5 ways to look good without makeup

5 ways to look good without makeup
5 ways to look good without makeup

Deciding to break away from eyeliner is an important decision that you might not be very comfortable with. However, it's important to remember that you can look absolutely gorgeous without wearing makeup. All you need to do is take care of your skin, lead a healthy lifestyle and have a positive attitude.


Method 1 of 5: Take care of your skin

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 1

Step 1. Determine your skin type

Knowing your skin type is important in order to take care of your skin effectively. The skin can be normal, dry, oily or sensitive, sometimes a mixture of several types. It is possible to have areas of skin that are more oily than others. Also remember that sometimes you change your skin type. To determine your skin type, consider the characteristics of each type:

  • A person with normal skin will have small pores, few blemishes (pimples, red spots, blackheads etc.), low sensitivity and a glowing complexion.
  • A person with dry skin will have very small pores that are difficult to see, redness in various places, somewhat rough skin, and more wrinkles than most people. People with dry skin often also have itchy, scaly skin.
  • A person with oily skin will have fairly large and noticeable pores, a shiny complexion, and often some blemishes on the oilier areas of skin.
  • A person with sensitive skin will often have red, itchy, dry, chapped, or itchy skin.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 2

Step 2. Wash your face at least twice a day

Taking care of your skin is the most important part of looking good without makeup. Wash your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin type. You usually need to clean your face once in the morning and once in the evening. If you have been sweating a lot, for example after exercising, wash your face again.

  • Be aware, however, that washing your face too often can dry out and irritate your skin.
  • If you're having trouble finding a facial cleanser that's right for you, make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss your skin type and find the cleanser that's best for you.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 3

Step 3. Get rid of redness and swelling as soon as you wake up

After cleaning your face, inspect your skin. If you have a part of your face that looks a bit swollen or red when you wake up, you can run ice cubes over your skin to constrict the blood vessels. The redness and swelling will decrease as well.

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 4

Step 4. Apply moisturizer every day

Each time you wash your face, apply moisturizer afterwards. Choose a good quality moisturizer, preferably containing a sun filter, for the day. In the evening, you can apply a richer moisturizer.

  • Here too, choose a moisturizer suited to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, choose a soft, fragrance-free cream. If you tend to get breakouts, try a light, non-greasy cream instead.
  • People with dry skin should favor a richer texture with soothing and nourishing ingredients like shea butter or aloe vera. You can also use honey as a moisturizer.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 5

Step 5. Exfoliate your skin once a week

Exfoliating your skin means ridding it of dead cells to give your face a fresh and radiant complexion. This is especially important when you are not wearing makeup, as it helps to naturally achieve the glow you would otherwise create with foundation and bronzing powders. Ask about facial cleansers that contain exfoliating particles to exfoliate your face.

  • You can also exfoliate your skin using a washcloth dipped in lukewarm water. Gently rub your face with the glove in circular motions. This is a great option for people with sensitive skin.
  • Never rub your skin too hard with an exfoliating product, and don't use it too often. You may dry out and irritate your skin.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 6

Step 6. Try a tonic lotion

Tonic lotions are skin care products that are sometimes overlooked. Yet they can work wonders in improving the appearance of the skin. Tonic lotions restore the skin's natural balance, leaving the complexion even and radiant. Get an alcohol-free tonic lotion to avoid drying out your skin while improving the radiance of your complexion.

  • Some tonic lotions are specially designed for oily or acne-prone skin. They help rid the skin of excess oil and tighten pores. Tonic lotions designed for dry skin preserve moisture in the skin and calm irritation.
  • Most toners can be used daily, after cleansing the face and before applying moisturizer.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 7

Step 7. Try some natural skin care techniques

If you'd rather do without chemical-containing facial cleansers, you can try all-natural techniques that will help you achieve a fresh complexion. Try an aloe vera or neem oil soap to naturally cleanse your face.

Make yourself a natural face mask by mixing turmeric powder, two teaspoons of lemon juice, honey, milk, tomato puree and half a cup of chickpeas flour. Apply the mask to the skin, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse off with clean water

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 8

Step 8. Always remove makeup when wearing makeup

While this article is here to help you go without makeup, chances are you still feel like priming yourself every now and then. There's nothing wrong with that, but always make sure you remove your makeup well before bed when you do. Makeup left on overnight clogs pores and can cause breakouts.

Use a makeup remover specifically designed for this purpose, in liquid or cream form, rather than your usual facial cleanser. To remove all traces of mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner, use a gentle eye makeup remover

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 9

Step 9. Always treat pimples if you have them

There is nothing fun about going out without makeup and with pimples, which is why treating your skin imperfections can help you feel confident enough to go without makeup. The previous steps will all help you get rid of your pimples or blackheads. Also consider using skincare products specially designed for oily acne-prone skin, including sunscreens. It must be specified on the package that it is a non-comedogenic product, which means it will not clog pores.

