3 ways to play a seducer

3 ways to play a seducer
3 ways to play a seducer

Seducing a seducer is not easy. If the guy in question is a real seducer, then he is a master at cheating on girls and breaking hearts and has years of experience in the business. But if you're determined to play a flirtatious, whether it's to get revenge on a heartbroken flirtatious, or just to please yourself with a Romeo and a speakerphone, you can just make it happen., first playing tough girls, then getting him to want you, only to dump him when he least expects it.


Method 1 of 3: Play tough girls

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Step 1. At first, ignore it

To seduce a seducer, you have to get their attention. Do you think you can get his attention by flattering him, running your hands through his hair, reminding him how sexy he is? Absolutely not. To seduce a seducer, you have to ignore him completely at first, be frosty if necessary. If he walks into a room and tries to woo you and your friends, look away, keep your eyes on your drink, or barely greet him before playing on your phone or disappearing into the ladies' bathroom.

  • It is precisely because you will not have noticed that he will notice you. Seducers expect to be adored by all the women around them, so they'll wonder why their magic isn't working on you.
  • Don't go so far as to be rude to him. You just need to sound completely indifferent, to make him feel like you had better things to do than chat with him. But that doesn't mean you have to insult him either.
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Step 2. Gradually give it attention

After a while, whether it's at a similar party hosted a few weeks later or at the same bar a few hours later, you can start to show yourself off a bit. You need to let him know you see him, but just enough to titillate his curiosity and make him want to get to know you and seduce you. You can introduce yourself, have him repeat his name when he introduces himself, or smile at him from across the room.

  • Don't let it make you laugh, invite you to dance, or drown you in complements.
  • If he insists on getting you a drink, you can let him, but don't let him spend the night trying to charm you. Take the glass, thank it and walk away.
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Step 3. Show her that you are having fun with your friends

Now that you've got his attention and shown some interest in him, you need to remind him that you have better things to do than be with him. Show him you're having a good time with your friends by laughing out loud and dancing with them, or just show him that you're having a good time overall without him.

  • You can do this anywhere, not just in a bar. If your seducer is in the same school as you or lives in the same town, show him that you are having fun with your girlfriends no matter what you do, whether it's lunchtime or while playing. shopping. It must be clear to him that you do not need him.
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Step 4. Show him that you are having fun with other guys

To reinforce the idea that you don't really need the flirtatious in your life, have him see you hanging out with other guys. Whether it's a date with your male friends or another guy is showing interest in you, you need to show him that all guys want some of your time and that you appreciate the attention they give you, as long as you it doesn't come from him.

  • By chatting or laughing with other guys, you'll prove to him that you don't need him. You don't have to go so far as to bump into another guy on the dance floor to show him that he's not essential.
  • Don't look over your shoulder to make sure your flirtator sees you having fun. He must not suspect that you are trying to get his attention by ignoring him.
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Step 5. Flirt a bit

Once you've paid attention to the seducer and then ignored him with your girlfriends and other guys, it's time to bamboozle him again. Once you think you've made him crazy enough, it's time to flirt lightly so that you let him flatter you and show him that you might care.

  • Play it cool. Don't flatter him. Let her know that you enjoy talking to her.
  • Keep things light and fun. It will make her want to talk to you even more.
  • Tease him a bit. Don't let him take himself too seriously or be big-headed.
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Step 6. Be insensitive to its charms

Show him that while you enjoy flirting with him, you aren't going to be fooled by his flirting techniques. You can laugh at him, call him Romeo, or call the bunch of girls chasing him after his "girlfriends." This will drive him crazy and make him want to prove to you how different he is.

If you continue to resist his charms and flattery, he will persist. This is exactly what he is trying to do

Method 2 of 3: make him want you

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Step 1. Be mysterious

Now that you've played tough, you need to stay elusive while making yourself desirable to your seducer. The first thing you should do to get him to truly want you is to appear mysterious. Don't reveal yourself too much or talk too much about your past, your hopes for the future, or your biggest fears. Instead, get her to guess what you really have on your mind and speak with hints and hints instead of being blunt.

