How to look cool in front of girls: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to look cool in front of girls: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to look cool in front of girls: 13 steps (with pictures)

Like most boys, you probably feel nervous around girls, and you might be wondering what to do to get their attention. The first spark of attraction occurs long before the first introductions, and it is mostly based on the way you behave. To impress girls, you have to do more than just wear trendy clothes or do the right thing, you also have to convey the feeling of being the kind of person with whom others will want to spend time.


Part 1 of 3: Using the right body language

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 1

Step 1. Practice good posture

Stand up straight as you walk, stand, or sit. Bring your shoulders back slightly to bend your torso and keep your chin high. Good posture can also indicate your level of confidence, and you will look cooler whether or not others consciously notice it.

Posture is one of the basic elements of body language and it is the one that will stand out the most. It is a reflection of the confidence you have in yourself and it can betray a lack of confidence, even if you dress well and smile

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 2

Step 2. Smile

Whatever you do, smile. Smiling is a way to show that you are comfortable with what you are doing, it helps to show others that you are comfortable around them and that they should feel comfortable in yours. Don't push too hard. A small smile on the corners of the lips and a sparkle in the eyes is enough to indicate to others that you are a nice guy who they are going to have a good time with. It might also give you a bit of a mystery.

Smiling has a link with a higher level of physical attraction, which is why you will be helping yourself by showing a friendlier appearance

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 3

Step 3. Move consciously

It is a physical extension of the confidence you have that translates into ease in your movements and in your surroundings. Keep wide and determined movements and avoid hasty movements. You need to make an effort to stay calm and to move with ease. It tells people that you are in control of yourself and that you are in control of your surroundings.

  • If you don't learn to economize on your movements, they are going to appear awkward and uncoordinated, which could be a sign of incompetence.
  • Don't wave your arms too much while talking to others, as this can be off-putting. At the same time, you shouldn't be standing there like a houseplant if you're too shy to move. Try to find the right balance.
Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 4

Step 4. Open up to others

When standing or talking with someone, physically “open up” with your body directed towards that person. Look her in the eye as she talks to you. You will look more approachable and welcoming than if you unwittingly closed yourself off to people around you and pointed your body in the opposite direction, not looking them in the eye while they are talking to you, etc.

Try not to fold your arms, fidget, or fiddle with your clothes without realizing it. As well as being examples of “closed” body language, it also gives the impression that you don't know what to do with your hands

Part 2 of 3: Dominate Social Interactions

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 5

Step 1. Become the most important person in the group

Without bragging or becoming a rude egotist, you can take ownership of the room and the people in it. Whether you are talking or listening, you need to come across as an important person. You can do this by using assertive body language (standing up straight, staying open, moving easily), which encourages people around you to give you their attention and listen to what you have to say. Behave as if everything you say or do has enough weight to make an impact in others.

  • Try to pretend until it becomes natural, assume that everyone is looking at you and people looking at you see you as an example of what is 'cool'.
  • Take a moment to think about what you are going to say before you say it. You will appear to be thoughtful and you will be less likely to babble or make mistakes while you speak.
Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 6

Step 2. Show your enthusiasm to others

Show interest by talking to others and get excited about what they are doing. Your goal should be to become the type of person that others are going to want to talk to. This kind of magnetism will pay off later when it comes time to grab attention. If the girl you are trying to impress looks at you, you are going to show her that you are friendly and that you are honestly interested in others.

  • Actively listen to others. Use words that show you are listening to the conversation, such as "yes", "hmm" or "okay".
  • Encourage even distribution of the floor in the discussion to establish a healthy rapport with the other person. Once he says something about him, you can either agree or mention something about you that will create a bond between the two of you and a mutual base.
Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 7

Step 3. Stay humble

The appearance you make will be of no use if you constantly put others down or want to focus all of the attention on yourself. Instead of using your time to brag about your successes, you should instead keep a modest attitude towards yourself. Accept compliments graciously and avoid the temptation to talk about yourself all the time. Obviously, no one wants to hang out with someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, which is why you should also share praise and attention when needed, not just receive it.

