How to invite a girl to a ball: 15 steps (with pictures)

How to invite a girl to a ball: 15 steps (with pictures)
How to invite a girl to a ball: 15 steps (with pictures)

Are you a little too shy to invite the girl you have a crush on to the school ball? Making a plan and practicing what you will say can give you more confidence. Inviting a girl to a ball is about getting over your fear of rejection and behaving normally, because a boy with nothing to lose is the type of man girls want to hang out with.


Part 1 of 3: Apply

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 1

Step 1. See if the girl already has a date

Before inviting a girl to a ball, you should first find out if she already has a date. Ask him this question Who will be your date? If she doesn't have one yet, then you've found the perfect opportunity to invite her to go to the ball with you.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 2

Step 2. Ask him about it in person

Although you might be tempted to message her, she would prefer you to do it in person. You can send her a message to have a meeting or go see her after class.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 3

Step 3. Make sure you are both alone

Find a private place in your school (but not too discreet) and ask it there. If you do it in public, she may feel pressured to agree, which will put her in an embarrassing situation. It may also embarrass you in case she refuses your invitation!

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 4

Step 4. Be confident

Take a deep breath before approaching it. Make eye contact with her and hold your head up during the conversation so that you look convincing and present. No matter how nervous you are, you need to take your time.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 5

Step 5. Tell her she is beautiful

Start the discussion by saying You are shining today. Hopefully, she'll appreciate the compliment and make your request that much easier.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 6

Step 6. Take Action

Be upfront and tell her you want her to be your date. Say for example Would you like to go to the ball with me? or I was wondering if we could go to the prom together. What do you think ?

If she already has a date, you can say something like Oh, that sucks. I was hoping we could go together. Maybe next time ?

Part 2 of 3: Find a Creative Way to Apply

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 7

Step 1. Bring her a small present

Choose something simple like candy or flowers. Give her the gift before asking her to come with you to the ball. If you stick to simple things, she won't feel too much pressure to accept your invitation. In addition, she will appreciate this kind gesture.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 8

Step 2. Be romantic

Romantic inviting her will create a memory she will not forget. Another idea is to put a bunch of keys in a bucket with this inscription Here is the key to my heart. Label the bucket with your address, and with any luck, she'll follow the clue and come to your house where you finally get the chance to invite her to the ball.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 9

Step 3. Clearly state the request

Write your message on balloons and send it to him. You can write different words on each balloon. For example, you could write each word of this sentence Would you like to go to the ball with me? on each of the balloons. You also have the option of writing your message on sweets like candy beans or lollipops. Get approval (from your parents or the principal) to put the treats with the message in the girl's room or locker.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 10

Step 4. Write the message with chalk

Get her parents' permission to decorate the aisle she walks down. Explain the message clearly or just write Bal? Get creative by using different colors or images to illustrate your message.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 11

Step 5. Organize a scavenger hunt

Plan a treasure hunt with a map that will direct it directly to you. For example, you can draw a map of your school and add dashed lines to it leading to the parking lot. Wait for him to arrive there, and offer him the sweets or flowers to complete the hunt. Then invite her to the ball.

Part 3 of 3: Planning for demand

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 12

Step 1. Ask her a few weeks before the prom

Don't wait until prom day before inviting her. She might already have a date, and at this point there's a good chance she'll think she wasn't your first choice. Invite her 2-3 weeks before the ball. It will also give her time to know what to wear.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 13

Step 2. Practice what you are going to say

Spend a few minutes rehearsing what you will say so you don't stumble over your words when the time is right. You even have the option of practicing in front of the mirror until the request seems genuine and ordinary. Make sure you behave in a way that goes with the flow.

Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 14

Step 3. Dress properly

You don't have to pack up and wear a costume. Save this for the ball. Just make sure you wash your hair, do your hair well, and don't wear scruffy clothes.

  • Put on deodorant and brush your teeth first.
  • Do not overuse the cologne, as it can repel the girl.
Ask a Girl to a Dance Step 15

Step 4. Know that a refusal is considered such

If the girl tells you that she doesn't like you that much or just declines your invitation, you need to take a step back. Nothing bothers a girl more than an annoying boy who won't leave her alone. This behavior is not only rude, but it will also make you more like the flu.

  • If she refuses your invitation, don't try to find out why. For example, you can say Ah, okay. No problem.
  • On the other hand, if she answers I'll think about it, you don't have to call her to have the confirmation. Wait until she calls you back. If she doesn't do it until 3 days before the prom, consider it a refusal.


  • Be natural.
  • Be gallant and show him respect and kindness.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. Everything doesn't have to be perfect.

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