How to seduce a good man: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to seduce a good man: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to seduce a good man: 13 steps (with pictures)

It is not always easy for a woman to find a good man and vice versa a good woman for a man. Seen with a male gaze, frustrated women who are sincerely looking for a good man, without ever meeting the right person, should not give up on their dream. They will eventually find their prince charming thanks to a little insight and method.


Get a Good Man Step 1

Step 1. Be yourself

When you first meet someone, you may be tempted to change your personality to please them. While it's natural to want to make a good impression, it's also possible that you are going too far, which can put many men off. This advice also applies to the myth surrounding the myth of the sexy and seductive attitude. If you don't respect your physical integrity, you will only attract men who will not respect your body either, and decent men will not take you seriously. Be yourself and real men will respect you.

Get a Good Man Step 2

Step 2. Have a life

A dependent, dramatic and hopeless relationship often has its roots in the need to absolutely have a man in your life. If you don't have confidence in yourself, you need to consolidate it first. Pursue your own goals, explore your passions and define your areas of interest all while stepping out of your comfort zone. Don't be cold or aggressive in covering up your shyness and instead learn to trust those close to you so that your boyfriend isn't the only person you confide in. Also learn to trust yourself, because without it you will not be able to trust a man.

Get a Good Man Step 3

Step 3. Be relaxed and cool

Most boys hate girls who are possessive, moody, clingy, manipulative, etc. Learn to relax and have fun. We are all very caught up in our lives, don't fall into the trap of becoming a capricious and dramatic woman. If you make life more complicated for your man than it was without you, eventually he will come off. On the contrary, if you take care of his needs after he has had a difficult day, you will earn his respect and love and there is a good chance that he will return the favor. Remember that most men, especially good guys, look for someone they can be comfortable with, not a woman who makes their life too difficult.

Get a Good Man Step 4

Step 4. Identify your communication differences

Often, men miss out on the subtle messages women can send them using their body language. Do not judge your man for this, as it is a widespread fault among men. Subtle body language, such as smiles, can signal a man that you may like him. He won't immediately imagine that you are interested in not looking like a self-absorbed jerk. To make her understand that you are interested, you need to gradually switch to more direct body language, touching her arm, teasing her, winking, joking, or (if you know him better). trying to tickle him. Don't be afraid to tease him amicably on minor matters, as women who claim their conversation partner is perfect are often seen as inferior in their eyes. Flirting will not only show him that you value his company enough to touch him and be playful, but also to break the physical barrier between you and make him feel comfortable enough to make advances on you. So pay attention to his attitude towards you.

Get a Good Man Step 5

Step 5. Do some soul-searching

Psychological studies have shown that we usually look for a partner to fill a psychological void. Sometimes these voids are unhealthy. Some women seek a man only to seduce him and thus feel desirable and looked after. Do some soul-searching and ask yourself why you want a man in your life so badly. Be honest with yourself and see a therapist about it if necessary. A woman with such insecurities will only attract a man with the same doubts, and a good man will rarely be interested in such a confrontational person. If you want to experience a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a man, make sure your mental state and intentions are right.

Get a Good Man Step 6

Step 6. Don't gamble

No one likes to date a manipulative woman. You risk deceiving and even hurting those who trust you. Be yourself and men will respect you and even seek to date you. If you are manipulative, you risk scaring men away. As with the seduction step, you shouldn't push away the man you love by pretending you aren't interested. Express your feelings to him. While it is true that some men like to chase after their "prey," decent men are respectful and will leave you alone if you insist they do. Men communicate directly: if you act like you don't like him, he'll think you really aren't interested.

Get a Good Man Step 7

Step 7. Treat him with respect

This is the most important tip in this article. Men hate the company of women who tend to emasculate them and a good man will never waste his time with these kinds of women. Don't be ashamed to comfort or compliment your man (because he too lacks self-confidence). If you're around friends or family, show it off. You will thus earn his love and respect.

