How to flirt with someone who makes me crack

How to flirt with someone who makes me crack
How to flirt with someone who makes me crack

Do you feel shy every time you see her? How would you like to feel more confident every time she is in front of you? Flirting seems to be difficult, but with a little practice you will feel more comfortable. This article is going to help you look, act and flirt when you're around that girl (or boy) who makes you fall for it.


Part 1 of 3: show off

Flirt With Your Crush Step 1

Step 1. Pay attention to your appearance

You will have a hard time flirting if you think you are unattractive. Flirting is a matter of self-confidence. Your physical appearance and the way you are say a lot about this skill.

  • You don't have to dress like you're on a business date, but you should still look smart and clean. It is important that the clothes you wear fit you well, that you do not look like you are dressed like your grandfather or grandmother (without offense!) And above all, that you feel comfortable..
  • Take a shower or wash regularly. Put on deodorant, brush your teeth, clean your face, trim your nails, etc. Remember to use a mouthwash or peppermint right before you go talk to this girl.
  • Give your hair a cut that looks good on you, makes you look beautiful and highlights your face. Don't be afraid to style your hair, even in an original (but not too extravagant) way.
  • Have a light hand with the eau de toilette if you are a boy. In general, boys always have a heavy hand when it comes to putting on perfume, sometimes knocking off the flies. A suspicion is more than enough.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 2

Step 2. Find a way to feel confident

Flirting will happen naturally if you are confident. Visualize success rather than failure. If you have decided to "go for it", it is because you believe in it. If flirting was a sport, building your confidence would be your training for winning.

  • Surround yourself with other people before you start dating. Get close to the opposite sex before approaching this girl. You'll encourage each other and boost your confidence before you talk to the girl who's crushing you.
  • Come up with an idea to make yourself comfortable before you start dating. Do something that you know how to do well, you will feel confident and you will strengthen your ego. It could be playing your favorite sport, playing a musical instrument, or passing an exam.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 3

Step 3. Don't worry about failure

Flirting can seem difficult, because the stake is high: if the person you are flirting with isn't interested in you or likes you, but nothing more, you will feel a little uncomfortable. Don't let this feeling come over you. You are worth more than that, no need to let yourself be defeated.

  • Forget that you can make a mistake. Anyone can do it. You can even mess it up if you're too nervous, but it happens to everyone. Cruising pros don't think about the mistakes they could make in order not to lose their confidence. Don't waste yours either.
  • Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that can happen to me?" If you're feeling too nervous, ask yourself this question. This will help you put things in perspective. Flirting is scary, but it's okay to hurt yourself. If the person doesn't respond to your advances the way you would like, it's not the end of the world. If you have love to give, you will find someone who will give it back to you.
  • Don't tell yourself that the girl you choose will be “all or nothing”. Flirting doesn't mean approaching just one person. There is obviously one person who cracks you in, but that doesn't mean you can't practice with others. Keep in mind that you will be rejected more than once, that's life. You will suffer less if there is more than one person that interests you and you are rejected by one of them.

Part 2 of 3: Flirt by Text or Message

Flirt With Your Crush Step 4

Step 1. Keep it as natural as possible

The advantage of flirting on the internet is that the person will not notice your nervousness. Take advantage and look as relaxed as possible. Here is how you can look it.

  • " Hi how are you ? "
  • " Hi. Do you know what history exercise to do for Monday? "
  • " Hi. Do you know that so and so is having a party at his house on Saturday? "
Flirt With Your Crush Step 5

Step 2. Focus the conversation on the other person

You want this person to feel good and comfortable, don't you? One easy way to do this is to just talk about her. Feel free to talk about yourself too, but remember to ask her simple questions that don't embarrass her. You can ask for example:

  • "I learned that you got the highest grade for the science assignment." Congratulation ! What was it all about? "
  • “I'm new to town. What are we doing here for fun? "
  • "Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?" I feel like I'm going to die if I stay at my parents' house all summer. "
Flirt With Your Crush Step 6

Step 3. Compliment her

There is no flirting without a few compliments from time to time. Show her that you noticed and appreciated what she did. Stay casual when giving compliments.

