type of comedy that has been around since the beginnings of mankind and still exists for a reason. If you can't be funny naturally, relax! You can still convince him that you are the funniest girl he knows by using non-verbal humor.

  • Popcorn? Yes, please, now is the time to find out who is aiming better. Some spaghetti ? It's time to do a remake of Beauty and the Tramp.
  • Are you waiting in line to see a movie? Are you so bored that you end up biting your nails for something to do? Why not get into the macarena choreography?

    As long as he's not the type of boy who gets embarrassed easily, go for it

  • Try to fight for fun, tickle him or attack him. The bond created by physical contact is as strong as steel. Wouldn't it be time for a battle of thumbs?
  • Laugh. You don't need a reason to laugh! Laughter causes a chain reaction that often causes people around you to laugh. And it will also make you happier!
Make a Guy Laugh Step 10

Step 4. Relax

If it is clear that you seem stressed, you will not find any situation that will make you smile. You probably know someone who is always depressed. Don't ruin the party. Relax. It's the only way to be yourself, don't take yourself seriously and create an atmosphere where laughter will come naturally. If you are feeling relaxed and enjoying the time spent together, laughs will spring up on their own in the conversation!

It's okay if he doesn't laugh at your jokes. You think you are fun and that is all that matters. If he sees that you are natural, there is nothing in your element that he cannot love. So take a deep breath, everything is under control


  • Be patient and let the conversation flow.
  • Don't make jokes that he might take the wrong way. You better stay in safe territory by making jokes that everyone will enjoy.
  • You don't have to force anything. If you force yourself to be funny, he'll realize you're unnatural.
  • Never be afraid to tell him what you think, it's important that you feel comfortable around him.


  • Don't be disappointed if he isn't laughing, he may be thinking of something else. Try again the next time you see each other.
  • Be careful with cliché jokes. Sometimes they make you look like they're playing a joke to fit in. Make sure your joke looks natural and spontaneous.

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