Get a Good Man Step 8

Step 8. Don't be afraid to take the lead

Be honest, a good man doesn't desperately need a woman. He just wants to meet someone good too. So he'll appreciate your compliments, but keep in mind that this is a mark of affection often reserved for loved ones (those with whom you have an honest relationship and with whom you can joke). Think about the relationships you can have with your siblings, those between parents and children, and even relationships as a couple: you joke, tease each other, and flirt in a positive way. So if you compliment a good man too much, he may get bored or find you desperate. Even if you're more of the old school and don't want to invite a guy out on a date, you can take the first step and go meet him. Don't overdo it if he hasn't shown interest in you, because then you may seem desperate and you will be less attractive to him. Start by creating a mutual attraction between the two of you.

Get a Good Man Step 9

Step 9. Respect yourself

If you say no, he must not insist. If it doesn't stop, go. Never be ashamed to refuse a man's advances. Follow your code of conduct. If you feel like you have to break it for a man, then he's not worth it and certainly not a good person (especially if he's looking for a one night stand and want something more serious). Don't be ashamed to accept his advances, either. If you think the time is right, be confident and don't be afraid to come across as an easy girl. Respect and your self-confidence will keep him coming back to you. A man who disrespects you after sleeping with you has never actually respected you and he will certainly be too impatient to make a good boyfriend. Either way, move on.

Get a Good Man Step 10

Step 10. Follow the Golden Rule

You must indeed follow the same rules that you set for others, including those that you impose on this man. Decent men usually notice this very quickly. For example, if he tells you that he has a girlfriend, but his relationship is not looking good, consider it a test to see how you will react. Immediately stop all communication with this man (and stick to the golden rule). Example 2: If you try to tickle him, don't complain if he tries to tickle him too. Don't insist that you don't need a man or that all men are the same if you don't want him to treat you the same. Rather, treat him (and others) with respect, dignity and honor. The people around you will notice this and if they know that you are looking for a good man, they will be able to introduce you to one.

Get a Good Man Step 11

Step 11. Don't be tacky

Don't try to show him that you love him by staying with him at all costs. He needs space and he sure doesn't want you to follow him everywhere he goes. Most importantly, he needs to know that you have a life of your own.

Get a Good Man Step 12

Step 12. Do some research

If you want to know how to find a good man, you can read this excellent e-book:

Get a Good Man Step 13

Step 13. Don't lower your expectations

Even if you can't seem to find a good man, respect yourself and you will eventually meet a man who will.


  • You can meet someone through your knowledge or through your hobbies. But don't choose an activity just to meet a man. If you meet him in a bar, he is likely to enjoy drinking alcohol. If you meet him in a church, he is likely to be religious. First impressions are important, so if he sees you the first time you meet him as a party-loving girl, it will be hard to change his mind. Ditto if you pass for a rigid or manipulative girl.
  • Follow the golden rule. If you want him to do something, you have to be prepared to do the same. Do you want him to invite you out or do everything for you? You have to be prepared to do the same for him and not wait for him to constantly take the first step. Correct men respect women who follow the same rules they impose on their men.
  • Men can tell if you're uncomfortable with him. You can be gorgeous and sweet, flirt with him, be charismatic, and create a setting that will make the man you want to seduce want to come to you. Take care of your body by eating a balanced diet and getting some exercise. Follow the advice of a beautician and a beauty coach to optimize your look.
  • Pay attention to the way he talks to you and behaves around you. Find common ground to fuel your conversation. Men appreciate genuine women.
  • If he trusts his friends more than your judgment, be on your guard. A good man will trust you more than any other person.


  • Remember that an interesting man will be attracted to an interesting woman. Your life shouldn't revolve around him alone.
  • Always give your man the space he needs - don't get between him and his friends, family, homework or passion. He will hold you responsible and resent you if he chooses to choose you.

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