How to tell if a boy is interested in me: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to tell if a boy is interested in me: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to tell if a boy is interested in me: 13 steps (with pictures)

There you go, you've met this great boy, you've even flirted a bit, but how do you know if he's really interested in you? While the signs that will tell you are not an exact science, you should discover a few that will tell you whether or not he is interested. Be careful, this boy should send you some subliminal messages about his feelings.


Part 1 of 3: Understanding Body Language

Approach a Girl in Public Step 2

Step 1. Look him in the eye

If he's looking back at you and making eye contact, then there's a good chance he's interested. It is also a good method of flirting. Support his gaze, especially if the two of you are talking, it will only strengthen the connection between you.

If every time you look at him he looks at you in turn, that's another sign. This means he likes to watch you, but he might be too shy to let you know he's interested in you or to approach you

Approach a Girl in Public Step 4

Step 2. He leans towards you

Subconsciously, people want to feel close to the people they care about. If he is leaning towards you, it may mean he feels good around you. Another sign of his interest in you.

  • If he is moving to get closer to you, that is also a sign. For example, if you walk side by side and his arm brushes against yours all the time.
  • It can be a conscious as well as an unconscious movement. You can get closer to him yourself. For example, going around a puddle on the side that allows you to get closer to him.
Make Friends Step 6

Step 3. Does her body language reflect yours?

People tend to mirror the actions of people they like to be with. If he's mirrored with you, your posture, your movements, then you've got another sign that he's feeling good with you.

  • For example: he takes a sip of his glass right after you. He keeps the same position as you, puts his arms on the table in the same way as yours.
  • Be yourself a mirror with him, to flirt. Reflect his movements. If he crosses his legs, cross yours. When he takes a sip from his glass, do the same.
Flirt Step 16

Step 4. Be careful if he touches you

Touch is an important indicator of his interest in you. Unless you've been friends for a while and he's very comfortable with you, it's unusual to touch someone else.

  • Some ambiguous touches can be: the brushing of the hands while walking (intentional or accidental), giving a small pat on the back (it looks more like a friendly sign), any “masculine” touch (if he sticks his fist to yours to say hello, the high five or "hit me 5").
  • Touching that shows interest: he runs his arm or hand behind your back to guide you, if he hugs you, he lingers (he can run his hand along your back), he runs his arm around your shoulders.
  • You can also touch him to flirt with him. Put your hand on his arm when you walk near him. Give her a slight nudge when you're joking and give her a big smile.

Part 2 of 3: observe your way of being

Approach a Girl in Public Step 6

Step 1. Observe if he is near you

If a boy is interested in you, even if he's ignoring you, you'll notice pretty quickly that wherever you are, he's there too. So even if he ignores you and is interested, he will ignore you by being close to you.

  • Notice if it revolves around you. You can do an easy test, changing places or rooms regularly, especially if you are at a party. If he appears near you, as soon as you change places, it is a sign that he is interested in you.
  • Listen to what he tells you. By paying attention to what he is saying, he will think you think it is important and he will like you to listen and remember the things he is telling you.
Attract Girls Step 4

Step 2. Look for signs of nervousness

Very often, the guy who is interested in you may be nervous around you. He wants to give you a good impression. He does his best to be comfortable.

  • Look for signs like unexplained laughter, sweaty hands, restlessness. He may have difficulty supporting your gaze without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Do your best to make him comfortable. Tell him an anecdote about yourself, a mistake you made, which will make you less perfect, more human, more accessible.
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Step 3. Notice if he is paying attention to you

If a boy is interested in you, he's going to want to be near you and be there for you. If he is attentive to you, it is probably because he is interested, especially if this is in addition to the other signs mentioned above.

  • For example, he can put his jacket over your shoulders if you are cold, offer you a coffee or offer to drive you to the station if you have a train to catch.
  • Return the favor to him. That way, he'll see that you don't take his attentions for granted and that you appreciate what he does for you. However, if you are not interested in this boy, then do not abuse his interest in you.
Know if a Guy Likes You Step 12

Step 4. Listen out for compliments

A boy who is interested in you can tell you, subtly or not, how much he appreciates you. Hope these compliments are more than compliments on your appearance, even if they are also nice.

He may notice your new hairstyle (which means he's paying attention) or tell you that you are doing a great job

Part 3 of 3: recognize if he's not interested

Make Friends Step 24

Step 1. He's not listening to you

As it is written above, if a boy is interested in you (really), he is going to want to know everything about you. This means that he will listen to you and remember what you say. If he's not listening to you, he's likely not interested in you. You will find better than him!

He probably won't ask you any questions. Stay away from that kind of boy. Either he isn't interested or he is, but way too narcissistic to really care about you and who you are

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Step 2. Pay attention to his gaze

If the guy who is interested in you has trouble looking you in the eye at first, out of shyness, he will eventually get there. If, on the contrary, he is looking behind you and if he does not seem to be listening to you, then it is clear that he is not interested.

One of the major indicators is undoubtedly the use of the laptop. If he's too busy checking his messages rather than listening to you, then that's another sign of disinterest

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Step 3. Observe her body language

His body movements will tell you how he feels about you and if he's interested. If it is not, the body language will be quite clear.

  • He never tries to get close to you, touch you, or even brush against you. If he doesn't pay special attention to you, it could be a sign that he's not interested in you.
  • Again, if a boy is very shy or seems to ignore you while he is interested in you, he will make sure he is close to you. If the boy isn't, he won't be around you.
Ask a Guy Out Step 5

Step 4. It doesn't call you back within 24 hours

With a few rare exceptions, a boy who is interested in you will call you back. It takes a few seconds to write a short text "Too busy, call you back later." A boy interested in a girl does not leave her without news.

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Step 5. He avoids meeting your friends

If this boy makes sure he never meets your friends, he might not really care about you. Granted, you don't want to introduce him to all of your friends right off the bat, but if it's been a few weeks now that you've been together and he's still “the mystery man” to them, it may be a sign that you aren't. not really interest him.

This is also true if he avoids introducing you to his friends. This shows that he is not quite serious about you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have waited to introduce you to his friends


  • Sometimes the easiest way to tell if a boy is interested in you is to ask him. It might make you nervous, but it's the most adult way to think about it. And you never know, you might find yourself a lover!
  • Observe his body language. He can behave macho in front of you, blink frequently, smile… These are signs that he likes you.


  • Keep in mind that not all of these signs are an exact science. Every boy is different and while some ways of acting are similar, they do not all mean the same.
  • If he thinks of you as "one of his pals," he's unlikely to be romantically interested in you.
  • If you think he is around you only to increase his popularity, let him down. Take care of yourself and be careful, it might break your heart.

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