How to meet the perfect boy

How to meet the perfect boy
How to meet the perfect boy

You would think that given the sheer number of approximately 3.5 billion men on the planet, it shouldn't be hard to meet a man. Nonetheless, it is. And even if you happen to meet one, then you will have to figure out what to say to him and how to do it. No magic potion exists to draw her to you and get her to strike up a discussion with you, but you don't really need it anyway. Why that ? Because you are cool and have enough confidence to do it on your own.


Part 1 of 3: Finding Prince Charming

Meet a Boy Step 1

Step 1. Think about the type of person you enjoy dating and whose company you enjoy

You don't have to find a man who exactly fulfills all of your requirements, but rather someone who possesses certain qualities that you like and which might attract you to him from the start. What are its values? What are its tastes? What does he do with his free time? If you know a man who is what you are looking for, you are in luck. If, on the other hand, you do not know any man with these qualities, you must seek him out.

Once you get to know the "type" of man you are looking for then you will need to think about where he might go. Could this be the kind of man you might meet at a party? Or the kind you might meet in sports training after class or at a classical music concert?

Meet a Boy Step 2

Step 2. Join groups in your community that interest you

Some will tell you that you need to join the kind of groups your kind of boy might be in, but such a relationship cannot last. You have to join a club you love so that A) you thrive there and B) have the opportunity to meet guys who have something in common with you. You can join different clubs such as theater clubs, ecological or sports clubs. You can also sign up as a home stray animal welfare volunteer. If at the end of the day you don't manage to find the perfect man, you will still make good friends and you can occupy yourself and develop new skills.

Needless to say, staying at home and watching TV with your dog isn't the place to meet people. Leave your house and you will have a chance to meet someone. Dear friends, there are still about 3.5 billion out there waiting for you

Meet a Boy Step 3

Step 3. Go to places where you feel good

It might just be a library if reading is your passion or a coffee shop if you love to consume coffee. You could also go to places you like to go with your friends. Public places such as ice rinks, ice cream shops and places frequented by people your age are also good places to meet.

You have the choice of going in a group with friends or alone, but the most important thing is that once there you try to find yourself somewhere alone so that the men who do not feel comfortable in audience (and most are not) can approach you more easily

Meet a Boy Step 4

Step 4. Do what you love to do

If you are striving to broaden your horizons, get out of your home, go to public events, get-togethers, meetings and gatherings, sign up for gym classes or even art classes, if you persist and pursue your dreams, you will surely succeed in meeting the ideal man. It will happen and you have to firmly believe in it. In addition, you will be very happy, smiling, radiant and at your best because you are busy doing what you love. In this context, why couldn't a man fall in love with you?

You probably know the adage that says "things happen when you least expect them". Well, this adage exists for good reason. If you just follow the course of your life, you are bound to meet someone who does the same and together you will share your greatness. Whether you have a man in your life or not, that doesn't have to stop you from living

Meet a Boy Step 5

Step 5. Be careful with online dating

You might come across the right person online through chat or social media sites like Facebook, or through a forum on a topic you both liked. That being said, be very careful all the same. There are a lot of scammers you shouldn't trust. If you happen to meet someone through these means listed above, you should try to find people who know them personally and who can reassure you of their good faith.

For your information, never give out your personal information online under any circumstances. You can limit yourself to posting your name and phone number, but never post your address or identity information. Anyway, why would a serious man want to have such information about you?

Meet a Boy Step 6

Step 6. If you are still studying there is no rush, take your time

It is important that you do not seek a mate just out of conformism, as this often results in frustrating and disastrous romantic relationships. If you think you need a partner, take your time, be patient. Keep an eye out for those with similar interests or attractive personalities. It is important that your core beliefs are aligned. Otherwise, this relationship cannot last in any way, and one of you will end up heartbroken.

Don't think that you find a man who is just acceptable and that you can turn him into someone more attractive. This will only result in creating emotional damage and will compromise any possibility that there is love or friendship between you. If there are no sparks between you from the first meetings, do not force things. You will surely find soon enough the one who will set your heart on fire and who will love you in return without needing to be changed

Meet a Boy Step 7

Step 7. Make a choice

You have searched for a long time and now you think you have found the perfect man. Is this the kind of man who would love to spend time with you without expecting something more? Is this the type of person you'll want to spend the rest of your life with? Can he take good enough care of himself? Does he show respect to everyone? Do you enjoy his company? If all of the answers to these questions are positive then you are on the right track. Now it is time to take action.

