3 ways to get the number of a person I like

3 ways to get the number of a person I like
3 ways to get the number of a person I like

It can be just as intimidating to ask someone you like for their phone number as it is to call them. There are, however, several approaches you can take to improve your chances of success. It is actually very easy to invite someone out. You yourself are the only obstacle that stands between you and a date with the person of your dreams.


Method 1 of 3: Get this person to take the first step

Get Your Crush's Number Step 1

Step 1. Approach him / her in person

This technique works best if you are face to face. She asks you to trick her into calling or texting you for information. The most important thing is to express your interest in an activity while telling him that you are in a hurry.

  • Start slowly by saying: “Hi Jacques! Then continue with a question about an event that interests him or even asking him what he does on the weekend. Show her that you are interested in her plans.
  • For example, try saying: "let me know if you're going" or "maybe we could go together." "
  • This way, you're going to get him stuck in a corner and he will have no choice but to ask for your number. Once they call or text you, you can save their number.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 2

Step 2. Make plans as if he already had your number

Invite him to an event with a group of friends. Tell him you'll text him the details later and walk away. He'll probably realize that you've never traded your numbers, and he'll tell you right away.

  • It is essential that the event you invite him to be a group outing. These kinds of outings involve no commitment and will make both of you less nervous. He is going to be more inclined to respond more favorably under these circumstances than if you had invited him on a one-to-one date.
  • Try to form a group of members that this person knows, but not too well. If everyone in the group is close friends, chances are he has their phone number and will contact them for the details instead of contacting you.
  • Start walking away after your invitation. If you stay too long, he might ask for details while you're there.
  • It should normally respond in one of three possible ways. With luck, he'll call or text you and you can save his number. If that doesn't happen and the event passes, it might ask for your number so you don't miss the next one. Of course, it's also possible that he won't contact you at all, in which case that could mean he doesn't want to share your phone numbers.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 3

Step 3. Find an excuse

Instead of making plans, you can offer him your number just "in case". Think about a particular situation that you and your loved one are sharing, and come up with an excuse based on that. If you can do it in a subtle way, it might even ask for your number without you having to take the first step.

  • For example, if you take the same course, you might use it as an excuse. Take into account your different options. If you are good at math and this person is struggling, you might want to offer help when they are having trouble with their homework. Likewise, if he knows in advance that he won't be able to come to class, you can tell him that he only needs to give you a call if he needs information about courses he missed.
  • If that person shares an activity with you, you can offer them your number and tell them to use it if they need a driver to go to class.
  • If you are both cheering on the same team, use that excuse to give them your number. Tell him that you are going to miss an important game next week and ask him to send you news about the score.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 4

Step 4. Try to get him to call you

When you spend time together, tell him that you are having trouble with your ringtone and that you would like him to call you to test it. This should cause him to ask for your number. Once he calls you, you will get his number without even asking him.

  • You're going to need to have this conversation while you're alone to prevent someone else from offering to call you instead.
  • Once they call you, look relieved that your phone is working fine. Keep it looking natural, but compelling, without overdoing it.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 5

Step 5. Keep Calm

Once you've redeemed your numbers, don't get too excited. Don't call or text her that night. Give her time to avoid sounding too curious.

It's okay if he understands what you've been doing and if he knows you like it. If it's reciprocated, he'll have another reason to invite you out

Method 2 of 3: Ask the question directly

Get Your Crush's Number Step 6

Step 1. Ask him in person or online

If you know him well and if you already communicate by email or on social networks, you can ask him for his number while you are talking to each other. You can also ask him in person, but it takes more confidence.

  • Talk about it during the conversation. It is good to be direct, but it will be more effective to be at the right time. Try to let the question appear naturally in the conversation.
  • Invite him (her) out. If he feels like going out with you, you can ask for his number.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 8

Step 2. Think of a good excuse

If you have a good reason to ask him for his number, it will be easier to get it. Use the context to find a suitable excuse. Focus on a situation you have in common to make your question more natural.

  • A class that you attend together is a good place to start. If you are in the same group working on the same project, ask them for their number so you can meet you outside of class. Likewise, if you are having trouble with a subject that this person is good at, ask them if they would like to help you with your homework over the phone.
  • Work is also a great place to get a phone number the natural way. Ask for her number if you need someone to check your schedule. Alternatively, you can ask them for their number in case they need a driver on a rainy day.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 9

Step 3. Be direct about your intentions

If you feel brave and confident enough about this person's potentially mutual feelings, you might offer your number directly to them without making an excuse. In love, there is nothing better than getting straight to the point.

  • Stay calm and confident. Keep it simple: give them your number and tell them to contact you if they feel like it. If your feelings are mutual, he'll probably give you his number as well.
  • If you've ever flirted with each other, you can ask her for her number while you're flirting. You could say, "I'll give you my number if you give me yours." »Keep your tone light to avoid putting pressure on him or making the situation more tense.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 10

Step 4. Give it time

As before, you should avoid using her number the same day. If you're in too much of a hurry to send him the first text or make your first call, you might scare him off.

  • If you used a specific excuse to get her number, you need to make your first call or send your first character with that in mind.
  • However, if you haven't mentioned an apology for getting it, you can call or text him whenever you feel like it.

Method 3 of 3: Get the number from someone else

Get Your Crush's Number Step 11

Step 1. Use your business card

If you are both adults and have a working relationship, you can ask her for her phone number indirectly with a business card.

The downside to this technique is that you may end up with their work number instead of their private number. Make sure the number is a cell phone number before calling for personal reasons

Get Your Crush's Number Step 12

Step 2. Ask a friend

You can ask someone to help you, it works well, especially if the three of you are friends. Ideally, your friend would have the number of the person you like. Otherwise, he might be more comfortable asking him.

Your mutual friend might understand your intentions, which is why you should choose them carefully. If you don't want your loved one to hear about your feelings yet, you need to make sure that friend keeps it a secret

Get Your Crush's Number Step 13

Step 3. Use social networks

Nowadays, you can learn a lot about someone just by delving a little online. The easiest way to find someone's phone number on the Internet is to take a look at their Facebook page. If you're both friends, there's a good chance he left his number on Facebook and is visible to you.

Get Your Crush's Number Step 14

Step 4. Find his number

While there isn't a free, reliable service for finding just anyone's cell phone number, you can also search the phone book to find their home number. This solution is always better than not having your number.

  • This technique only works if that person has a landline and their number is in the white pages.
  • Know that if she is a minor or if she lives with her parents, you will need to know the names of her parents.
Get Your Crush's Number Step 15

Step 5. Find a good reason to call

Since he (she) doesn't know you have his number, you might look a little weird if you call or text him without warning and for no good reason. When you call her, make sure the reason you find is urgent and justified. Admit that someone gave you their number and explain to them why you needed it.

  • For example, you could tell him that you wanted to ask him a question about an assignment and explain that one of your classmates gave you his number. You could also send them an invitation to a group event and mention the person who gave you their number.
  • You could also simply tell him that you wanted to call him to invite him out. Sometimes it is better not to go four ways.

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