How to get closer to a girl (with pictures)

How to get closer to a girl (with pictures)
How to get closer to a girl (with pictures)

Sometimes it is difficult to build relationships with people. The case gets more complicated when it comes to getting close to a girl you are in love with. To be successful, you will need to be extra careful, progress slowly, act naturally, and show respect to the woman you are trying to seduce. Do not force events or rush because you are anxious to achieve your goals quickly. Take things with a smile and above all be honest with yourself.


Part 1 of 3: meet and make a good impression

Get Close to a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Pick the right time

This is very important, especially if it is a first meeting. In these conditions, you will be able to present yourself in your best light. Remember that first impressions are crucial. But, you will also have to take into account a number of points.

  • Avoid meeting her when she is busy or distracted.
  • Do not choose an inappropriate time, for example during a conference or an exam.
  • Try to take advantage of an auspicious time, such as standing in line in the dining hall or library.
Get Close to a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Introduce yourself

You will have to do this if you are meeting her for the first time. This step is very important. So do it carefully. Try to present yourself pleasantly and with originality. Think about it before. Do not forget:

  • to quickly tell her something interesting so that she will remember you,
  • encourage her to tell you about herself, if you don't know her yet,
  • to avoid an interview that is too long, if one of you has to go somewhere,
  • make comments about your surroundings.
Get Close to a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Have positive body language

Body gestures are extremely important in forming a first impression on someone. You will do everything possible to appear interesting, relaxed and pleasant.

  • Smile when necessary.
  • Avoid being agitated.
  • Don't cross your arms, be nervous, and don't assume daunting postures.
  • Stand correctly by standing straight, with your head up, and avoiding throwing your shoulders forward.
Get Close to a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Don't brag

This is disastrous behavior during a conversation. During a first meeting, it is very tempting to show off. However, it is very dangerous. You don't want to come across as a boastful, arrogant, or overly self-confident person. Instead, it's best to show yourself in your best light.

Get Close to a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Challenge him

Avoid lacking in character or suggesting that you will do anything to be with her. Instead, find a middle position to show that you want to be around her, but that she has to make an effort if she is to keep you. In reality, there is no magic bullet and you will have to follow your intuition as you get to know each other.

  • Don't act in a childish way, like saying to yourself, "If she doesn't call me, I won't call her." "
  • Don't be completely available to her. After all, you also attach great importance to your family and friends.
  • Give it time. Do not answer these calls immediately, except when necessary. Don't expect to receive instant responses to yours either. Relax and let the time do its work.
Get Close to a Girl Step 6

Step 6. Don't be bossy

You don't want to give the impression that she is haunting you and that you will do anything to share your life with her. Let her act her way. Remember that if she loves you and is looking for your company, she will react favorably to your advances and she will probably let you know in some way.

  • Don't call it daily.
  • Don't suggest that she go out every weekend, unless she suggests it to you.
  • Do not go to social activities or events that she participates in.
Get Close to a Girl Step 7

Step 7. Have a sense of humor

It is an effective way to relax the atmosphere. Most people like to meet someone funny. Humor can help you too, and you'll be less awkward or nervous. But, you don't have to be acting. Just add a humorous touch when you need to.

Get Close to a Girl Step 8

Step 8. Act naturally

This is a behavior that you should have in all circumstances. Accept reality and be yourself. Don't change the way you are just to get closer to the woman you are interested in. You want her to seek out your company and even love you for who you are. If you're not interested in your personality, there's nothing wrong with that. Maintain your friendship and try to find another romantic relationship. Everything will end up going very well for you.

Part 2 of 3: Getting to know him

Get Close to a Girl Step 9

Step 1. Listen to her

When it comes to bonding with someone, listening becomes a very important factor. The reason is that people love to talk about themselves, their activities and their problems. So you better keep still and listen to the girl you are interested in.

  • Watch your speaking time and also what you say about yourself.
  • Ask him questions about himself and his ideas.
  • Pay attention to his words and avoid daydreaming.
Get Close to a Girl Step 10

Step 2. Identify his physical and moral qualities

People like to be noticed. They are happy to believe that others think strongly of them. Take your time to observe her and write down the little things you like about her. It could be the way he smiles, laughs, etc. Guess the things she's good at that makes her proud. It may be a sport, a university discipline or his job. This step is very important for moving forward in your relationship, as you will send her a clear message to let her know that you are looking for more than friendship.