  • If you have to go, don't tell her where you're going. Let him guess.
  • Make him guess who you really are, what you like to do, how many siblings you have… Let him do all the work instead of giving him all the information.
  • Don't keep him posted on your schedule. If you're busy all weekend, you're busy all weekend, period. Don't tell her you're going to celebrate your Aunt Mary's 50th birthday.
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Step 2. Be fun

One of the reasons seducers play with girls is because they are tired of girls bridling them, falling in love, or wanting them to behave like a serious boyfriend while going to the grocery store or hanging out. cooking a crazy meal for them. Well, if you want a seducer to desire you, you can't restrain him or take his freedom away. You need to be fun, spontaneous, and motivated for everything from a walk to the beach to running in the pouring rain.

  • Always have light and fresh conversations. Remember you want to seduce him, not marry him.
  • Tell her the fun stuff you plan to do that day or week - stay in the present. Your seducer will not be part of your future.
  • Make sure you always laugh instead of crying. This is not the right person to disclose your insecurity or confide in the things that upset you.
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Step 3. Make him jealous

Even if you spend more time with your seducer, you shouldn't let them think they've reached your heart. If you meet another guy you know, don't hesitate to flirt with him. And if you're dating someone else, talk to the flirtatious about it like it doesn't matter. If he knows he is not the only man in your life, he is going to want you even more because he will feel the need to fight for you.

  • If you really want to make him jealous, you can even lie to him and pretend you're on a date with another.
  • If another guy calls you while you are with the seducer, feel free to answer. Be fun and affectionate when talking to the man calling you.
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Step 4. Don't be jealous

If you really want to drive the seducer crazy then you shouldn't show any sign of jealousy if you see him with another woman or if he gets a text from another. Seducers love having several women fighting for them or the effect of juggling several women without them knowing it. If you act like you don't mind seeing another girl, he'll want to try and make you jealous even more.

  • To be able to seduce a seducer, you must detach yourself from him. Every other girl in her life has probably been jealous. This is why you have to be different.
  • If someone calls or text them, don't ask "Who is this?" »Look jaded or indifferent as he talks on the phone.
  • If you run into another girl he knows, be super nice to her. Show her that you don't see her as a competitor.
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Step 5. Limit yourself in terms of communication

Seducers are used to girls texting or calling them all the time and giving them no time to themselves. Well, this is where you will differ from the pack. You can call or text him every now and then, but let him do the majority of the communication work. If he tries to contact you, don't answer right away as if you have nothing better to do than sit by the phone and wait for his call.

  • Don't spend your time digging through their Facebook profile. Only log in to mind your own business.
  • If you know he's out, leave him alone. Don't text or call him if you don't want him to think you are obsessed with him.
  • If he knows you're out and he's texting you, don't go see him until the next day. Let him worry about what you were doing while he was away.
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Step 6. Keep your independence

To limit your communication, it is important to maintain your independence. You need to have a busy schedule, your own friends, and even a few other guys to hang out with while you're dating your date. Make sure your schedule doesn't depend on his; it's up to him to change his plans so he can see you.

  • If he cancels one of your appointments, don't let him reschedule it for the next day. Let her know that you are "taken" every day afterward. Make him feel like he's really missed something by letting you down and he won't do it again.
  • When you are with him, talk about your other friends or the fun things you do without him. Let him see that you have a life and that you are not in worship before him.
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Step 7. Defeat him at his own game (optional)

If you really want to be a seducer, you have to be a seductress yourself. Make her think you like her while juggling two or three other guys at the same time. Flatter him and make him feel special, keeping in mind that it doesn't mean anything. You should only do this if you really want to play off your flirtatious or to get revenge on him for some reason. It can be hard to change your habits at this point.

