3 ways to tell if a girl is single

3 ways to tell if a girl is single
3 ways to tell if a girl is single

At first glance, it is very difficult to know if a girl has a boyfriend or if she is free. But if you can manage to chat with her parents and friends, notice certain signs or strike up a conversation with the girl, you will quickly find the answer to your question. Make sure you always treat her with respect and don't scare her, otherwise she might think you are harassing her. Create a connection and be direct.


Method 1 of 3: Chat with family and friends

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 1

Step 1. Be discreet

Talk to friends and relatives only if you are already familiar with them. If you've never spoken to them before, you might need more time to plan things. Always be respectful when talking to people in her circle of friends, as this could damage your image in the future.

  • You can also be direct and honest about the reason for the conversation. However, keep in mind that they can immediately tell him anything or refuse to help you.
  • Don't lie about yourself. Be honest, because if she finds out that a loved one has been manipulated and you have used her, your attempt is doomed.
Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 2

Step 2. Make a good impression

Her friends and family are her first line of defense, so it's important that you do your best every time you chat with them. Don't be rude or clumsy, as this can create a bad impression when they talk to them about you.

Find things in common if you are from a different social circle. Be loved by their parents so that they can invite you to one of their activities or to ease your transition into their circle

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 3

Step 3. Be yourself and have confidence in yourself

It is easy to recognize one person who is pretending to be another. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a fake appearance, so don't try to change your personality to look like a good person. This girl is unlikely to want you to go to so much trouble just to get to know her.

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 4

Step 4. Ask her relatives if she is single

First of all, your communication with them should reach a level where you won't feel uncomfortable about such a question. Do not rush, otherwise his family will take a defensive position. Likewise, if you are chatting with one of her friends and she thinks you are talking to her because you like her, she might feel embarrassed after you ask her about her friend. Also, don't ask the boys in her circle of friends the same question, since one of them can be her boyfriend.

Ask a general and simple question: "So what do you know about Carine?" This kind of question maintains ambiguity and makes you less suspicious

Method 2 of 3: Look for signs

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 5

Step 1. Look at his ring finger

The engagement ring is a clear sign that she is not single. Usually it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. For various reasons, not all married women wear a ring, so this tip cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 6

Step 2. Search for their profile on social media

Social networks are a convenient way to learn more about a girl's marital status, as it usually provides an indication of her relationship status. If she openly indicates that she is in a relationship or posts a lot of photos with the same face, then you can quickly gauge your chances.

If access to their page is restricted, you can send them a friend request. Remember to organize your profile page well in order to make a good impression. There may be some compromising photos of you that might make this girl hesitate to tell you if she is free or not

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 7

Step 3. Evaluate his social life

There's a good chance she's single if she usually dates single friends. If you don't know what she usually does, just say "what are you planning to do this weekend?" Or "what did you do funny last week?""

If she usually goes to the same bar or club soon after, she is probably single and wants to meet someone

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 8

Step 4. Find out about his interaction with other men

If in a bar or club you see a girl who doesn't speak much with men or go out on the dance floor, it could mean that she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to send the wrong message. Conversely, if a woman willingly accepts the invitation to dance and chat with men, then the probability is great that she is free.

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 9

Step 5. Look for eye contact

Whether it's in a bar or in the grocery store, if you're able to make and maintain eye contact with this girl, it could mean you've been successful in getting her attention and may even indicate flirting. It could also make it clear that she is open to conversations.

  • Especially avoid staring at her if she looks away or if the eye contact seems to be a coincidence.
  • If she smiles at you and looks you in the eye, chances are she wants to know you well.

Method 3 of 3: Decrypt conversations

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 10

Step 1. Chat while remaining relaxed

Talk about your hobbies or find out about his plans for the weekend. She could immediately tell you if she has a boyfriend or if she is free. If she has plans with her lover, she'll probably tell you.

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 11

Step 2. Invite the girl over for coffee or lunch with you

This is not an official date, but it can be considered as such. If she is hesitant, it could mean that she has a boyfriend. If she agrees, it is possible that she is free and considers such an invitation as a date.

It's best to know immediately if she thinks it's a date or just a date with friends. You could say this to him: "Are you alright with your boyfriend?" She might smile if she's single or appreciate your tact and delicacy, but either way, you'll make a good impression on her

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 12

Step 3. Touch it

It is possible that she will recoil, but just by touching her you can make a closer connection. Maybe she just enjoys flirting or is extremely shy. Either way, you just need to apologize if she backs down. She can also directly say why she feels uncomfortable (maybe she has a boyfriend). Contact is a clear sign that your intention is to get closer to her.

  • Touch her casually after telling a joke or giving a compliment on her hair or clothes.
  • If you escort her to a door or elevator, you may touch her lower back. You can also read over his shoulders if you are studying or working together. Even though it may seem innocent, subconsciously she will know that you are trying to get closer to her.
Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 13

Step 4. Read his body language

If you are in a social setting and a girl has her arms crossed and she isn't looking you in the eye, chances are she doesn't want to strike up a conversation with you. However, if she touches your arm or leg during a conversation, it means that she is showing interest in you.

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 14

Step 5. Try to find the meaning of what he is saying

If she talks a lot, you can assume she's an open, friendly person with a busy schedule, maybe because she's single. For example, if she doesn't even mention a boyfriend's presence, but tells you that she goes to yoga every day, takes English classes, and looks for other hobbies, there's a good chance she'll be. 'she is single.

Find out if a Girl Is Single Step 15

Step 6. Be casual and polite

If your intentions become obvious, she may lose interest and become scarce. Say something like this, “I was wondering…” and invite her somewhere or just ask her phone number if you've just met her.

If you're going not to beat around the bush, you need to have reached a certain level in the relationship. She might be embarrassed if you get right to the point without knowing her at all


  • Be confident and respectful.
  • It is not because her love situation on her social network profile is not up to date that she is not in a relationship. Some people prefer to keep their love life private.
  • Make contact and get straight to the point.


  • Do not harass her when you look at her: sooner or later she will notice that you are staring at her.
  • Do not investigate her from a lot of people and do not insist too much, otherwise she will easily find out and distance herself.
  • Don't act desperately!

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