How to have a girlfriend when you're ugly

How to have a girlfriend when you're ugly
How to have a girlfriend when you're ugly

Whether you are very ugly or not, inviting a girl out is always difficult. Plus, whether you're good looking or not, someone will find you attractive to who you are, to your personality, and to your smile. You will just have to make the effort to meet this person.


Part 1 of 5: Getting noticed

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 1

Step 1. Smile at the girls

Smiling will make you appear happier and people will find you more attractive. Just the act of smiling could make you happier already. This is because when you smile your brain produces neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and you immediately feel better.

  • In addition, seeing a person smile is seen as a reward by the brains of others. When you smile at someone, they feel rewarded. In turn, he comes to associate positive emotions with you.
  • Also, when you smile at someone, you make them want to smile back at you, which will make the person more cheerful and help you stand out.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 2

Step 2. Be selfless

A withdrawn person will not attract many people. By being open and generous, you will stand out, especially if you put the effort into it. In other words, be generous, but don't overdo it. Either way, people will realize it.

  • Try to volunteer. This will allow you to appear as a generous person in the eyes of others. In addition, it will also be an opportunity to meet new people.
  • By volunteering, you will feel better about yourself and build your confidence.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 3

Step 3. Work on your insurance

Confidence is a very attractive feature, even more than a good physique. However, there is sometimes a fine line between self-assurance and arrogance. Insurance is knowing that you have qualities, without bragging about them at the slightest opportunity. Your confidence will be reflected in your behavior, so you don't have to talk about it.

  • A good way to build your confidence is to take the time to list your strengths, achievements and qualities. Try to see all that is positive in yourself. If you're not sure where to start, ask a friend for help or think about the compliments you get often.
  • To build confidence, you will also need to stop talking negatively about yourself or at least temper your negative remarks. For example, instead of saying “I feel awful,” you could say “I don't feel very attractive today, but I am thankful that I am healthy and that I can enjoy life. "
  • Claim to be sure of yourself. If you can't really be sure of yourself, pretend first! Much of this will be down to how you present yourself, for example speaking clearly, pitching high enough for the situation, and making eye contact with people. Also, stand up straight, because by being arched, you would betray your insecurity.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 4

Step 4. Tell jokes

By making jokes, you will come across as a more confident person. Plus, it will help you break the ice. By showing self-deprecation, you will attract people because they will see that you are good about yourself, which is an endearing quality.

Step 5. Take care of yourself

Even if you are not the most beautiful person on earth, having good hygiene and taking care of your appearance will go a long way in making you attractive. By taking care of your appearance, you will let others know that you are confident about yourself, even if you are not. Most girls are very drawn to assertiveness.

  • To take care of yourself, you will first need to make sure you have good hygiene. Shower once a day or at least every other day, wash your teeth twice a day, floss, and keep fingernails clean. A sloppy look will be repulsive. Also consider using deodorant and cologne.
  • Take care of your hair. You don't have to go for the latest trendy haircut. Nonetheless, get your hair cut regularly to get rid of dead ends and avoid becoming unkempt. Also, style your hair every day so that your hair does not come out all over the place.
  • Choose clothes that look good on you and show off you. Plus, make sure you're comfortable in whatever clothes you choose.

Part 2 of 5: come out of your shell

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 6

Step 1. Go to clubs and other social places

While bars and nightclubs don't seem like great places to talk, you can still meet women there. In fact, a lot of people go out hoping to meet a potential girlfriend or boyfriend. All the chances are then on your side! Nonetheless, if you are going out to dance, make sure you stand out by learning some special dance steps. Girls will have the attention so riveted on your movements that they won't even have time to notice whether you are beautiful or not.

  • If you're not a very good dancer, ask a friend who can dance to show you a few tricks.
  • If nightclubs aren't your thing, go to other hangouts, like a coffee shop.
  • You could also join a club, take any course, or join a sports team. The important thing is that you go out of your house and meet people.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 7

Step 2. Use Online Dating Sites

If you don't want to meet in nightclubs or other public places, you could try dating sites. If you're a little shy, these sites can serve as a crutch, as you won't have to go talk to complete strangers in person. Plus, you'll be able to connect with many more people than you would meet in person.