  • If you are a guy and want to compliment a girl, don't do any “compliment” on her feminine attributes. Never mention his chest or buttocks. Boys often tend to treat girls like sex objects. Be more mature and show him that you are more interested in his personality than in his physique.
  • Emphasize how the other person wants to be seen. You are more likely to gain his sympathy. If she enjoys sports and sees herself as an athlete, compliment her athletic achievements.
  • Don't overdo it either. The more you compliment her, the less impact it will have on the other person. Pick two or three compliments that may not be misinterpreted. She will be delighted.
  • This is how you can go about complimenting someone.

    • “It's nice to talk to you. Thank you for being so open and friendly! "
    • "What does a beautiful girl like you do on Friday nights for fun?" "
    • "How come someone as smart as you is still single?" "
    • "I know it's not very nice for the other girls in school, but thanks to you, getting up to go to class on Monday morning is easier." "
Flirt With Your Crush Step 7

Step 4. Avoid slightly old-fashioned sentences

At the time, they may seem nice, but they are far from being. In addition, it is often difficult to answer them. Better to be yourself and be honest, if you don't really know what to say.

Flirt With Your Crush Step 8

Step 5. Tease her a bit

If you are the friend of the girl who cracks you up, don't be afraid to tease her a little, it's a way to flirt. Be careful not to go too far by being ironic or sarcastic. On the internet, it can be difficult to tell if a person is serious or not.

  • Kindly spoof her on something she can do well, on something that makes her feel comfortable. If the person is athletic, you can ask, "So how many goals is your team going to score if you aren't there to miss them?" It is clear that this is a joke.
  • Make jokes that only you can understand. Talk about things you've been through together and laugh about it if possible. It will strengthen your camaraderie and help you bond with each other with little.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 9

Step 6. End on a good note

Don't be afraid to end a successful discussion. Better to end this way than to end up having nothing to say to each other or before speaking out of hand. Leave her hungry.

You can say at the end of this interview: "I like to chat with you, do you make me laugh, do you text me later?" "Or" see you tomorrow at school? To continue on what you have just built

Part 3 of 3: flirting face to face

Flirt With Your Crush Step 10

Step 1. Play with your smile and the exchange of glances

These are the two most important things when you flirt. Start by looking at her and above all, don't forget to smile at her. Many things are said through the eyes and the lips. This is the most flattering thing about you. Use them to your advantage.

  • Look her in the eye a little more than you normally would. It's hard to do, but you send a message that says you find her irresistible. Everyone likes to feel that way.
  • Look her in the eye when you talk to her. Learn not to look down when you're talking to her. If you do it right, it won't matter much what you say, as she will be mesmerized by your gaze.
  • Smile from afar then move closer. Smiling from a distance is an invitation for her to come closer to you. If the girl you love is near you, smiling at her is a way of saying "stay close to me, you make me happy". A smile will make all the difference when it comes to flirting.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 11

Step 2. Find a starting point for a discussion

A good start is what will make it last longer. There are key phrases you can say to start a discussion.

  • “This dress looks great on you. Did you do it yourself? "
  • "Did you hear about what so-and-so did last weekend?" Heard he bungy jumped. "
  • "You sound good at math, could you help me with my homework?" "
Flirt With Your Crush Step 12

Step 3. Let the person you are interested in know who you are

Introduce yourself, if you haven't already. You can do this after the start of the discussion: “Hi, my name is Lucie, I don't think we've ever met”. Remember to smile and make eye contact with the person as you introduce yourself.

Flirt With Your Crush Step 13

Step 4. Let the discussion go, when it has been started

Observe the person who is with you to find out what interests them. You may want to end this interview and try again another time, if she seems bored or seems quite shy. Keep him in mind while talking to him.

