How to entertain a girl: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to entertain a girl: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to entertain a girl: 10 steps (with pictures)

We are assuming that you have a sexual attraction or a romantic interest in a particular girl. If so, know that you need to give him the opportunity to have an exciting and fun experience, and don't be clowning! Make an effort to learn to seduce without setting a date, but through conversations.


Entertain a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Find out what excites her

Even if you don't know what topic she's most interested in, you better ask her. She will be happy to discuss her favorite topic.

Entertain a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Think about their needs

You have to figure out what she would like to do, but has never been able to do it. This could mean, for example, teaching him how to drive or taking him to a shooting club. There are many options.

Entertain a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Invite her out

You can tell her to come with you to the mall to help you pick out new clothes. That doesn't mean you actually have to buy her extravagant items, just because she likes it. In fact, submitting to its demands would have the opposite effect. While you're at it, get her to try on some sexy clothes. Girls like to put on whatever clothes they find there, although they don't intend to buy any.

Entertain a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Show him your world

Take her to listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite movies.

Entertain a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Surprise her

Don't tell him where you are taking him. Just tell him to trust you.

Entertain a Girl Step 6

Step 6. Carry out a creative activity

You need to think of something creative that you can do together such as repainting her bedroom or helping her collect samples for her flower collection. Invite her over to your house and tell her to help you in the kitchen with making lunch.

Entertain a Girl Step 7

Step 7. Don't make her laugh too much

Keeping a girl entertained doesn't mean she has to be laughing all the time. Ask him personal questions and don't be embarrassed to talk about yourself. Make the discussion interesting. Check out the tips section for more ideas.

Entertain a Girl Step 8

Step 8. Know how to go about it with it

You need to understand that you cannot solve her problems if she is furious or angry. Girls are smart enough to run their lives. Tell him to share with you what bothers him and don't ask what you can do to help him. The first option will make you come across as an empathetic person she fell in love with, the second will present you as a haughty individual who thinks women are too stupid or weak to find a way out of their worries.

Entertain a Girl Step 9

Step 9. Be funny

You can tell erotic jokes, but understand the difference between pornography and eroticism. Making a joke and showing her that you really want to be with her (being with her doesn't mean you want to have sex with her on the spot!) Is reasonable, but if all the jokes you have to tell are sexual., you will look excited and needy.

Entertain a Girl Step 10

Step 10. Get her to confide in you

When you notice something bothering her during your discussion, get her to talk about it, even if she starts to cry. It is in fact a therapeutic method used by psychologists. After you have a good cry, she will start to like you because you made her feel good (ironic, but experiencing grief rather than avoiding it is a great way to ease the mind.).


  • If you want to know if she wants you to kiss her, cut your sentence halfway and give her a slight smile while looking her in the eye. If she can maintain eye contact for five seconds without saying a word, just lean over and kiss her (this technique really works).
  • Here are some topics to start a discussion:

    • his parents,
    • the fashion,
    • holidays at the beach or in the mountains,
    • the domestic animals,
    • children,
    • what would you like to learn the most? (This query will allow you to apply the second step),
    • travel (his preferences),
    • where did you buy this shirt?
    • what do you think is the fundamental factor in a relationship?
    • anything that will actually allow you to get to know the woman better (like the question previously asked). If you are unable to keep this particular girl entertained, you have the option of making use of the next information.
  • The key to being successful with a woman is to truly enjoy her company.
  • Be original. You do without the idea of ​​bringing her out to dinner or going to watch a movie. If you want to impress and entertain her at the same time, take her when you walk the dog in the park. That way, she won't feel like she's on a date and things will go smoothly. You should also not be under pressure as this is the first date and for that you need to be confident and sympathetic.
  • Above all, you need to relax. You'd even be amazed at how easy it is to impress and entertain a girl when you don't try that.
  • Cook her her favorite dish.
  • Be yourself and don't screw it up.


  • Don't go overboard in your entertainment process. Be careful that she doesn't see you as her best friend or comforter, because if you do, you don't stand a chance with her. This factor is crucial and has a fine limit. So be very careful.
  • In your conversations, you should never talk about the following topics:

    • religion and politics (although some people think these topics add to the discussion),
    • sexually transmitted infections,
    • race issues (even if you both come from different races),
    • general topics about women and men (that's odious),
    • old relationships (yours or hers).

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