  • You'll need to upload a profile photo, but since you'll be in control, you'll choose one that you find flattering!
  • Most of the people you meet on these sites will be single and available.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 8

Step 3. Nurture Your Relationships

You don't necessarily have to meet someone new to find a girlfriend. You probably already know girls who could become your girlfriend. Indeed, many friendships evolve into a love story. You just have to go to the right person.

  • Think about your friends. Do you know any girls who could become your girlfriend, who you like to spend time with?
  • Be flexible. If you find yourself very unattractive and are looking for love, you should give the girls you know the same opportunities. This means that even if you don't find a particularly beautiful girl, you will have to get to know her and give her a chance.
  • You may need to learn to think differently when it comes to your love life. You might have known a girl for years, but never considered her as a potential partner.

Step 4. Be yourself

You've probably heard that every jar has its lid, and it's perfectly true. Try to express who you are through your behavior and the way you dress. This is how you will attract someone who is interested in the same things as you. In addition, by standing out slightly, you will not go unnoticed.

For example, if you are a geek, don't be afraid to wear a geek t-shirt in public. You will meet lots of girls who like it

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 10

Step 5. Consider where and when

You will have to go to people and talk to them. Only then will you be able to meet people. However, you should always consider where you are. If you're in a park late at night and see a woman walking alone, this probably won't be the best time to approach her. It's almost always best to go to women during the day, unless you're at a nightclub or bar.

  • Also, if you are alone with a woman, especially in a cramped space, attempting to flirt might be unwelcome.
  • Only flirt in places where there are people around and where the woman can leave if she wishes.

Part 3 of 5: know what to say

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 11

Step 1. Talk to the girls

When you see someone you would like to talk to, get up and go talk to them. You might think this girl is too good for you, but you will never be able to find out if you don't muster the courage to go and approach her. Go to her as soon as you notice her, as the opportunity to speak to her could be very brief.

  • In other words, if you notice a girl you find interesting at the cafe, go quickly and strike up a conversation.
  • If she rejects you, don't take it too seriously. Some people, especially shy people, don't like talking to strangers. It may have nothing to do with your appearance.
  • Don't be afraid to laugh and joke around with her. If you put her on a pedestal, the girl will feel like she can't be herself around you, and she won't be attracted to you.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 12

Step 2. Break the ice

To start a one-on-one conversation with a girl, start by breaking the ice. If you go too hard, too fast, you risk being rejected and it would be the same if you were the most beautiful man in the world. It is always best to start with a sincere conversation.

For example, to start a conversation, you could ask her for a favor, any small favor. If the two of you are at a bar, ask him to pass you a napkin or a bag of peanuts. Oddly enough, by asking someone a favor, you make them become attached to you

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 13

Step 3. Ask a question

Another way to strike up a conversation with a girl is to ask her a question. The best questions will be those that get your interviewer talking and that are seductive-focused, but not too seductive. Basically, you have to get noticed by this girl and make her want to chat with you.

  • It may be more effective to get the person to focus on themselves, rather than on you.
  • For example, ask your interviewer if her watch is a designer watch. If you are watching a game at a bar, ask her if she plays tennis, instead of telling her that you are a really good player. If you try too hard to impress her, you might scare her away.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 14

Step 4. Keep the conversation going

Once you've initiated the exchange, try to keep it going. If the conversation falters, bring up a new topic. For example, you could make a remark about your surroundings that would get them back into the conversation, such as “the coffee is delicious here”. This will give her something to talk about, if she agrees with you.

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 15

Step 5. Say no more

If you have nothing more to add to the conversation to make it last, it will be best to shut up. Girls will see intelligence in your silence, because when you say something, it will be valuable.

Nonetheless, if you are in a one-on-one conversation, do all you can to keep the conversation going

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 16

Step 6. Avoid being desperate

Women are very rarely attracted to a man who seems desperate to find a partner. If you beg a girl to go out with you, that girl will instantly be turned off. If she says "no" to you, leave her alone. This will show him that you are not desperate and that you respect his limits.

