How to seduce a scientist: 10 steps

How to seduce a scientist: 10 steps
How to seduce a scientist: 10 steps

Scientists, especially researchers, are asocial beings, but fascinating! Whether it's out of challenge or true love, you might want to seduce one of them.


Solve Math Problems Step 5

Step 1. Be Scientifically Cultivated

A scientist is a person of high intellectual level, you cannot afford to be as dumb as a donkey. Solving a nonlinear differential equation, knowing how to calculate head-on the isoelectric point of a protein and knowing the acoustic impedance of a standard wall will be essential assets!

Look Attractive (Girls) Step 7

Step 2. Do not bet on your physique (but a little anyway)

The basic scientist is not superficial. He himself neglects his appearance: crumpled shirt covered with a Quechua® polard with the smell of cold coffee. Nonetheless, he remains human and will be drawn to some of your physical charms.

Pretend to Be Rich Step 2

Step 3. Have the money

Your target, if he is a researcher, will often suffer from the failure of the refusal of funding. It's a tough time for him. You will have to console him with your financial wealth. There is also the possibility that he will have difficulty in publishing his work. It will probably be bitter for several months. Be tender and patient, you can take advantage of your heritage to change the atmosphere (beach, mountain, etc.).

Make a Rubik's Cube Turn Better Step 6

Step 4. Cultivate your IQ

You can watch TV reports rather than going out to a nightclub. Likewise, you should limit your consumption of alcohol and drugs. Indeed, you have to keep a healthy brain. In addition, you will at the same time cultivate your financial wealth by limiting certain expenses.

Tell a Joke Step 4

Step 5. Have the right humor

You need to understand jokes with scientific connotations such as: "What is a protein in water?" A protein kinase (swimming)”or“What is a protein underground? Amino acids (to be mined). "You can even take the opportunity to seduce him with" you are so hot that you denature my proteins "or" I want to find the bijection that associates each point of my body with yours."

Identify Beetles Step 2

Step 6. Have original pets

The scientist routinely uses animal models for his research. If you are the lover of animals this is a big plus point. Have original pets: iguana, snake, beetle, ants. These animals will intrigue your target and they will often come to your home to admire your magnificent animal models!

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 6

Step 7. Invite your target to a high-flying science seminar

This will show your higher IQ and woo him with your intention to take an interest in him. You can slip him some scientific jokes and end up offering him a drink at home, using the pretext of your wish to present him your model pet!

Always Win an Argument Step 18

Step 8. Don't contradict him on a scientific fact

The basic scientist has a big ego, don't question his skills. He has scientific expertise of which he is very proud, you must agree with his words. To contradict him is to take the risk of offending him or worse offending him!

Read an Astrology Chart Step 1

Step 9. Give up alternative medicine and creationism

Your future husband (wife) would take a very dim view of your adherence to alternative medicine: homeopathy, astrology and dowsing. These facts are not validated by science and supporting them would anger your future great love. The same goes for creationism.

Be Single and Happy Step 12

Step 10. Be yourself

The scientist places an intrinsic value on each person: it is up to you to show them yours. Nevertheless, hide your most despicable flaws: low IQ, practice of homeopathy and situation of financial crisis. But never lie to him. You should also be original, but natural.

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