How to have a boyfriend in a week: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to have a boyfriend in a week: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to have a boyfriend in a week: 11 steps (with pictures)

We live in the age of immediacy, which means we want it all, now and quickly! It even sometimes includes romance. While this doesn't always lead to “everlasting” love, you can win a boy over and drive him crazy in just a week.


Part 1 of 3: Choose the person

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 1

Step 1. Think about which one you want

First, think about who might be the person you want to date and write their name down somewhere. Use this list to narrow your search and focus on the guys you think you get on well with.

  • Make a list of potential new boyfriends who you know are single and interesting.
  • Think about all the pros and cons that you have over each of them. Maybe one of them is very cute, but you hardly share anything in common. Don't just focus on the physical traits, but instead think of someone you might get along with.
  • Do not hesitate to include in the list the boys who are already your friends, but who interest you as a boyfriend. Maybe one of them feels the same for you. You will never be able to find out if you don't take the first step.
  • In case you want someone you don't know yet, think about what they must have physically, intellectually, and even their personality. This way, you will easily have an idea of ​​what to look for when you go to meet new boys and know if they are potential boyfriends.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 2

Step 2. Go outside and start your research

With that in mind, go to places your chosen boy frequents, whether it's a gym, a cafe, a library, or the beach.

  • Make sure you appear open and engaging. For example, you shouldn't hide your nose behind a book while you are at the cafe. You also shouldn't be distracted by friends who are dating you.
  • Visit these places sometimes on your own, try to dress well to make a good impression, and try to get someone's attention by looking at them and smiling at them.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 3

Step 3. Do some research on dating sites

You should do this if you are over 18. There are many sites that offer new users a 7-day free trial (some are completely free). You can take advantage of this time to look for potential boyfriends.

  • Register on at least three sites to have a very large selection of boys.
  • Try to find 5 boys who might interest you, who are your age, who live in your area, who have a similar personality to yours or who meet other characteristics and write to them. By coming into contact with five boys, you will have the chance to get along well with at least one of them and start a romance with him at the end of the seven days.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 4

Step 4. Go on "Singles" dates

Another great way to meet a potential boyfriend quickly is to participate in singles-only activities on the weekends. In addition to the fact that it will allow you to meet potentially interested people, you will already have a hobby in common.

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 5

Step 5. Meet potential boyfriends in speed dating

Do this on condition that you are over 18 years old. Speed ​​dating has become more and more popular for finding boyfriends quickly and finding love.

  • Search the internet for speed dating events in your neighborhood and register.
  • In this way, you will be able to participate in several 30-60 second dates with several boys in one night.
  • After just one night, you might find someone you'd like to meet more often after your first meeting!

Part 2 of 3: increase your attraction

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 6

Step 1. Leave the "Friendship Zone"

Put simply, the friendship zone is when there is confusion in romantic feelings, for example, when someone wants to date you when you just want to be good friends. This could be useful if you were already friends with the boy you are interested in. But in order to break this friendship and start dating, you have to create chemistry and try to be more attractive than a friend.

  • Consider wearing clothes that are most flattering for your figure and in colors that match your skin tone, hair and / or eyes.
  • Show off your best qualities with a little makeup or a nice hairstyle.
  • You don't have to look very glamorous. However, during the week when you want to get the boy's attention, it is necessary that you put in a little extra effort than usual.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 7

Step 2. Develop an attractive personality and attitude

Appearance is not the only factor that matters in attraction. Your attitude and behavior can also quickly attract or repel someone.

  • Have confidence in yourself. Have the courage and try to take the initiative to talk to the one you have chosen. Self-confidence is an attractive characteristic. In addition, by having confidence in you, he will begin to understand that you like him if you make the effort to pay him attention.
  • Try to be relaxed. You shouldn't overdo it or appear too desperate or aggressive in interactions, especially if he's a little shy.
  • Make him feel comfortable talking to you by making your interactions light, fun, and open enough for him to respond too.
  • Be sure to praise him regularly to make him feel confident with you.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 8

Step 3. Have good body language

Your behavior can go a long way in helping them know that you are available and are interested in turning the friendship you have into a romantic relationship.

  • As an example, you can subtly play with your hair while talking to it. This will not only let her know that you are available, but also can help draw her attention to your beautiful hair.
  • Glance across the room every now and then and maintain eye contact during the conversation.
  • You can also touch his arm every now and then while you are talking to get his attention and show him that you are warm, outgoing, and physically comfortable around him.

Part 3 of 3: take the next step

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 9

Step 1. Send him a friend request on Facebook

More specifically, send a friend request to the boy you met. You don't have to worry, it won't lock you into the dreaded “Friendship Zone”. This is an important step if you have just met him, because it will show him that you are showing initiative and indicate that he interests you while giving you a new opportunity to communicate with him.

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 10

Step 2. Find ways to see him more often

The more you accidentally meet him, the more opportunity you'll have to have a personal conversation and the better your chances of winning him over.

  • Go to the places he frequents, whether it's college, dining, work, or town. Obviously, you shouldn't harass him and wait around every corner for him, but plan to strategically meet him once a day for the next seven days.
  • Participate in clubs and activities that interest him. This will not only show him that you have interests in common, but you will also end up seeing each other very often.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 11

Step 3. Invite him out

Don't wait for him to ask you! You can take the initiative yourself as a modern, self-reliant girl by asking her yourself.

  • Be clear about how you are feeling by telling him that you are interested in a serious relationship and want to date him this weekend.
  • If he accepts, that's perfect! You just had a date and (probably) a boyfriend.
  • If he says "no", don't worry. If he isn't interested in you, it wouldn't be a good experience to date him anyway. Try with someone else. There are a lot of other boys out there and at least one of them will be interested in you.


  • Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with not having a boyfriend! It can be great not to be in a relationship, especially since you will have a lot of time for yourself. Most importantly, don't despair about not having a boyfriend, desperation is rarely attractive.
  • Remember that a boy may not be interested in you immediately from day one. It may take a long time. In the meantime, ask yourself if it meets what you want in terms of the criteria and if it is worth it.

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