How to get someone's phone number

How to get someone's phone number
How to get someone's phone number

You are having a great party and you would really like to get the phone number of the gorgeous brunette with the dazzling smile sitting next to you. If you know how to go about it, it's not really difficult! Read this article and soon you will need to get a memory card to store the numbers in your cell phone.


Part 1 of 4: prepare to call the number

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 1

Step 1. Have confidence in yourself

People of the opposite sex are naturally drawn to people who are self-confident.

  • To be confident, paint yourself in style, listen to your favorite music, and put on clothes you feel comfortable in. This is all the more important when you know in advance that you are going to ask someone for their phone number.

    Make Your Cousin Jealous Step 01
  • Make it seem like you have confidence in yourself if you don't. Outside observers will not tell the difference and in addition after a while you will really have confidence in yourself.
Get Someone's Phone Number Step 2

Step 2. Don't anticipate

If you imagine what is going to happen or if you prepare what you are going to say to ask someone for their number, one of the following two things will happen to you: 1 in life, things don't turn out the way they are. imagined. 2 You won't look natural and the person will notice this.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 3

Step 3. Define your intentions

You need to know why you want to ask someone for their phone number. Do you want to invite him out in a few days? Do you want to see her the next day? Do you ask her for her number to invite her to a party?

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 4

Step 4. Keep the conversation going

You are certainly going to feel nervous, the thought of having to have a natural conversation with a stranger might be scary, but if you really want to get her phone number you will necessarily have to show that you are a charming and interesting person.

  • Don't think that you are going to walk in front of the person, ask for their phone number and walk away. You will have to converse amicably before and after you get her number.
  • Be honest and open. If the person asks you questions, you have no choice but to answer concisely and with sincerity.
  • Don't talk too much. People who know how to listen are very attractive. You certainly want to talk about yourself, but you have to be modest. It is best to ask questions and take the time to listen with interest.
  • Don't converse for too long. You don't want to keep the conversation going too long or you'll get boring. You need to have a fairly short and interesting discussion in order to pique the person's interest.
Get Someone's Phone Number Step 5

Step 5. Don't harass the person

Your goal is to get the person's phone number, but if you're pushy you won't get it. If you harass the person, you won't appear to be someone you can trust.

Part 2 of 4: ask for the number

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 6

Step 1. Be direct

The best way to act is to be sincere and direct. Approach the pretty brunette of your dreams, strike up a conversation and after a short while tell her: "I really enjoyed this conversation with you." What is your phone number ? I would like to call you someday to chat and get to know each other."

  • If you approach a stranger, you can have a longer conversation. This person is certainly aware that you are approaching him with other intentions than arguing over the origins of humanity.
  • If you want to ask someone you know for their phone number, be clear about your intentions. You don't want to sound like a platonic friend in need of comfort when in fact you have something totally different on your mind.
Get Someone's Phone Number Step 7

Step 2. Borrow something

Ask the person to lend you something, a pen, book, or other item, and then ask for their phone number so they can return the item they loaned to you. It's a direct and delicate way to let her know that you want to see her again.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 8

Step 3. Give it two options

It's a formula used by good salespeople. Don't ask a yes or no question like, "Can you give me your phone number?" Instead, say: "Give me your phone number or your email so we can stay in touch!" This way you will definitely get a result.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 9

Step 4. Exchange your business cards

Fewer and fewer people have business cards these days, but exchanging business cards is a great way to get a phone number. You can also be sure that the number is correct when it is common to give a wrong number to get rid of someone.

Part 3 of 4: What to do after receiving the number

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 10

Step 1. Walk away quietly

Once you've got the phone number, don't delay. Greet and walk away calmly by staying in the same room or going to another place.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 11

Step 2. Be patient

Now that you have the phone number of the woman in your life, don't call her just yet. Wait at least twenty-four hours before dialing the number on your cell phone.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 12

Step 3. Don't text, call

It is of course much easier to send a message, but it is a completely impersonal and cold process. Call the person to have direct contact and a real conversation. It's always best to call to communicate, whether it's the first time you do it or the fiftieth time.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 13

Step 4. Stay Zen

He's just a human being just like you aren't he? Don't worry and don't be shy the first time you dial the phone number of the Moulin Rouge dancer you met during the evening at Michou's. Take a deep breath, focus, and show her that you are a really interesting person.

Part 4 of 4: Get Someone's Phone Number Without Asking

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 14

Step 1. Take hold of his phone

Naturally pick up the person's phone (when you are with them of course). You can do this discreetly or naturally during the conversation.

  • Admire the quality of the cell phone's camera and send yourself a message to test the connection speed. All you have to do is add their number to your contact list!
  • Check their phone settings to find their number.
Get Someone's Phone Number Step 15

Step 2. Ask a friend for her number

Ask a friend of hers to give you her phone number. It's a simple and discreet way to get his number so that you can call him one day, for example, to invite him to a party or simply to chat.

Get Someone's Phone Number Step 16

Step 3. Consult the directory

Look up their number in your school directory or in the phone book and if you work together look in the employee directory. Use every means imaginable to get his number.


  • During the conversation, don't show that your goal is only to get her phone number. Converse in an innocuous way and without letting the person discover your intention.
  • If you don't know the person, be as natural as possible or you can inconvenience them by asking for their number off the cuff. You need to be aware of the type of relationship you have with the person.
  • Do not insist. It's disturbing, you will only reinforce a refusal or the person will give you a wrong number to get rid of you.
  • If the gorgeous brunette gives you the wrong number, don't fret. Moreover, during the conversation you realized that she had a big nose and big teeth!

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