How to tell if a man is really interested in you

How to tell if a man is really interested in you
How to tell if a man is really interested in you

Is there a boy you could like, but you're not sure? You might also find it hard to tell if your new boyfriend is truly invested in your relationship. Whatever your problem, wikiHow is here to help! By doing a little detective work, you will be able to find out if the man you like is really interested or if he is just passing through your life. You will be fixed in no time.


Part 1 of 3: observe the basic signs

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 1

Step 1. Observe how he behaves with you and with others

Does he give you more attention than he gives other girls (even his friends)? Is he nicer to you or does he try to touch you more often? This could indicate that you are interested in it.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 2

Step 2. Check his body language

Notice how, how often, and when it touches you. Touching your cheek or neck will get you to the bottom of it, but if he touches you on your hand, arm, or lower back, it could also be a sign that he wants to get closer. You should also pay attention to his thumb. If he rubs his thumb gently against your skin while touching you, that's a good sign.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 3

Step 3. Notice if he is interested in your life

Does he ask you questions about your hobbies? Does he ask you how things went about the activities you told him about? Does he make the effort to get to know your friends? Is he trying to find out more about your family or where you grew up? These are signs that indicate that you are interested.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 4

Step 4. Think about the gifts he gives you

If he gives you small gifts, for example things he made himself, this is a clear sign that he is interested. If the gift is truly personalized or represents something you did together, that's a good sign.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 5

Step 5. Take the temperature

When in doubt, it is best to be clear about it by taking the temperature. Invite him to join you at an event you have to attend or invite him to spend some time alone, like on a date. If he refuses, it is not a good omen. If he really likes you, he'll go out of his way to spend time with you.

Part 2 of 3: Analyze your actions

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 6

Step 1. Notice if he calls you

If he doesn't call you after he told you he would, or if he doesn't show signs of life for several days, he's not interested. There are two reasons for his behavior: 1- he's not interested enough to call you or 2- he's trying to emotionally manipulate you into calling you first. Either way, it's not working in your favor. Even a boy, once he has a date with you or your number, is going to call you or text you after several days hoping you are the first to do so, because it allows him to be sure. that he has a chance with you.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 7

Step 2. Think about how he talks to you

When he talks to you, does he respect you or make comments that demean you? Not just comments to tease you, but things that hurt you, even if he tells you they are jokes. A man who doesn't respect you is probably not interested and even if he thinks he is interested, he sure does not deserve you. Find a man who talks to you like an equal, who will do nothing to hurt you, and who is more interested in helping you develop than in bringing you down.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 8

Step 3. Think about how he talks about you

You should also watch the way he talks to you. How does he describe you when he introduces you to others? If he introduces you to his loved ones, that's already a good sign, because if he doesn't care about you, it wouldn't even occur to him. However, if you are dating, you need to be concerned if he seems to be reluctant to introduce you as his girlfriend. If you are friends, watch the tone of his voice when he tells others that you are friends. Does he stress this word? This is not a good sign either.

A guy who is genuinely interested and really cares about you is going to rush to introduce you in more familiar terms because he is going to be proud and excited to know that you like him enough to hang out with him

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 9

Step 4. Observe the times you spend together

Think about the time he spends with you. Does he only do it when he has nothing better to do? Rather, does he always find a good reason to see you as often as possible? If he invites you on all kinds of outings and usually tries to spend a lot of time with you, that's a sign that he's interested in you.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 10

Step 5. Take into account the sacrifices he makes for you

You could also gauge his level of interest by the sacrifices he makes for you. If he cancels a date with his friends to hang out with you, that's a good sign. If he cancels an evening of playing video games to spend it helping you study, that's also a good sign. We usually only make sacrifices for people we really care about, if he does it for you, it's probably because he likes you.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 11

Step 6. Observe the way he talks about his exes

If you're dating (or soon) and he talks about his ex more often than he talks about you, be careful. If he really has feelings for you, she'll be the last thing on his mind. However, if he's comparing something you're doing with something she was doing, he's probably using you to try and feel better. Beware, this might not last.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 12

Step 7. Don't expect things to move too fast

If your relationship is going very slowly, he might not really be interested. However, if she's moving at the speed of light, that's not a good sign either. If he's really in love, he's going to want everything to be perfect, so he could move more slowly. Don't panic if he doesn't rip your clothes off right away, but be careful not to be fooled.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 13

Step 8. Ask yourself if it has changed for you

You'll also know he likes you if he makes changes to his personality or habits to please or impress you. If he starts exercising, if he goes back to school, if he dresses better, if he takes care of himself, if he becomes nicer, if he quits smoking or if he makes another such change, he likes you. He wants to be the man he thinks you deserve. It's cute.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 14

Step 9. Notice what he wants and doesn't want to share with you

A boy you like is going to want to share his life with you. He will be excited to introduce you to his friends or even his family. He's going to want to show you the things he loves and the places he goes to have fun. However, a boy who is not interested or who just wants to abuse you is going to hide things from you. If he doesn't want you to look at his phone, beware. If he finds excuses to keep you from meeting his friends, even if you've been dating for six months, escape. If he refuses to tell you where he goes on Tuesday nights, ask yourself what you're still doing with him. These are signs that he doesn't trust you.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 15

Step 10. Check his alcohol consumption

If he's drunk every time he calls you or insists you both drink alcohol every time you meet, that's a bad sign. If you see him more often drunk than sober, avoid him at all costs! While this may not necessarily show his character (but it often is), it probably indicates that he only enjoys your company when his brain is not working properly.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 16

Step 11. Ask yourself the most important question

"Did he invite you out?" This is the most important question that will determine if you are interested or not. A really interested boy, as has been mentioned above, is going to move heaven and earth to spend time with you. Very shy boys might have a hard time asking you this, so you should look for telltale signs instead (he says he wants to talk to you in private, but he hesitates and says something stupid. instead), but a guy who wants to be serious with you will find a way to hang out with you.

Part 3 of 3: Asking for help

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 17

Step 1. Get help finding the perfect man

If your relationship with this guy is a dead end or if you want to know if he is really worth it, you really should ask yourself if he is the right man for you. You deserve the right man. Don't choose a worse man.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 18

Step 2. Attract good men

If you find that it's not worth it, you're going to have to think about what kind of men you attract and pursue. It's easy to send the wrong message and end up heartbroken, but it's just as easy to avoid it.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 19

Step 3. Learn to recognize love

As you think about potential relationships, you need to be sure you know what love is like. It's easy to convince yourself that some bad behavior is normal from someone you really love, but you shouldn't allow yourself to become a victim. Your happiness is important.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 20

Step 4. Get him to invite you out

If he passed all of your tests and seems to like you, you might provoke him a bit to force him to invite you out. Sometimes some boys need a little help, especially the shy ones.

Know if a Man Is Interested in You Step 21

Step 5. Invite him out

If he doesn't take the first step, but if you feel your feelings are mutual, you might take the initiative to invite him out. There is nothing wrong with doing it. You just have to remember that you might get an answer you don't like. But you might also receive one that will send you to seventh heaven!


  • Don't kiss until you are both comfortable enough.
  • It might not last long, which is why you shouldn't expect anything other than friendship until he tells you that he loves you.
  • Respect is very important. Make sure it's a value that you share in your relationship.
  • Don't let him force you to do things you don't want to do.
  • Always stay in a public place and allow time to pass before having intimate relationships. This way you know what he wants and you don't take any risks for your health or your heart.


  • Never date someone who is after your money. It's risky.
  • It would be better to wait until you are married before you get pregnant. Otherwise, he may leave you and he will not help you take care of your child.

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