Method 3 of 3: Drop it

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Step 1. Get him to eat from your hand

If you have tormented the seducer enough and if you have remained mysterious, sexy and independent enough, he must eat you out of hand. He may even be obsessed with having you or think he will be in failure if you continue to resist his charms.

  • When it eats out of your hand, you will know it. He'll call you all the time, give you compliments, be jealous when another guy or other plans surface, or he'll just want to spend most of his time with you.
  • His gaze will tell you everything you need to know. If his gaze was elusive or distracted at first, now he's looking at you like you're the eighth wonder of the world and you can lead him by the nose.
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Step 2. Know the best time to drop it

Before you dump him you need to make sure he is at the peak of his affection for you, if you dump him too early it won't do much for him, but if you dump him too late he might be already moved on. You should dump him when he is at the peak of his affection for you or if you suspect he is already bored with you.

  • You can also drop him as soon as you get tired of seducing him. This is a difficult work.
  • If he begins to show himself to be truly attached and if he tells you outright that he loves you, with a sincere air, he should be dumped immediately.
  • If you wait too long to dump him, you might start to fall in love with him as well, and remember that you need to protect yourself from disappointment in love.
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Step 3. Drop it

Once you've decided it's time to end your relationship, you need to cut off all contact with your seducer. You don't have to be honest about your reasons for doing this, you can tell him that you are bored of him, that you have more interesting things to do, or that you just don't feel anything for him. Don't make a big deal out of it and take her out to a restaurant to tell her about the end of your relationship - just take a few minutes to let her know how you feel, when you need it.

Otherwise, if you really want to hurt him or get revenge, let him surprise you with someone else. When he sees you, don't look surprised or look like you've been caught red-handed. It will hurt him even more and he will understand right away

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Step 4. Have No Mercy

Once you've dumped your seducer, your decision is final. There is no going back, you must not date him again, call him back or even have coffee with him because you are sorry for him. Remember why you seduced him in the first place. Either he really hurt you or a friend of yours, or you just realized he's the kind of guy who doesn't respect women. If he doesn't respect women, then why should you respect him?

  • If you crack up and see him again, he will quickly lose all respect for you. If he's a real seducer, he'll only want you if you don't really want him.
  • Once you have seduced a seducer, you will be able to recognize them better in the future. Watch out for these elusive types of guys and protect yourself from them as you move forward in your love life.
  • Stay "modest". Don't let this feat get to your head; although it can boost your self-esteem in an extreme way (you might start to think that you can have any guy or feel like you 'flirt' with guys who only see you as a friend), can turn quickly if you are pierced up to date (by other guys). They could be better than you at this little game.


  • Have just the right amount of self-confidence.
  • Keep your spirits up, try not to triumph over what happened to you. Remember that your goal is to fix the past, that your intention is not to sit there and face it. Your self-healing or revenge process is a bit more complicated, which is why the result is not immediate.
  • Start a diet and exercise if you haven't already. You will look and feel better, which will give you confidence and make you more attractive to the opposite sex … and the fact that you are not dependent on your seducer and that you have to other activities will drive him crazy.
  • Do not respond every time your seducer tries to call you. Wean yourself off of him by not returning his calls until a day or two later, so that the flirtatious man doesn't think he has permanent control over you. If he asks you why you're not answering the phone, just tell him you were with a friend.
  • If you don't feel like it's working, you may need to re-approach the situation from a different perspective. This can take days, weeks, or even months.


  • Don't tell yourself that your seducer cares about you, loves you, etc. It is possible, and even very likely, that they will like you and care about you to some extent, but this is not about true affection. He cares about you because you are a source of entertainment. As a result, do not lovingly invest yourself in this relationship.
  • What to keep in mind during this operation is that you are USING this individual. Don't let your mind cloud… this is not the same person you were dealing with before you knew she was laughing at you.
  • Try not to spend your time exclusively with him. Always have a friend to see to show them that they can't take your time.
  • Don't spend too much time with him.
  • If you have sex with this person; take your precautions. If he's playing with you, he's probably playing with others, and you shouldn't risk getting an STI.

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