How to make girls crazy about you (with pictures)

How to make girls crazy about you (with pictures)
How to make girls crazy about you (with pictures)

Of course, you can catch a girl's gaze or make her laugh, but how do you make her go crazy for you? Making a girl crazy about yourself is always a bit tricky, because you have to intrigue her when you stand out from the crowd, but without being heavy. It takes a bit of organization, finesse and confidence. If you want a girl to go crazy for you, don't think too much and keep it natural. She will be subjugated before you even know it.


Part 1 of 2: be irresistible

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 1

Step 1. Show her that you are having a good time

Nothing appeals to girls more than a guy who is having fun and is blissfully happy. When you are with friends, laugh with them, tell anecdotes. When you come to class, think of happy things that make you smile. When you see her, show her that you are in a good mood and that you are not a killjoy. Obviously, there is no question of pretending, but you should put your zest for life forward so that she wants to be closer to you.

If she sees that you are already having a good time, then she will want to enjoy your zest for life. But if she thinks to herself that you need a girlfriend for fun, then she'll think you're not that happy

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 2

Step 2. Be a gentleman

They are rare these days, so if you are, the girls will notice. You don't have to wear a staid costume or act ceremoniously to show courtesy to women. To be a gentleman, behave respectfully with women by holding the door open for them, paying attention to how they feel, and overall, not being too vulgar, disgusting, or believed in their presence. Every girl wants to be treated like a lady and you don't want to look like you're forcing yourself to be a gentleman.

Most of the guys you know may not have perfect manners and are not examples of politeness. Stand out from the crowd by having good manners and being polite to everyone around you, girls or not

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 3

Step 3. Conquer her by being sure of yourself

Girls love confident boys and are naturally drawn to them. If you want a girl to really go crazy for you, then you have to make her see how much you love to be who you are. Make the most of the moment, enjoy being with your friends, and let her see that you are happy and satisfied with who you are and that you don't care what other people think. A lot of boys are obviously not sure and girls don't like it; they don't want to spend their time comforting them. If you feel good about yourself, then girls will want to hang out with you a lot more.

  • It doesn't mean that you have to like everything about yourself. But rather than being aware of your flaws, try to change those that can be and accept those that cannot.
  • You don't have to overplay the macho or tell whoever wants to hear how awesome you are to appear confident. In fact, that would totally put off the girls.
Make Girls Crazy for You Step 4

Step 4. Be independent

While girls need guys who take time for themselves, they also don't want someone who does nothing but see them. If you want a girl to go crazy for you, then you have to impress her with your independence. You have to be happy to enjoy your own hobbies, whether it's playing the guitar or going for a run in the park. If you're a sheep who just tries to be like the others because he doesn't think for himself, then she will see it. Instead, impress her by showing her that you are capable of having your own ideas and being happy on your own.

While girls want a guy who feels comfortable in a group, they don't want someone who gets bored when he's alone

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 5

Step 5. Be a little mysterious

Do not reveal the slightest of your thoughts. When you first get to know a girl, of course, you can tell her personal things, but at first you don't have to confess your love for your dog Rocky to her or tell her about your fight with your best friend. Let her decide that it's worth getting to know you, little by little. If she finds it too easy to get to know you, then she won't see you as a challenge. While you don't have to lie to him or make excuses to appear mysterious, you should avoid telling him everything all at once.

If you have to go, don't tell her you have to find your mother. Let her wonder where you are going

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 6

Step 6. Be good at something

Nothing girls like more than a guy who plays guitar like a god, who sings great, or is unstoppable when it comes to basketball. To put it bluntly, talent is sexy. If you want to impress a girl, then yeah, it helps to be really good at something. That doesn't mean you have to brag about it in front of her or anything. But you should manage to be really good at something, and then get her to find out.

Of course, you shouldn't engage in an activity just to impress a girl, but only because you like it. Being good at something will also help you build confidence, which is helpful in impressing a girl

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 7

Step 7. Don't brag too much

Stop thinking that the only way a girl can go crazy for you is to put yourself out there and talk about how good you are at this or that thing. If you really are good at something, she will hear about it; if you feel like you have to say it, it means that you are not sure of yourself and that you need to convince people of your worth. You can talk about the things you love to do, but avoid the "I'm the best at …" or "I blew it up when …" otherwise the girl will quickly get bored and roll her eyes.

If you keep bragging and talking about your exploits, then girls will perceive you as social poison. No one wants to hang out with people who only talk about themselves

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 8

Step 8. Pay attention to your physique

That doesn't mean you have to spend all your free time at the gym making chocolate bars. But rather that you should pay attention to your appearance before you leave your house, shower, smell good, wear well-cut clothes and not look scruffy (unless that's part of your look). If you look like you've fallen out of bed, then the girls will wonder what's the point of making time for you if you don't yourself. You don't have to turn into a model to show a girl that you made an effort to look like something.