Here's the universal rule for men: If you think they know you like them, then they don't. If you are sure, they may notice. Even if you happen to tell them to their face that you appreciate them, some still won't realize you really mean them. In these next steps, we will try to go more slowly, in order to be as clear as possible. Are you ready girls?

Part 2 of 3: Boost Your Self-Confidence

Meet a Boy Step 8

Step 1. Be open to those around you

If you are not used to conversing with people around you, it will be difficult for you to open up to a boy. Begin by forming friendships with the people in your environment. This is useful for the following reasons.

  • He will see you chatting with people around you. It will make you look friendly, funny, kind and sociable. And all of that will make you a lot easier to tackle.
  • He could be friends with the people you talk to. This will allow him to come into natural contact with you.
  • By talking to everyone, it will be natural for you to start a discussion with him. This will make it look like you have no veiled intentions and allows you to hide potential feelings that you don't want to confess.
Meet a Boy Step 9

Step 2. Practice interacting with others

The more you go out, mingle with people, chat with them, the easier it will be for you to approach everyone. If you only exchange two words every two years, you will probably feel awkward and helpless. And this is normal since no one is born Casanova, we become it.

We are all social animals and tend to grab something faster when we are trying to do it. The same scenario will apply to you. It will be difficult for you the first time, but over time it will become easier and easier for you to do it. This is the reason why you should start with the people close to you who are not of particular interest to you, so as to sharpen your skills for that special man

Meet a Boy Step 10

Step 3. Make yourself available

If you know how to smile and seem willing and eager to lead a discussion with people, then you will inevitably meet them. If you seem distant and don't participate in the conversation at all (such as obsessing over your cell phone), people won't consider you because they think you don't want to chat. Stand up straight, keep an open mind, and take an interest in what is going on around you. If you are in the same room, you will share similar experiences and it will give you something to talk about.

Imagine this scenario: you are at your extracurricular activity and you are all sharing a snack around a table. A friend says such a funny joke you can't all stop laughing. You later leave this place together and remember the joke. You share a laugh with him and that's enough to start a conversation

Meet a Boy Step 11

Step 4. Maintain good personal hygiene

You should style your hair attractively, keep your clothes clean, and smell pleasant as well. You probably wouldn't be in love with this man if he didn't take care of himself a little bit, would you? Well, the same applies to him too. You have to look your best if you want to be attractive. Wear the clothes you feel most confident in, then put on your favorite lipstick, smile and you're good to go.

You attract your man's attention first and foremost with your physique. This is how it works. Always look your best, try to dress appropriately and you might get their attention. That said, don't overdo it either. Wanting to do too much can also be off-putting. It will be noticed if you pretend to be someone that you are not actually. So always trust your instincts

Meet a Boy Step 12

Step 5. Be open-minded

Do not underestimate yourself, neither you nor the others. Everyone has a value, including you. Adopting such an attitude would be the obvious proof that you are open to friendships and that you care about everyone. Why wouldn't he want to get to know such a girl better? With your skills at establishing contact and that beautiful smile, he will necessarily want to exchange a few words with you. If you have a positive attitude, things could go a lot further, but if not, he won't want anything to do with you.

Even if it turns out he's not interested in you, that's okay. What would happen if he refused? This is a very difficult and painful lesson that many of us take too many years to learn. If he refuses to go out with you, be relaxed and happy, because you don't know the number of years of suffering he has just saved you. He simply freed you and allowed you to be closer to another person you might like

Meet a Boy Step 13

Step 6. Tell yourself that he may be more nervous than you are

Most men get nervous when it comes to approaching a girl, so you need to keep this in mind when practicing self-confidence. He's the one who needs a little push, so give him one of your flirty looks or one of your flirty smiles to get him to strike up a conversation and not be afraid to do so.

This is a good way to get you to chat with him. If you notice that he is nervous, insecure and probably thinks that you don't like you and that you won't even want him as a friend, this should prompt you to testify to him. this gesture of friendship

Part 3 of 3: Chat and get to know him better

Meet a Boy Step 14

Step 1. Observe your surroundings before starting any discussion

Let's say you're in the hallway of the school and you notice this handsome guy looking at a poster asking students to send in a photo for the year end album. You approach him and ask him if he plans to send one. Introduce yourself, be open-minded on all points and have a friendly chat with him. There you have it, you've officially taken this step. Things could go slower from there, but the hard part is already done.