Part 4 of 5: Invite a girl out

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 17

Step 1. Make a suggestion

If you don't find yourself very attractive, you might not have the confidence to invite a girl out directly. In this case, you might go about it in a more subtle way, such as indirectly suggesting that she date you.

For example, you could ask her what she does on weekends. When she answers you, you can tell her, "This sounds like a lot of fun." I'm going to go see a new art exhibit which must be really cool. Maybe that interests you? "

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 18

Step 2. Make the idea seem like her

One way to not sound like you're inviting her would be to ask her for a recommendation for a restaurant or whatever. When she answers you, you could suggest that she go together and the idea will seem to come from her!

For example, you could say "How well do you know this neighborhood?" I don't come here often. Do you know any good Mexican restaurants in the area? When she gives you a name, say "oh, that sounds great." Would you like to accompany me there? "

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 19

Step 3. Try your own suggestion

You could also try the opposite approach, talking about yourself about a fun neighborhood place or event. She might answer that it sounds very interesting and then you would suggest that she take a walk together.

You might say "I heard the restaurant across the street has the best burgers in town." If she says "is it true?" I love burgers. You might say "Would you like to try the place with me?" "

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 20

Step 4. Just be yourself

Otherwise, you could just be blunt. You might think you need to hide behind attempts at dating, but the reality is most women appreciate being relatively straightforward with them. Besides, it will never be wrong to ask and the worst she can say will be "no".

For example, if you've been talking for a while, you might say, “I really enjoy chatting with you. How would you like to continue this conversation over a good dinner? "

Part 5 of 5: Choosing the right outfit

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 21

Step 1. Choose clothes that fit you well

To choose good clothes, you will first need to choose the pieces that fit you well. Your clothes should be tailored to your body type and not be too loose. Still, they shouldn't be so tight that you get bad at it.

  • If you've never done it before, be aware that you might benefit from taking your measurements. Measure your shoulders, chest, waist, hips and thighs, as well as your crotch length. Use a tape measure designed to measure the body, which you can find in sewing kits or at a DIY store.
  • Crotch length is the measurement from the crotch to the point where the pants stop, on the inside of the leg. You can also measure this on pants that fit you well.
  • Once you've taken your measurements, you can compare them to the size charts to get an idea of ​​which size to choose. However, you will still need to try on the parts before purchasing them, as sizes may vary slightly from brand to brand.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 22

Step 2. Choose clothes you like

Don't buy something because you think girls would like it, if you don't really like it. You will appear uncomfortable in it, and it will get you nowhere. With that said, when shopping for an item of clothing, think about the occasion you will be wearing it for. Don't wear shabby jeans and a t-shirt with a hole in it for a first date. The girl you are dating will expect you to try harder.

If you're not sure what would be right for the situation, ask a fashion-loving friend to go shopping with you. Just make sure you don't buy clothes that you are very uncomfortable in

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 23

Step 3. Consider using a counselor

It is possible to hire a professional who will advise you on pieces that will enhance you. The opinion of an outside person could help you create a new look. There are also subscription services, which will send you clothes each month that match your preferences and body type, and you can choose to buy or return.

  • If you can't afford these options, you could just ask the store sellers for advice.
  • Be aware, however, that they are paid to sell the clothes and will therefore do anything to get you to buy them.Also, salespeople usually have a thousand things to do and won't give you much time.
Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 24

Step 4. Get your clothes touched up

If you may not be able to afford expensive clothes, having more affordable clothes altered to better fit your body could make all the difference. Your clothes will not hang down or be too long on the legs or arms. You can often have your clothes picked up at the dry cleaners, for not very expensive.

Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly Step 25

Step 5. Choose dark colors

Dark colors generally look more elegant, largely because they camouflage flaws in the fabric and fit. If you choose inexpensive light-colored clothes, the slightest flaw will be visible. In addition, light-colored fabrics stain more easily.

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