How to tell your crush that you like it

How to tell your crush that you like it
How to tell your crush that you like it

It seems like it should be easy to just say "I like you …" But in reality, it can be one of the scariest things to do! Below, you'll find ways to boost your confidence, as well as ways to make sure everything is working according to your plans. You will also find some great ideas for knowing exactly what to say to your crush!


Part 1 of 4: The keys to success

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 1

Step 1. Show him some signs

You should always give your man the opportunity to see for himself that he is pleasing you, so that he can do something about it if he wants to. Flirt a bit and make sure you hang out with him. Try to introduce a few light touches and other clues. Just don't let this drag on for too long!

Try to bite your lip every time he looks at you or smile nervously. Look him in the eye and slowly turn away

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 2

Step 2. Find the right time

It's important to choose a good time to chat. You don't want him to be distracted, upset with something else, or just downright busy! It will destroy your chances before you even start. Offer to set aside some time for a chat or try to corner him when you know he's not busy.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 3

Step 3. Talk to him privately

Confessing your crush in front of other people will put pressure on him and embarrass him and that's not what you want! People who feel trapped may not want to admit how they really feel. Instead, talk to her one-on-one, so the two of you can have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 4

Step 4. Be courageous

When you confess your feelings, all you have to do is expose yourself and say how you feel. Have confidence in yourself! Boys will find it sexy. You must also be courageous, since you are going to need to take some initiative regarding your feelings and whether or not you two might be going through something.

Part 2 of 4: open your heart

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 5

Step 1. Just say it

The easiest way to admit your crush is to just go ahead and say it. It may take courage, but in general people will appreciate honesty and be flattered by your courage. It avoids ploys and shows how much you value them. Here are some examples of how to say it.

  • “Hi, Brian. I thought you deserved to know that I have very strong feelings for you. You don't have to feel the same, but I thought it was only fair for you to know. "
  • “Michael: you are special. You are kind, smart and funny and I am so much happier when you are there. I want us to be more than friends. I hope you will see, just as I see it, that we could experience something really great. "
Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 6

Step 2. Use his interests

Use her interests to tell her about your feelings. You can use this simply to create an opening for yourself (for example, by going rock climbing with him) or you can use it in a unique way (for example, by inviting him into your home and having Han Solo / Princess Leia flirt scene ready to play on your TV).

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 7

Step 3. Use a song

You probably don't remember what the compilations are, but using songs to confess your feelings is always a viable option.

  • Find a song that you know he will enjoy. Ask to borrow a USB drive to transfer a file from a school or work computer to your home computer. Leave the song's MP3 file on the USB stick, with a special name so it knows: “MIKE - Tessa wants to take you by the hand” or some other reference to the song.
  • Suitable songs include: "I want to hold your hand" by The Beatles, the song "Let's fall in love" by Frank Sinatra or "Digital love" by Daft Punk.
Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 8

Step 4. Give her a gift

You can give her a gift to confess your feelings. Try to adapt it to your crush and if the two of you were already friends before, try to remind him of the great times you had together.

  • Paint a small wooden box with your two initials in a heart and fill the box with pictures of the two of you spending time together, stubs from movie tickets you saw together, or other keepsakes of cool things you did. together.
  • Make a relaxation pack, with two movie tickets, two bags of candy and a message like, “I know you had a rough time with the exams last week. I would love to have the chance to unwind with you. If you're not interested, don't worry! Go with whoever you want… but I would love to have the chance to make you laugh until you forget what quadratic equations are. "
Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 9

Step 5. Write him a letter

There is nothing more romantic than the old-fashioned method of the handwritten letter. Write him a letter telling him how you feel and put it in his locker or (if you know his address) send it home. You can also leave it in a place where you are sure he will find it, such as in his books or on his desk.

Spray some of your perfume on it, to make it even more exciting

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 10

Step 6. Make a video

Make a YouTube video confessing your crush (you probably shouldn't mention their name). Tell him how you are feeling and why. Then, send him an email or a text message with the QR code containing the link to the video. You can also print the code and put it in his locker or tape it in his book.

Part 3 of 4: Don'ts When Confessing To Him

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 11

Step 1. Don't pressure him

Don't say “I love you” right away and talk about the future you want for both of you. You want to avoid speaking in certain terms for the future, as this creates a lot of pressure and expectations for him… which is stressful and can scare him away!

Instead, speak in terms of what you want to try or what you hope might happen someday. "I hope we can try to be more than friends", etc

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 12

Step 2. Don't be shady

Don't be weird when you confess your feelings to her. It means no pleading, no negotiation, and try not to touch him and invade his personal space until you know he feels the same. You also shouldn't paste it if it needs time to think about what you've said.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 13

Step 3. Don't use social media or a phone

If you can, let her know how you feel in person. Using social media or texting can come across as not serious or worse, like a joke. This is not how you want to start things with him.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 14

Step 4. Don't rush

You don't want to rush into telling him and if he feels the same way, don't rush into a serious relationship. If you're going to go through the torture of confession, you want to make sure you really like it, right? It can be a long process that will continue even if you start dating.

Just focus on getting to know him for real, spending time with him and discussing the things that matter to you: what you both want for the future, what you believe in, and what you like to do for fun

Part 4 of 4: create happiness

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 15

Step 1. Don't be afraid of being rejected

Don't be afraid of being rejected. It can be horrible to be rejected, but in a few years you probably won't remember a thing at all. Remember: he's the one who loses. Either way, you don't want to be with someone who doesn't like you as much as you like them. You deserve better than this!

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 16

Step 2. Make a date, if he feels the same

If he does feel the same way, be sure to offer him a real date if he doesn't! You shouldn't feel bad about making your intentions clear or taking initiatives like this - sometimes it's necessary to get what you really want in life! Once you've confessed your feelings, offering her a date is as easy as coming up with a date idea and seeing what happens from there. Just ask!

Tell Your Crush You Like Him Step 17

Step 3. Look for nice boys

If he's picking on you or behaving like a jerk by rejecting you, you might want to take a closer look at the types of boys you're interested in. Stop chasing guys who don't respect or appreciate you for who you are. You might be luckier if you focus on the important things: nice guys who have their priorities in the right order.


  • Make sure it matters to you.
  • Find out if he has a Facebook account or an account from another social network.


  • Don't tell anyone you like this person, just tell the friends you trust.
  • If he doesn't offer you a relationship, then don't demand one. It will show that he really does not like you.
  • He may not like you that way.

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