  • Look for products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These two active ingredients are very effective in fighting acne.
  • If you're having trouble clarifying your complexion, see a dermatologist. They may prescribe skincare products that require a prescription or even antibiotics to get rid of your pimples.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 10

Step 10. Always wear sunscreen when going out

Try to wear sunscreen every day, even on a cold, gray, or snowing day. UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin in any weather. They cause the skin to age prematurely and, in extreme cases, cause skin disease and cancer.

Choose a sunscreen with a protection factor greater than or equal to SPF 30 and which, if possible, is also moisturizing. This way you can integrate this gesture into your daily routine without any problem

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 11

Step 11. Stop touching your face

This is a very common bad habit that can really affect the quality of the skin. Piercing pimples, rubbing your forehead or simply resting your chin on your hand are actions that can make the skin more oily and bring bacteria to it. The skin will therefore be more easily shiny and will have pimples more easily.

Rubbing your face can also wrinkle the skin and cause premature wrinkles

Method 2 of 5: Practice good hygiene

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 12

Step 1. Shower regularly

You have to be clean to be attractive. Having greasy hair and grimy arms might not project the alluring image you're looking for. In general, try to shower every day and wash yourself with a cleanser suitable for your skin type.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, use lukewarm water rather than hot water, which may dry out your skin further and irritate it further

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 13

Step 2. Wash your hair every other day

While it is important to wash frequently, you should instead try to space your shampoos. It is important to wash your hair so that it does not get greasy, it is best not to wash it more than every other day, at most, unless you really have very oily hair. Washing the hair too often makes it dry, coarse and brittle.

  • Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. In general, it is advisable to apply a dab of conditioner after each wash.
  • Some people find that rinsing their hair in cold water makes it shinier and softer.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 14

Step 3. Pluck your eyebrows

0192 Using tweezers or wax, maintain crisp brows. Well-shaped eyebrows can work wonders for your face, making your eyes pop without the need for makeup. Well-defined eyebrows can make a face look more noticeable and features more defined. Rather, grab the hair at the base to pull it out, not by the end.

If you're not sure and don't know what shape to give your eyebrows, make an appointment at a beauty salon to pluck your eyebrows for the first time. Ask the beautician how to reproduce the same shape at home and invest in a good pair of tweezers

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 15

Step 4. Fight body odor

Regular showers will already help you smell great, but it's still important to banish body odors like those that develop in the armpits. Invest in a good quality deodorant and possibly buy perfume, to carry with you to always be fresh and fragrant.

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 16

Step 5. Pay close attention to your oral hygiene

A healthy white smile is very important in your overall appearance. Make sure your teeth get the attention they deserve. Brush them at least twice a day, for at least two minutes, with gentle circular motions. Concentrate on each of your teeth, without neglecting those that are more difficult to reach.

  • Floss every day after brushing your teeth. Flossing helps remove plaque, food debris stuck between teeth, and bacteria, which helps prevent cavities.
  • Also, try brushing your tongue when brushing your teeth. After brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth with mouthwash to remove any remaining bacteria and ensure good breath.

Method 3 of 5: Enhance your facial features without makeup

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 17

Step 1. Curl your eyelashes

Long, curled lashes can make your look very feminine, without you needing mascara for it. Try using an eyelash curler to add volume to your lashes. To use an eyelash curler:

  • wrap your eyelashes in the eyelash curler and hold the curler in place for 10 to 20 seconds
  • thicken your lashes by applying petroleum jelly on them, to distribute with an eyelash brush
  • you can replace the eyelash curler with the back of a teaspoon if you don't have one
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 18

Step 2. Keep lips smooth and full

Full, smooth lips are much more attractive than dry, chapped lips. Take care of your lips with exfoliating and moisturizing products. Exfoliate your lips by rubbing them gently with a damp toothbrush or washcloth, then moisturize them with your favorite lip balm.

  • Protect your lips from the sun with a balm containing a protection factor of at least SPF 30. In winter, wear a nourishing and protective balm.
  • You can also use petroleum jelly to keep lips healthy and free from chapping.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 19

Step 3. Use eye drops for a fresh, healthy look

For bright, healthy, awake eyes, use eye drops that fight red eyes. These drops are available over the counter at drugstores and drugstores, and are a simple and effective way to improve your appearance. Put a drop in each eye in the morning for a clearer look.

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 20

Step 4. Color your cheeks

A touch of pink on the cheeks gives a healthy and radiant look. For this, no need to use blush, just lightly pinch your cheeks or pat them for a nice pinkish shade.