  • Find what you have in common. Talk about your personal experiences and share what you have in common. If you both love mountain biking, mention some cool places you've been biking. You will create a bond between the two of you.
  • Avoid thorny topics like politics or religion unless the person you're interested in brings up that type of topic. These topics can divide just as they can bring two people together. Do not approach any of them.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 14

Step 5. When you know the girl better, play with physical contact

Take her in your arms, touch her shoulders, give her a flirty smile rather than a simple "hi".

  • In the early days, women usually don't like to be touched too much, they see it as a threat. The idea of ​​a man entering "their space" bothers them while men are more open to touch and be touched. Either way, take it easy and be patient if you see that the person is reacting rather badly.
  • Learn not to do anything during physical contact. Touch the "safe" areas, ie, hands, shoulders, arms or back. When talking to the person who's cracking you up, briefly touch their shoulder or hand. You'll give her goosebumps if she's interested in you.
  • Be a little more courageous over time. Take his hand in yours as you cross the street. Take her by the arm. Signal your presence when you are walking together, or nudge her gently to get her attention.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 15

Step 6. Don't forget to compliment her

We saw how to do this in Part 2 of this article, but there are some details you shouldn't forget when you do.

  • Never compliment her erogenous zones. You would go too far and in general, we don't like it at all. Compliment only his physical assets:

    • their eyes
    • his smile
    • his lips
    • her hair
    • his clothes
  • Build up the person's self-esteem. If she thinks she's a good athlete, compliment her on her athletic personality.
  • Don't overdo it. The more compliments you give, the less impact they have.
  • Smile intensely and keep your eyes on her. This will amplify the power of your compliments.
  • Compliment her casually. Make your compliments natural and part of the conversation.
  • Go for it! The method will pay off if you are bold. Do something funny and daring: "I'm sure you've been told this before, but you're the most attractive person I've seen in the last three minutes." Remember that fortune favors the bold.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 16

Step 7. Know when to end a discussion

When you're flirting, the discussion can go on for a long time and the gist is said in a matter of minutes. This is a good thing ! You should hit on this girl while you can and leave her hungry. In doing so, she will always want to see you again, which will keep you flirting.

  • Find an excuse to walk away after five to ten minutes. “I was going to give my boyfriend a hand with his math homework” is an excuse that works very well. Try to end on a good note.
  • Don't talk obsessively with this girl every day. You'll want to see her more if you don't do it every day… and so will she. Have a mysterious side.
  • Let it come to you. When you've started flirting with her, encourage her to come closer to you. It doesn't have to look like a game, but she should be making an effort on her end, too.
Flirt With Your Crush Step 17

Step 8. Ask him to go out with you, if you feel ready to take it up a notch

It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a guy, girls can invite a boy out on a date too. On the other hand, it is up to the boy to make the next invitation.

  • Ask her what she is doing on a particular day at least a week in advance. "Do you have any plans for Saturday?" We could go to the cinema. "
  • Pick a public place and an interesting activity. A public place will make her less anxious, and a fun activity will help you both have a good time together.
  • If you're pretty comfortable, you can get right to the point and say, “I think you and I get along pretty well. How would you like to go to a restaurant and then to the movies this weekend? "
  • You don't have to call it a "date" if you don't feel like it. Just ask him to join you. If she asks if this is a date, you can say yes.


  • Be yourself.
  • Don't be someone you're not. If you are “extravagant,” be extravagant. If you are shy, be shy. Be honest with yourself. You will be lying to yourself by telling him stories.


  • Again, be yourself. You don't need to change for anyone, it's not worth it. You will have a hard time playing a role for very long. In addition, this situation will make you uncomfortable. Most people are drawn to people who are like them. You may also not feel like dating someone who is too different from you.
  • Make sure the girl you're trying to date doesn't already have a boyfriend. You could get yourself into trouble.

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