3 ways to put your arms around a girl

3 ways to put your arms around a girl
3 ways to put your arms around a girl

It can be intimidating to put your arms around a girl, especially when it's the first time. More often than not, the hardest thing is knowing when and where to do it. You can take this important relationship milestone with ease and confidence as long as you pay attention to the girl's signs and choose scenarios that allow you to be relaxed rather than embarrassed.


Method 1 of 3: Prepare to take action

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Step 1. Look for signs

If you want to be successful in putting your arm around a girl, the most important thing is to make sure she wants it first. Have you spent time together at least a few times as more than just friends? Was she the one who invited you over to hang out? When you see her, does she smile, look happy to see you, or look at you? Do you chat or text each other every day? If so, she probably wants you to put your arm around her too.

  • If you feel like she takes every opportunity to get close to you "on no special" or to make physical contact, that means she likes you. Chances are she will be thrilled if you put your arm around her.
  • Wait if you have just met her or if you do not know her well yet.
  • If she's just flirting with you, you'll probably have to wait until you notice some important signs from her.
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Step 2. Make sure she looks happy and comfortable

When you hang out with her and feel like the timing might be right, stare at her. What is the expression on her face? Is she happy and relaxed? Does she seem comfortable when she is with you? Is she already leaning close to you? These are clear signs that it is time to take action.

  • If she seems to be uncomfortable, unhappy, or stressed, it probably means it's not a good time for you to put your arm around her, especially if you've never done it before.
  • Make sure she's interested in what's going on right now.
  • For example, if she's hanging on her phone, not interacting with you at all, and not sitting near you, that means the timing is not right.
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Step 3. Try a first touch of the arm

When you're in the middle of a big discussion or having a good time together, test the waters by gently and promptly touching her forearm. How does she react? If she suddenly pulls away or backs up, then it would be a bad idea to put your arm around her.

  • However, give it a go if your eyes meet, if she smiles, or comes close to you when you touch her forearm.
  • Touching her forearm first is a subtle warning that you're thinking about trying something a little more intimate.
  • She'll probably appreciate this gesture whether or not she wants you to put your arm around her. It's usually better to anticipate this than to be totally caught off guard.
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Step 4. Get closer physically

It might sound like a no-brainer, but before you do it, watch her to quickly verify that you can put your arm around her easily and smoothly. If you are not close enough to pull off the gesture smoothly, it will probably be very inconvenient for both of you.

  • When you've finally managed to put your arm around her, you might want it to feel comfortable and natural.
  • If putting your arm around her seems difficult because of the distance, come a little closer to her and watch her reaction.

Method 2 of 3: Put your arm around the girl at the movies

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Step 1. Go to the movies on a Friday or Saturday night

Most dates take place in the evening, so opt for a show in the evening rather than the morning. Also, choose a Friday or Saturday night to go see the movie, as these evenings are considered by most people to be late night dates. You have to tell the girl that you really consider this a date.

  • If she's willing to go to the movies with you on a Friday or Saturday night, that already shows that she really loves you more than a friend.
  • Its mere presence should strengthen your courage!
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Step 2. Choose a horror or romantic movie to watch in a theater

Either of these types of movies will set the right mood for you to put your arm around a girl. On the other hand, a steamy comedy or documentary may not have the most romantic mood.

  • Horror movies are particularly suitable, because when people experience scary things together, even if it's just a movie and it's not "real", it creates a feeling of closeness. between them.
  • Make sure the girl likes horror movies before inviting her to watch one. In fact, you need to make the experience fun for her and not terrifying.
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Step 3. Make sure the seat will allow you to easily make the gesture

Check the condition of the seats as soon as the two of you are seated at the cinema. Are the seats very close? Are they comfortable? Do they make annoying or weird noises when you move? Is there an armrest between your seats and if so will it bother you? These are all things to consider.

  • If any of the above-mentioned scenarios seem to bother you or create an awkward moment, just wait for the best time.
  • If your shoulders are touching when you are sitting in your seats, then you will be able to do the gesture easily.
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Step 4. Pick the right time

The best time to put your arm around the girl is during a romantic or spooky scene where she might enjoy some comfort. Avoid trying to put your arm around her during a sex scene, as this can be very embarrassing and make her feel bad about you.

The other inappropriate moment is during a crucial or decisive scene, as your gesture might be seen more as a distraction and not a romantic act if it is very focused on the movie

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Step 5. Be calm and relaxed

You will probably feel very nervous, but try not to show it. If you are stressed out, the one you are dating will probably start to feel the same way, an undesirable situation. Try to breathe slowly and stay calm. Keep in mind that you need to relax once in a while if you have to.

  • Avoid constantly moving, as this shows that you are anxious.
  • In order for everything to go well, you also have to try to make it feel like the gesture is spontaneous (even if you have planned every detail).
  • As you put your arm around the girl, if your gesture seems forced and planned, she will notice it and it will probably create an awkward and uncomfortable mood.

Method 3 of 3: Create more opportunities

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Step 1. Go for a walk together

When you go out for a walk, know that this is a time to spend some time alone together. This is also a good time to have a useful and interesting discussion, since you will already be walking side by side. So this is the perfect scenario for you to put your arm around her.

  • Avoid discussing negative and embarrassing topics. Walk slowly and keep your body language relaxed.
  • Offer to take a walk with her on a nice afternoon in a nearby park.
  • Another great excuse for going for a walk is to go for a quick run or go window shopping.
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Step 2. Stay close to her

If you are spending time together or doing something else, always try to sit or stand near her when necessary. Of course, you should refrain from following her into the bathroom or anywhere she needs her own privacy, but generally staying by her side creates a "couple" vibe and provides plenty of opportunities for her to be together. that you can put your arm around her.

Give up for a moment if she seems uncomfortable being around her or making excuses to walk away. You need to make her feel appreciated, not harassed

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Step 3. Offer him your jacket

If she seems cold, or if you happen to be together on a windy or cloudy day, act like a gentleman and offer her your jacket. Not only will she think you are romantic, but putting your jacket on her shoulders is a great opportunity to put your arm around her.

  • Tender the jacket over her shoulders, then let your arm naturally wrap around her.
  • Smile at her and give her a little squeeze after putting your arm around her.
  • She'll likely stare at you when you do this, and you both share a real closeness moment.
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Step 4. Use the classic stretch and yawn trick

Try this classic trick if all else fails! Yawn a bit and raise your arms in a natural way, stretching, being as relaxed as possible. As you lower your arms, wrap one of them around his shoulders. If this seems a little blatant to you, you can always exaggerate the gesture in a very obvious and roundabout way.

  • This gesture will surely make her laugh and you will also have to laugh!
  • Laughing together will break the ice and then create a feeling of comfort and well-being between the two of you. So you will have your arm tight around her.

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