If you are dating a girl, then it is a mark of respect to show up dressed well. Otherwise, she'll take your lack of effort personally

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 9

Step 9. Treat others with respect

If you want a girl to be crazy about you, then you have to have a reputation as a good guy. This doesn't mean that you should let yourself be stepped on or be nice to people who don't care about you, but that you should treat everyone from the unpopular kids at your school to your teachers to the classroom. girl who works in the grocery store, with some respect. Don't just be nice to cool people and treat everyone else like nonsense; Behave the same with everyone around you and the girls will be amazed at how kind you have a heart.

Contrary to what you might think, putting people down and gossiping doesn't really appeal to girls. If you always talk negatively about other people, then girls will feel like they can't trust you

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 10

Step 10. Don't take yourself too seriously

Girls like guys who make them laugh and who are confident enough to wield self-deprecation. That doesn't mean you have to appear self-conscious, but if you get the chance to laugh at yourself and make her laugh at the same time, then go for it. She'll find it cool that you aren't obsessed with pleasing her and being perfect in her eyes, open up a bit more and want to be with you more often.

If you get angry quickly and are touchy when someone teases you, you will appear insecure and defensive. Take a laugh and the girl will be impressed

Part 2 of 2: conquer her

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 11

Step 1. Actually listen to her

One of the biggest mistakes boys make is spending so much time worrying or talking about themselves that they forget there is a girl in front of them. You might even make the innocent mistake of thinking so hard about what you might say to impress her that you wouldn't even heed what she's telling you. Don't do it anymore. Instead, take the time to really listen to her, to let her finish her sentence without interrupting it, and to make an effort to understand what she is saying to you rather than bringing it all back to you.

Girls have a hard time finding a boy who listens to them. If you can, she'll think she really matters to you

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 12

Step 2. Flirt with her

Flirting a bit can go a long way. If you want to achieve it, then you have to learn to flirt without going overboard. Just be funny, light-hearted and playful, make innocent jokes and tease her a bit, keep the conversation light and pleasant. Do not make overtly sexual remarks and do not insult the girl by trying to tease her; Instead, give him little compliments and laugh at yourself to show him that you appreciate him and that you don't take these flirtations too seriously.

Obviously, if you have a particular girl in mind, you should rather flirt with her, even if you also flirt with others from time to time to stay interesting; you don't want her to think that you are just a pretty heart that rubs with everyone and doesn't give a damn about her

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 13

Step 3. Make his friends think you are awesome

If you want to drive this girl crazy for you, it's good if her friends think you're a great guy. If you're only nice to the girl you like and rather annoying with her friends, they'll tell her about it and she'll think you don't really care about other people. But if you are charming with her friends, without flirting with and giving them false impressions, then she will hear them talk about you in glowing terms and, no doubt, she will appreciate you all the more.

When girls hear others talk about how awesome this boy is, they are jealous, which makes them like this boy even more

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 14

Step 4. Make her feel special

If you want to make a girl crazy for you, you have to make her feel special by really taking the time to see her as someone unique. Tell her, "You're not like other girls …" or "You are so different from your friends …" and show her what you see in her that is special. You can compliment her on her character or mention something she talked about awhile ago to show her that you listen to her and care about her. Don't behave this way with all girls or she will know and think you are playing with her. Girls want to feel unique and if they meet a boy who makes them feel that way, they will be won over.

Take the time to notice what makes her stand out, whether it's her confidence, her laughter, or the way she dances. Tell her what makes her special

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 15

Step 5. Remember that you are not won in advance

Although you want to conquer this girl, you have to keep the chase open both ways. You don't want her to think you'd eat out of her hand, but rather that she still has a way to go before she gets you. The efforts must be mutual. Let her know you appreciate her, but don't bombard her with compliments. Go out with her, but remember to do things with your other friends and be unavailable the second she offers to date you. When she calls you, don't pick up on the first ring; you have other things to do, right? That way, she'll always want to see you.

That doesn't mean you have to come up with complex plans to conquer it. But only that you should spare the challenge so that you never get bored together. If you're too available, she's less likely to go crazy for the cool, scheming guy you are

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 16

Step 6. Send him a message every now and then

You don't want to become that obsessive, possessive type that scares all girls, but you don't want to be Mr. Distant either. Whether you're with this girl or just starting to date, text her every now and then asking if she's okay, how her math homework or soccer game went will show her that you think to her even when you are not together. She'll think you're a worthy guy. Just be careful not to always be the first to send a message or she might feel a bit choked.

Do not text him to say hi more than once a day. You don't want her to think you have nothing better to do with your day than write to her

Make Girls Crazy for You Step 17

Step 7. Don't overthink it

The best way to win a girl is to take it easy and enjoy the moment, instead of looking for the top 50 techniques to be the coolest guy in the world. As silly as it sounds, ultimately you want this girl to like you and not some exaggerated and fake version of who you are, so you should mostly think about showing her your true personality and meeting hers.

If you spend your time wanting to impress her, playing the inaccessible, or generally behaving in ways that are unnatural to you, she will soon notice. Instead, relax, play with your charm, and prepare for her to be crazy about you


  • Trust yourself.
  • Don't call or text him all the time.

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