  • Really cool people don't feel the need to prove to others that they are confident.
  • You will also show that you are confident in knowing how to recognize the qualities of others, because confident people know they are and do not need to attract attention all the time.
Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 8

Step 4. Look Confident

You need to respect yourself and show others that you are not afraid of judgment or ridicule. It's almost impossible to hide that you feel uncomfortable and most of the time it's not something you want to show off in social situations. If you don't worry about what pretty girls or the others might say, you won't have anything holding you back. You are going to have a better time and your personality will shine.

Focus on your pleasure. You shouldn't let the quest for the perfect appearance become a drag. Cool people always get to have a good time wherever they are

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 9

Step 5. Keep Calm

Don't get frustrated with things that don't turn out the way you want them to during social interactions. If you want to show people that you're cool, it's important to stay in control of your emotions. Keep your head straight and try not to look indignant when you feel uncomfortable. When you feel restless, take a few deep breaths until the feeling subsides and don't forget to smile. Whatever the situation, stay relaxed and make sure that your personal demeanor doesn't get in the way.

  • Don't take negative comments personally. When someone criticizes you or says something you disagree with, remember that they are only expressing their opinion. You must remain unperturbed.
  • If you can't help but feel anxious or upset, keep a neutral expression. Even if you can't seem to forget it, you can still stay in your cool persona and keep others from seeing you.

Part 3 of 3: show the look of insurance

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 10

Step 1. Dress well

When choosing an outfit to go out, choose clothes that look good on you, show off your body, and make you look better. Learn how to match your clothes and dress according to the season. A well-dressed person will catch the eye no matter where they go. If you want to look cool, you have to put some effort into the dress.

Wear trendy clothes to show you keep up with the news. You'll show you're a modern man by matching seasonal colors, popular fabrics or patterns, and clothes that look good on you

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 11

Step 2. Take care of your body

Eat well, exercise regularly, and avoid having too heavy a hand on your cute sins, such as junk food and alcohol. You have to sound like someone who knows how to take care of yourself. If you tend to be lazy or rude, it will show in your appearance. You will look healthier while exercising and following a healthy diet, which will also make you feel better about yourself and project more confidence around girls.

  • Eat foods high in protein with a moderate amount of refined carbohydrates (like bread, pasta, etc.) and minimal fat. You should eat at least one meal a day with fresh fruits and green vegetables.
  • You don't have to spend your life in the gym to project a healthy appearance, just stick to a few hours a week to get your body moving. Have fun exercising by doing things you like, such as swimming, hiking, or biking.
Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 12

Step 3. Take care of your hygiene

In addition to knowing how to dress well, you must also make sure that you are always clean, that your hair is well combed and that you use deodorant. You are going to feel fresh and invigorated and you are sure to turn the girls around. Clothing is just one part of how you look, you also need to take good care of your hygiene and you will look like someone who knows what they are saying.

Develop good daily hygiene habits. Take a shower, trim your nails, brush your teeth, and make sure you are clean and presentable before you go out

Act Cool In Front of Girls Step 13

Step 4. Feel comfortable in your own skin

Relax! This is one of the most important steps to looking cool. Whatever you do, you should try to feel comfortable and confident. Treat every action and conversation as if you've done it a thousand times before. This is all the more important when interacting with girls you are trying to impress. If you've taken all the necessary steps to look cool, but if you're uncomfortable about yourself, you're only going to be able to signal everyone that you're doing a ton of it.

  • If you tend to feel more tense in public or when meeting new people, take a moment to mentally prepare for it before you go out. Plan your activities in advance so that there are no surprises. Practice repeating things you might say during introductions.
  • Be able to laugh at yourself. If you are goofy and laugh at it, it indicates that you have a positive attitude and a good sense of humor, two qualities that attract people.


  • Always look other people in the eye. It is a habit of confident people, and it can help you form a more intimate bond.
  • Learn to accept rejection. It might hurt your pride, but if a girl isn't interested in your attention, leave her alone.
  • If this is the first date, take her to a place where there are a lot of people who know you. It will show him that you are popular and you will have people around you to give you courage.


  • Know the line between flirting and behaving inappropriately.
  • If you want to impress a girl, you don't have to look too impressed with yourself. Confidence, ease and the ability to assert oneself are key elements. Arrogance will get you nowhere.

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