Your cheeks will have a pretty natural pink tint if you go skinny outdoors and exercise regularly

Method 4 of 5: Pay attention to your overall appearance

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 21

Step 1. Dress neat

Wear clothing that gives you confidence and flatters your figure. This will help you to be naturally attractive. When you don't have to spend time putting on makeup in the morning, it's time to save time to carefully choose the outfit that will make you stand out the most, to look good and have confidence in you.

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 22

Step 2. Style your hair

Choose a hairstyle that flatters your face to make you feel full of confidence even without makeup. Depending on the hairstyle you choose, some features of your face will stand out more than others, making makeup even more superfluous. For example, bangs will make your eyes pop.

  • Choose your hairstyle based on your face shape. Click here for more information on this.
  • Don't worry if one day you can't get your hair done. Rebellious hair can be concealed by a trendy scarf or a stylish hat. You can also use dry shampoo to make your hair look less greasy if you don't have time to wash it before going out.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 23

Step 3. Choose whether you want to wear glasses or contact lenses

If you have vision problems, you may need to wear contact lenses or glasses. If you want to switch to a makeup-free lifestyle, spend some time trying on different pairs of glasses as well as contact lenses to see what you prefer.

If you choose to wear glasses, choose a pair that flatters your face and makes your eyes pop

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 24

Step 4. Wear nail polish

Nail polish lets you add a splash of color without the need for mascara or lipstick. Choose a colorful and original nail polish that will draw the eye to your toenails and hands.

If you don't want to paint your nails yourself, make an appointment at a salon for a manicure and pedicure

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 25

Step 5. Sunbathe in moderation

A slightly tanned complexion can totally transform your appearance. It will make your complexion radiant, smoother and more regular. Spend time outdoors with sunscreen that has a low sun protection factor. You will naturally get a beautifully tanned complexion.

  • Avoid UV lamps and all other ways to get an artificial tan. These methods can cause cancer. Prefer a bronzer.
  • Some facial moisturizers contain active tanning ingredients that will help you achieve a beautiful tan without makeup.

Method 5 of 5: Have a flirty attitude

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 26

Step 1. Smile

The simple act of smiling brightens the face and lets your inner beauty shine. It will also make you look happy and confident and make you look more affordable. Whether you wear makeup or not, smiling generally makes you more beautiful.

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 27

Step 2. Project your happiness

If you are not happy, it might show whether you are wearing makeup or not. By smiling, on the contrary, you will send back an image of happiness. Spending time with people who make you laugh, doing what you love, or having a positive attitude are other ways of conveying a happy image.

Being positive can be very attractive. A pleasant attitude and a positive outlook on life help bring about good things

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 28

Step 3. Have confidence in yourself

True beauty radiates from within. Stop thinking that you need mascara to build confidence and try believing in yourself a little. Straighten up with your chin up and shoulders straight. Make eye contact with people and smile more often.

Remember that makeup is only meant to bring out certain features. Your real beauty doesn't need him to exist

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 29

Step 4. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep will help you maintain a positive attitude and improve your appearance. Although each person needs a different number of hours of sleep, teenagers generally need 9 to 11 hours of sleep, while 18 and over typically need 7 to 8 hours of sleep..

If for some reason you can't get a good night's sleep and you wake up with bags under your eyes, don't worry. Just place two metal spoons in the freezer for ten minutes. Then apply these spoons to the level of dark circles, under your eyes. This will reduce the swelling

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 30

Step 5. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water every day will help flush toxins from your body, which in turn will help your skin stay glowing. The amount of water you need each day depends on your physical activity.

  • Between the ages of 9 and 13, girls typically need to drink around 2 liters of water per day, and boys between 2 and 2.5 liters. Ref> http://www.eatright.org/kids/article.aspx ? id = 6442470651
  • Between the ages of 14 and 18, girls generally need to drink between 2 and 2.5 liters of water per day, and boys between 3 and 3.5 liters per day.
Look Hot Without Make Up Step 31

Step 6. Eat healthy

Being and looking healthy is very much about what you feed your body with. Your physical appearance can be affected by a poor diet. Eat as little fatty, fried, and sugary foods as possible. Instead, consume whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

If your diet is insufficient to meet all of your vitamin and mineral needs, take dietary supplements. Vitamins A, C and E are particularly important for the skin

Look Hot Without Make Up Step 32

Step 7. Reduce the level of stress in your life

If you deal with stress on a daily basis, you are more likely to develop pimples. Try to reduce the amount of stress you have to deal with each day. Among the different ways to fight stress we find:

  • practice yoga
  • do breathing exercises
  • try meditation


  • Tie your hair back loosely at night to keep it from getting dirty on your face.
  • Apply a little petroleum jelly to your eyebrows and eyelashes to enhance them.

Drink a lot of water. Your skin will be beautiful even without makeup. Sunscreen will also help keep your skin looking radiant.

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