You might also want to find out what he does for a living or his future ambitions. If you like what he says, let us know. If his answer relates to an area that you are not familiar with, ask him questions and try to learn as much as possible from him. If he's looking at a tour lineup poster from a band you've never heard of before, you can say something like, “Hey, what kind of music are they doing? I feel like I know them”. Just find anything to start a discussion. Then you can continue talking about other bands

Meet a Boy Step 15

Step 2. Check out some of her interests and drop a comment about one

You've already broken the ice okay, but what's next? Should you have a serious discussion about your philosophy of life? Don't go so fast. To begin with, you need to know him better and have certain information about his interests, such as knowing if he practices a particular sport, and then you will have something to discuss. From there, you can discuss it in the halls of the school, saying for example, “Hey, you're on the soccer team aren't you? Are we going to win this week's game?"

It also shows that you are paying attention to him, which will make him feel good. Hopefully, he'll also want to get to know you better and what your interests are. If he does, it could indicate that you can spend more time together chatting and hanging out

Meet a Boy Step 16

Step 3. Try to think about discussing something specific, interesting, original, and funny in your conversation

The hardest thing to do when it comes to chatting with someone is to initiate the discussion. And this stage has already been passed. All you have to do is keep the discussion going. Here are some tips to help make that first conversation last.

  • Gather discussion topics from those around you. If you find yourself at a sports competition, discuss what's going on (“Wow, did you see that blunder ?!”). Then tell them about a funny or personal event that happened during a past competition that you attended. He might also have a funny story to tell.
  • If you are anywhere, try to observe the elements around you for clues. Did you have a mirror like this when you were a child? Tell her in an interesting and fun way.
  • You don't have to discuss serious matters the first time you meet. You could just talk about something like "I had such a chair in my room when I was younger." It reminds me of the good old days hahaha! Think about finding amazing or funny stories and ask them if they have any such stories.
Meet a Boy Step 17

Step 4. Be reassuring, gentle, laid back and relaxed

Act as if it was just a casual encounter, "because it is." Don't get on your high horse, this is just a conversation. If you feel that the discussion is gradually getting dull, then let it end naturally.You will have another opportunity to discuss other days. If the conversation is exciting, let her take you where she wants it. If he asks for your phone number or your Facebook profile, great! But if he doesn't, that's okay too.

If you feel confident enough and everything is going well, you could ask her for her number yourself. Some people like the straightforward attitude. However, don't do this out of the blue. First, strike up a friendly conversation or ask questions such as, "Are you having fun?" Or "I have never seen (article of clothing) like this." It suits you well! »Make sure you are friendly, friendly and accessible. Laugh at a convenient time during the conversation. Confidence is the key. The ultimate goal should be to get their number or other means of contact (Facebook, email, etc.)

Meet a Boy Step 18

Step 5. Start as a friend

The only way to know if you're okay with each other and if it could work out for you is to start out as friends. Spend time in groups together, talk about everything and nothing, meet at parties, and get to know each other. If the relationship deepens, let it grow. You can then take action when you feel confident.

Don't be desperate. He will probably be scared if you say something like, “You are the most amazing person I have ever seen. I know you don't know me at all, but I would really like that to change”. For some men, a desperate girl may seem attractive at first, but not in the long run. It is far better to start slowly as friends

Meet a Boy Step 19

Step 6. When you know each other a little better, suggest a small group outing

Of course, you already see the person you love at parties, you talk a little, you are in French class together and maybe you meet at soccer games, but that is not enough. You may have to take matters into your own hands. Start by asking her to join you and a couple of friends one night this week to do something together. If you have an exam coming up at school, this is a good excuse to look for a “review night”.

And once you get used to hanging out in a small group, now is the time for you to start with dating for two. It's about taking small steps, not big leaps

Meet a Boy Step 20

Step 7. Let him know you like him

You've made all that effort and now what? Well, over time you can tell him that you love him or maybe he'll do it first. Either way, it's a step in the right direction. Ask a mutual friend about your odds together and they might do the same on their end.

It is best to do this in private and when the mood is right. If the two of you are alone, you've just had a great afternoon together and he seems to be in a good mood, now is the time to go! You should spit it out before you get nervous, but hopefully it should sound like, "You know, I really like you." I think we would be really great together. Will you go out with me ? If he says yes, fantastic. If he says no, keep your cool. "I get it, I just wanted to be honest" is a sure answer. The way you take it might surprise and impress him and potentially change his state of mind

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