How to make a woman feel beautiful: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to make a woman feel beautiful: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to make a woman feel beautiful: 9 steps (with pictures)

If you love someone, you want them to feel good about themselves. Women often feel bad about how they look, but there are ways to help a woman feel beautiful. Use not only words, but also gestures to provide support when the need arises.


Part 1 of 3: Using words

Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 1

Step 1. Give compliments at unexpected times

If you want a woman to feel beautiful, give her compliments throughout the day. Compliment her at an unexpected time, especially when she feels disheveled or even ugly.

  • Start the day with a compliment. As soon as she gets out of bed in the morning and walks over to the coffee maker, say something like "Hello my love!" Or "You look good. "
  • Compliment her when she's in her element. Women love that their halves give credit to their personalities, hobbies and interests as well as their physical qualities. If your loved one is an avid hiker, tell her that she looks gorgeous when she's sweaty and sunburned on her face because she seems so happy when she spends part of her day outside. If she works in a hospital, tell her how cute you find her in her gown.
  • Be persistent. Fearful women may not take compliments. If your partner rejects a first compliment, reassure her. Suppose she doesn't feel pretty enough on a particular day and rejects your compliment. Insist by saying something like this, “Well, you look beautiful to me. "
Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 2

Step 2. Tell him you like his flaws

Most women have complexes about their body or their appearance. A great way to make your partner feel beautiful is to talk to them about their lack of self-confidence. Tell her you find her gorgeous the way she is.

  • Brag about the parts of her body that make her uncomfortable. For example, if she has complexes about her thighs, tell her you find her gorgeous when she wears a shorter skirt. If she still finds her arms too chubby or too muscular, observe her more when she is wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress.
  • Some women are self-conscious about their personality and feel unattractive because of it. If your loved one thinks she's overly emotional or really insensitive, tell her that everyone has their flaws or aspects of their personality that they hate. However, tell her that her complexes won't make her any less beautiful.
Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 4

Step 3. Talk about her around you

Some people think that receiving compliments directly is misleading. If you are trying to show your wife that she is beautiful, talk about her around you. She might take your word for it.

When you are at a party or social gathering, show people how much you love your wife. You can brag about her physical qualities, saying something like this, "Doesn't she have the best smile?" You can also boast about her most attractive personality traits, for example by saying something like this, "Isn't she funny?" "

Part 2 of 3: Showing affection through gestures

Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 6

Step 1. Surprise her

People feel beautiful when they feel appreciated. Find ways to surprise your partner with little gifts and gestures. This will allow her to feel good about herself and therefore to feel beautiful.

  • Bring her her favorite flowers on a weekday. Try to surprise her with a little note to tell her that she is lovely. Buy him a small present and leave it in his mailbox.
  • Order him a meal and have it delivered to his place of work and try to attach a note on the delivery slip to wish him a good day.
  • Text her that you find her beautiful, smart, or funny.
  • Be creative. Think about gifts or kind gestures that she would appreciate throughout the day.
Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 7

Step 2. Plan a fancy party

Sometimes dressing for a night out on the town can help a woman feel beautiful. Make reservations at a luxury restaurant. Buy tickets to a musical or concert. Plan to go to a masked ball. She will be able to choose an outfit, jewelry and makeup that will make her feel confident and beautiful.

Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 8

Step 3. Start your sex with foreplay

Women love foreplay before sex. Not only does it help boost sexual desire, foreplay can boost a woman's self-esteem. If your partner likes you to admire her body, she will have better self-esteem.

  • Take the time to stimulate every part of your body. Kiss her neck, ears, shoulders and breasts. Run your hands all over her body, from head to toe. This will give her the impression that you want her, which can make her feel more confident in herself.
  • Being naughty can come in handy. You don't have to be vulgar or openly talk about sex, but expressing your attraction to her in a few words can help. Tell her what attracts you to her. Describe to her the sexual practices that you enjoy doing with her.
  • Many women feel insecure in bed and prefer to have sex in the dark. Suggest that she turn on the lights so that she can contemplate her body. Even if she objects to it, she might be flattered that you are so excited to be drawn to her to the point of turning on the lights.

Part 3 of 3: Support

Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 9

Step 1. Understand the lack of confidence in women

Lack of self-confidence in a woman is a common problem for good reason. Statistically, having a conventional beauty is beneficial for both her personal life and her career. Women, even those who are conventionally attractive, sometimes have doubts about their appearance and tend to feel threatened by beautiful women. Try to understand this and offer your emotional support by listening to your loved one. Realize that women don't actively try to lose self-confidence, but there is a lot of social pressure to adjust to a certain level of beauty.

Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 10

Step 2. Communicate

One of the best decisions you can make to make a woman feel beautiful is to chat with her. Allow them to openly share their trust issues with you.

  • Listen to her express her feelings. Listen to her intensively, summarizing her words each time, and show her that you are listening by nodding your head, for example.
  • You can reassure her, but understand that you can't solve someone's trust issues for someone else. If you're concerned that your partner is overly concerned with their appearance, kindly offer to see a psychological counselor or therapist.
Make a Woman Feel Beautiful Step 12

Step 3. Encourage her to develop her passions and interests

Women like to feel appreciated physically and intellectually. By encouraging her to develop her passions, you help her to feel beautiful.

  • Encourage her to pursue her interests. If she likes to sing, ask her to hum something to you. If she enjoys painting, ask her if you can take a look at her artwork.
  • Ask him what is important to him. Ask him questions about his job, school, hobbies. Take a direct interest in her personality, as well as her outward qualities to help her feel beautiful.

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