  • Don't hesitate to compliment her. Tell him you love his eyes or his infectious laugh. Try not to focus on her body, as you may get in the way.
  • Compliment her when she is good at something or when she is proud of her actions.
Get Close to a Girl Step 11

Step 3. Get to know her as a person

After your first encounters, you will have to strive to find the points that make her a remarkable person. You can best discover it by having long discussions together. Think about the following things.

  • Talk to him about his aspirations and interests.
  • Talk about the people you admire.
  • Find out why she takes action and the things she cares about the most.
Get Close to a Girl Step 12

Step 4. Pay attention to his mood and feelings

To get closer to a woman, it is necessary to guess her feelings and determine the reasons for them. Be considerate and understand the reasons for her happiness, sadness, or feelings about what she loves.

  • Is she cranky at the start of the day? She may be one of those people who lack energy in the morning.
  • Who is she very happy with? Is it in the company of family or friends?
  • Does she like her school or her job?
Get Close to a Girl Step 13

Step 5. Make an effort to discover his humor

You have already had the opportunity to be funny and tell him your favorite stories. It is therefore time to understand his way of laughing and to identify his cultural centers of interest.

  • Talk to her about shows she enjoys watching, her favorite music, and things that make her laugh.
  • Watch TV together and spot their favorite shows.
  • Invite her to a theater or film club and offer to select the performer or the show.

Part 3 of 3: Strengthen Bonds With Her

Get Close to a Girl Step 14

Step 1. Find activities to do together

This way, you will enjoy each other, and it will help you strengthen the bonds between you. You will better understand what you have in common. You will also see how she reacts with others. And you will have the opportunity to work as a team. Note the following points.

  • Take turns choosing the nature and location of the activities you will do together.
  • You can pool your suggestions and choose those that best suit your relationship.
  • Diversify your activities each time to try as many as possible.
Get Close to a Girl Step 15

Step 2. Never lie to him

Don't cheat about yourself and your appearance. Your goal is not to build a relationship that is based on lies and dishonesty. Indeed, it will eventually wither and disappear sooner or later.

  • Don't lie or exaggerate in your favor your accomplishments and your reputation.
  • Be honest about your favorite things to do.
  • Honesty does not mean brutality or rudeness. Don't dodge his questions, whatever your thoughts. Respond by telling the truth, but carefully and tactfully.
Get Close to a Girl Step 16

Step 3. Always be there at the right time

You will have to show him that you are more than a friend of the beautiful days. You will be by his side for better or for worse. Thus, she will know that she occupies an important place in your life.

  • Comfort her if she doesn't pass a test.
  • Offer to help her with the loss of a loved one or divorce.
  • Offer her gifts when she is sick or depressed.
  • Ask about him and visit him. If you notice something is bothering her, encourage her to tell you about it, but don't push it too hard if she's reluctant.
Get Close to a Girl Step 17

Step 4. Share your dreams

Start conversations to talk about those you care about. This is very important because it will help you get to know each other better and get closer to each other.

  • Go out, have a picnic, talk about your plans in 5, 10 and even 20 years.
  • Talk about where you want to live.
  • Confide in him your hopes for your work and your family.
Get Close to a Girl Step 18

Step 5. Show your affection

Do this when you need to. It's a way of bringing you closer to each other. You will also show him your interest in him and your desire to go further. If she reacts favorably, you'll know you've won the game. At this point, be careful and remember a few things.

  • Signs of affection can include hugs, hugs, kisses, languid stares, and words of love.
  • Only express affection if the time is right and if it is willing and enthusiastic.
  • If she refuses or asks you to stop, do so immediately. She may not be ready. Therefore, give it time and strive to progress at a pace that is acceptable to both of you.


  • Remember that listening is very important. Most girls like to talk about themselves.
  • Try to approach her to see her reaction. If she is totally ignoring you, then she is not interested.
  • Read some articles from "wikiHow" on the subject to improve your appearance, your self-confidence and the way you express yourself.

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